The Soul

30The soul of the western man was once filled with purpose and destiny by the religion of his time First the pagan native religion of Europe The nature based faith which connected him with his community the nature that surrounded him and his Gods.
After this came Christianity
Where the focus went away from nature and more towards the society and the teaching of moral behaviour.
This enabled a unification a mass coming together where empires where built and continents explored and conquered under the cross.

Since the end of world war 2 we have seen a rapid assault on the Christian faith most of all from the church leaders themselves who clamour to promote and support any faith or ideal other than than their own.
The decline in Christianity mirrors that of the decline of the pagan faith. and as the pagan faith was replaced by Christianity so to is Christianity being replaced by yet another religion.
Only this time the new religion does not serve the people.
The new religion is consumerism and the self
It teaches only the self is important one does not need to look up to a higher power for ones self is that power. It teaches 1 rule and 1 rule only that rule is to consume.
The clergy of today are pop & movie stars. their thoughts and opinions are to be followed as Divine.
and bread and wine has become beer and fast food. Our teachings have become reality TV The Gospel is now the daily tabloids.
There is no god or gods. thus no fear of judgement. no need for responsibility no call to obedience.

To which we find ourselves today in a moral vacuum which can only be filled with buying new goods and the latest celebrity gossip.
But with such things however full we become we are never truly satisfied. Deep down as Europeans we know something is missing. A yearning for something lost.

Order15 has identified and seeks to address the balance. We must return to spirituality. Often the argument is we don’t need religion. That religion is for the primitive.
But all evidence shows all evidence suggests the soul must be fed. if we do not feed it with the moral teachings of the bible or that of the old religion of Europe. We will and do subconsciously fill it with what the media presents us with.
ORDER15 does not insist it only suggests. and we advocate that member’s search their feelings on the mater. Religion is not for everyone nor a requirement for ORDER15 members.Perhaps in future years Western man might discover a new religion in keeping with our traditions, heritage, and western values. But until then we have all the guidance we need in the past. To make a stronger more mentally healthy Traditionalist. The kind that not just family and friends can look up to but the whole community.
here we publish 3 articles from members each passionate about their faith and presenting to you their argument for the need for religion and its partnership with Traditionalism. either it be Christianity, Odinism, or “A new Religion”

Christianity & Nationalism:

full (8)Christianity (those of Christian Identity), for hundreds of years has been the focal point of
communities all across Europe. Christianity indoctrinates and demonstrates the importance and value of copious essential features to cohere a community, one of which being the Traditional, two-parent family unit. According to both Traditionalism and Christianity, one should adhere to the laws of chastity, their objective being married at a young and fertile age, making an honest man/woman of one’s self to then go on and multiply freely. All the while teaching men and women to continue and maintain their natural gender roles. The male’s stronger physique benefits him to work to provide for his family and support the continuity of his genes, and the woman’s kind, sympathetic nature benefits her to bear and rear children and be a homemaker, wife and mother. The importance of a married two-parent family unit is crucial to the child’s development. The Father imparts discipline and morals, and guides the child to becoming a respectable, well-disciplined young individual, prepared to follow in his Father’s footsteps and become a well valued member of the community. Christianity has heavily encouraged and assisted tremendously in producing healthy functioning family units. Where the biological Father has been absent from families, church leaders (male figures) have stepped in, providing a respectable male role model in place of the Father figure to continue imparting discipline and morals contributing to the child’s development. Traditionalism wholeheartedly supports all of these teachings, with having a family as their number one priority, a two-parent Traditional family unit, Christianity in the home of a Traditional family greatly contributes to the objective they both share.

Religions of Christian Identity and Political Traditionalism are heavily opposed to abortion and even birth control. Prevention of new life, preventing the continuation of our people is a sin in the eyes of Christians and is not helping our quickly declining birth rate regain its numbers.

Our victorious and unmatchable achievements in history , and for the future generations to come, who will heir, genetically, spiritually & culturally is recognized by both the Bible and nature and us Nationalists and the importance to know of, recognize, appreciate and preserve this is stressed.

There has never been a place for Feminism in Christianity. Coming away from gender roles, mothering, homemaking and submitting before the husband (Ephesians 5:22-24) has never been merited and never would be as feminism is the reversal of gender roles, feminising men, emasculating women and destroying the family unit and patriarchy. In Christian and Nationalist doctrines, Feminism is rejected.

The church is the community. Christian’s lives revolve around the church. The women come together in taking care of members of the community as well as each other’s families. Organizing charity events, acts of charity, meetings and activities for all to participate in, such as coffee mornings, bake sales and Fast Sunday and The Relief Society which the LDS church holds. Sunday’s are the meeting place of the community, to come together, to be humble before one and other and communicate and maintain friendships, to give and obtain the benefits of the fellowship as well as the morals the church installs in its followers.

Moral guidance is something the church has always installed in its followers. How to treat one and other. Be respectful, truthful and honest, forgiving, kind, charitable, faithful, hospitable etc. And to respect and follow your parents and their orders. Ensuring family values are kept, respect between parents and other generations are kept, and that we live together in a peaceful community, helping each other and treating each other rightly. These are all morals in which we should all accord to. These are all the ways in which we should treat our fellow White brothers and sisters in our pro-white community. Christianity teaches people to be genuine, good hearted people through Jesus Christ, and how to pull together a community out of love. Love for your people.

In all this I conclude that Christianity & Traditionalism share the same objectives and values and are striving towards the same destination. And are both mutually opposed to degenerate features that seep in to society. It is important for people to find faith and spiritual content in a spiritual belief system which sustains their lifestyle in accordance to Traditionalist ideology. Where the two intertwine and perform alongside one and other. The two go hand in hand, and fulfil the spirituality and lifestyle perfect for us to live by.

By Aleksi Kessen

A case for Odinism in Traditionalism 

223348_509416982401758_2045108182_nTraditionalism  in all forms has always had a close relationship with spirituality. Whether Heathen or Pagan or Christian in Europe and Zoroastrian (Parsee), Hindu or Buddhist in the East. Of course there are many religions and spiritual sects around the world, but most of them share similar aspects such as prayer, faith and teaching on practical and spiritual matters.
Nationalism has always been the natural choice of homogenous peoples and their leaders, more often in a state headed by a hereditary leader and less often in a republic. In all instances these nations have been associated with a spiritual religious belief that has provided the moral basis for their actions.
Democracy, on the other hand, is a new concept which like Marxism has been foisted on the people by our enemies. Democracy divides nations according to their ethnicities, jealousies and greed. People are encouraged to vote for different parties and the chosen leaders form a temporary government that then does the bidding of the rich, the powerful and the bankers. Ultimately, democracy slips in to despotism, as is happening in the European Union and the USA today.

The glue that holds nations together and allows them to fight their corner is spirituality and religious belief based upon a strong moral foundation. Our enemies know this and over the last four hundred years have set about destroying western religion and spiritual belief.
Early Nationalists in Europe worshipped pagan Gods such as Zeus, Mercury and Apollo. Each God had its strength and you worshiped or prayed to a particular God according to your needs. In northern lands Heathen deities took sway acknowledging the nature Gods such as Thor, Tyr and Frigga. Heathens connected with the natural world sky father-earth mother experiences through understanding the Runes and the old Norse sagas where ancient Nationalists stood cheek by jowl with their Gods.
Later, Odinism gained sway. Odin was the God of the traveller and was considered knowledgable and wise. He had sacrified an eye to gain higher spiritual understanding of Yggdrsil the world tree that connected the nine worlds, teaching his people through riddles and poetry.

Eventually our nations adopted Christianity, St Paul took up the cross, changed the original Christianity in to Paulism and took it to the gentiles. It prospered because it was the antithesis of Judasim. In Christianity it is enough only to have faith although prayer and good deeds help too.
With Europe’s major religion Christianity destroyed on the democratic altar of freedom and tolerance without moral responsibility, Nationalists have wondered which way to turn for spiritual inspiration. While some still cling to Christianity, most look back to times before, They see Odin as pure and unblemished. They feel attuned to nature. Many want to protect the weak and dependent, because this is what Traditionalism is all about.

Nationalism is all about protecting the weak, feeble and vulerable. They believe that the moral stature of a people is reflected in how they treat the defenceless. Abuse of animals just as abuse of people was anathema for them.
Surrounded by lies, greed and poverty , we watch the collapse of our civilisation, culture and traditions and we wonder where to turn. We look back as Traditionalists  to people who inspire us: the Nationalist Socialist Iron Guard in Romania, and the Heathen Nordic nations many of whom were inspired by Runes and Gods like Odin, Tyr and Freya.
There is no overarching Church of Odinism, no Heathen chapel, no ancient grove left for enemies to pervert or polute. There are only the Runes, the sagas and the moral standpoint of protecting the weak and infirm from expoitation by the rich and powerful murderers that rule us. Heathenism is the way forward for now for true Traditionalists. Odin the wise will guide us back to a moral lifestyle in the future.

By Richard Cley.

Advocating for a new Religion and The Excellence Laws

12004895_1087611291251441_5735636795162566634_nDespite a life long search, a search and want of belonging and believing in something greater than myself i found no home to come back to. Christianity had it’s good moments growing up but i just couldn’t take that last step of really having faith  later in life i toyed with Paganism  but i never felt it was anything other than a good set of rules and laws to live by. After much soul searching and day dreaming i came up with the idea of third perhaps alternative philosophy / religion The Excellence Laws. and it’s ORDER15 which i think could be used as the vehicle to advance such a concept.

1) Eximius translates as excellence,

2) Eximius translates as super.
As the first translation, the title implies a striving toward greater empowerment through excellence. Therefore, followers are to cultivate eximius in themselves — to literally empower and make excellent specimens of themselves as an individual. This is to be the status quo und
er such an order, maximum potential actualized and made physical. Not only is this personal striving toward excellence to be inoculated into each and every one of us, but for the community to multiply those bodily vessels where eximius takes the deepest root; to abundantly breed genetic and phenotypic success with success and use any means necessary to achieve this aim. We are no different from other biological, genetic organisms in this respect and require a self-sufficiency at the most fundamental bedrock of our existence if we are to maintain excellence as the new normal. We are to strive toward equality IN excellence through abundant breeding of whichever physical, mental and behavioural trait grant our community as a whole greater self-empowerment and evolutionary success.


As the second translation, the title implies the dissimulation of the individual into a greater whole, symbolically called either as The Living Whole, or Life as a Whole. Groups of organisms become a group as an organism; the superorganism. The individual becomes an outpost, a vessel of something greater and more powerful than itself, something that transcends the death of the individual and carries its living memories (worth remembering) in the form of wise breeding. The individual is not a thing in-itself but a cell of the superorganism. Such a notion of ‘individual’ becomes incomprehensible, thereby permitting greater sacrifice of personal luxuries and overindulgence so as to enable selfless acts of heroism and self-sacrifice for the greater good of The Living Whole. The Super translation of Eximius can therefore be applicable to several scales of magnitude from community, to tribe, to ethnicity, to species, to biosphere, to system; the sum total of which culminates in The Living Whole — and the whole as they say, is greater than the sum of its parts.

A Western-styled ‘Sharia Law’fzuiej0mxlg
Sharia Law is a totalitarian system offered by Islam that whilst eliminating obvious moral decay, it also enforces what can be called fossil law. As Spengler noted, under Islam the entire middle east suffers from a fossilized culture incapable of evolution. It is also incapable of producing science and does not concern itself with the quality of who is actually having multiple wives, and is therefore dysgenic. Where strict authority and clear cultural norms restrict some decay, they partially defer it; degeneracy is still present at the root and excellence is disregarded as secondary or worse toward mere submission before Allah.
Those of us in Western Europe and the European settlements worldwide have a different cultural pot to draw essence from, to conjure our own anti-decay ‘Sharia Law’ to our own tune and make dominant our highest aspirations (be they conservation of wildlife, scientific discovery and pioneering exploration of place in the universe). We are in the need to create our own authoritarian law that arrests and punishes degeneracy, that pushes us away from our highest aspirations. Instead, putting what works for long-term ethnic survival (and that of rare high quality genes) before the selfish desires and wants of a lowest common denominator individual.
Europeans are currently in a frenzy, irrational and senile, dying a demographic death spiral; reason does not mean anything to us anymore and the soft approaches are impossible — therefore we require to summon the essence of ancient laws and enforce them upon the present era to ensure our survival. ORDER15 is all about betterment of ones self as we grow as a movement perhaps we might use  for example Lycurgus. Modelled on Lycurgus, the ‘Lycurgan Law’ is concerned with the cultivation of excellence in its citizens. This offers many parallels of what can be achieved in the here and now. We can abandon luxuries, commune in mess halls, make it a duty to train ourselves physically and mentally, to punish those who stagnate and regress.
Yet ORDER15  can also go further than ancient laws. Where they dealt with an open-system i.e. they are free to breathe the abundant air, water and other life-support elements we take for granted; we need to prepare ourselves, taking the precautionary principle to heart, and realise that life on earth is going to become shaky. The Earth may not be habitable in the not so distant future because of abrupt climate change and ecocide. The biosphere is being killed by exponential growth of incompetents and overexploitation by the rest. We will need to champion and propagate specialisations that had become so central to the function of industrial civilisation and showed that there is at least some redemption to be had of them, i.e. in the sciences. Modern society neglected the highest aspirations, took them forgranted, such as making a permanent presence in space and rationing fossil fuels for a slower but long-term utilization of scarce energy resources to prevent ecocide. As Western science was partially responsible for enabling the mess, it will be responsible for cleaning up its mess too. It is neither good nor bad but requires leadership and goal orientation – there begins the eugenic cultivation of math/engineering/science abilities for Europeans under eximius. (For those unfamiliar see here for Eugenics )
The excellence laws Philosophy / Religion will go further still to provide a fluid multi-tier caste/class system hybrid. The goal is both maximum power through excellence of the followers themselves and if need be separating into different castes to become specialised in a field of activity; be it engineering, be it military. In a previous essay titled Mechanisation: Civilisation in a Closed-Loop Ecosystem with Eugenics I only mentioned the two most obvious castes, one for sci-engineers (explained again in previous paragraph) and the other for soldiers, the one tackles the problem of habitation in increasingly extreme environments i.e. they are Biospherians, the second tackles the problem of predation by other communities, ethnic groups and societies, most imperatively the undermen. The undermen who have torn down the European tyranny of past eras only to replace them with impossible equality, counterproductive and gradually destroyed all kind of pedigree amongst European nations. The soldiers are the physical force necessary to enforce the order of excellence (Ordo Eximius) over the disorder of decadence; firstly in their own territory, but if need be to protect sites of special interest to the preservation of knowledge and of conserving ecosystems with wildlife so that they may keep the earth alive and fortify the abundance and variety of Life as a Whole.
The Helot-tude, or Helotization
Hypothetically — those who disobey and disregard the cultivation of excellence (eximius) in themselves, I.e. cowards and mediocres, can be subject to ‘Helot-tude’. ‘Helots’ are dishonoured and can have their breeding restricted and be excluded from the perks of whatever such a society can bring. Therefore, human rights are to be abolished under the excellence laws; no rights without duty to the good of the whole.
Under such a system, people with clear signs of degeneracy, cowardice, mediocrity will have every stigma associated with them and are to become ostracised. All complex technology is confiscated, fuel taken away and they are left exposed to natural selective pressures. No rights without responsibilities. Humans are not innately good but are like all other organisms given a precarious moment of abundance, they will consume it until it is limiting, they will overshoot and cause a regional ecological collapse, so it is very important to limit the collateral damage of individuals and cultures of people who have only selfish or degenerate intentions. We can’t be mindless animals when we have enormous net-energy curves liable to catastrophic collapse — with great power (watts) comes great responsibility. Where possible they are not to breed at all — but are gradually replaced by ecoconscious and self-disciplined, able and wise people. This can be visualised as a turning-over process applied to any community so that stagnantion does not occur in the bowels of society, but is regularly flushed; simply choose your best and limit the rest.
If necessary, those under helottude can be used as biological incubators so supplement the dire birthrate of our most productive, wise and fit – people who may show the utmost regard for the survival of other species and accidentally condemn their own noble germ into extinction out of a misguided notion of self-sacrifice for Life as a Whole. We also need to focus on individuals with better mental qualities, character and temperament; as it’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see that those who are having the most children right now are anything but quality. Democracy also does not work where the majority of voters are fools. As ‘helots’, if the females are to give birth to any children, it will be in-vitro fertilised eggs from donors, their own seed will not be planted. Free men and women, as rewarded by their excellence, may also support this invitro surrogacy in their own if they wish to accelerate the turn-over of their community to higher grades of empowerment, as that is a noble thing to do, with some children of their own and some from combinations of individuals that otherwise will not exist (i.e. the mixing of genes from donors that can’t physically come together because of social circumstances, but whose genes are not restricted from doing so, therefore when combined with others will produce refined and better able people — imagine this as a kind of Darwinian hyperspace, where evolution can occur in a new dimension giving extra leverage and adaptability to help our groups adapt to changing environments). Reproduce only what is successful in maintaining the higher qualities necessary to maintain a complex society and life support system, whether natural or manmade — banish the rest.
Internal and External aspects of Law
There are two aspects which lead to successful laws. One is the internal genetic baseline which is the orientation of instincts, without laws all behaviour reverts to this hardwired innate paradigm and repressing it is expensive. This leads to the second external aspect; a society which relies on using repression continuously without altering the genetic undercurrent, is like cutting weeds in the garden but leaving the root system intact – it will keep springing back up until you lose energy, or can’t afford the time or effort to remove it, then it will dominate and overrun your system.
The internal is the ‘local human nature’ the genetic baseline, the raw material. Fighting a war against this is attritional, as we and every other failed civilisation knows from trying to educate barbarians to adopt laws which do not suit them, slipping off them like water from a duck’s back, leading to exponentially increasing costs of complexity as more manpower is needed to subdue them.
The external is coercion, force, violence, memetics, Laws themselves as the external shell which has to be institutionalized in order to pioneer and establish a system. This is because kin altruism, kindness and goodwill are not universal guarantees or they may not even be common especially to begin with; each generation also throws untested genetic recombinations, mutants, some with beneficial traits, some with self-destructive traits that unless resisted will multiply and collapse the society. If a society has been living in domestic paradise with no selective pressures for a very long time, there’s a high probability that the neglect has enabled cheaters to dominate the genepool. The overall aim of Laws is hardwiring instincts at the genetic baseline, so they run on autopilot in the majority so as to enforce themselves with minimal cost, only the energy needed to keep honourable citizens alive. Law enforcement costs time and energy and to make a long-term ROI it must guide localised, controlled gene pools via domestic selection so that laws become instinctual so that even a baby born will automatically know what is right and what is wrong without needing costly externalities; symbolism, coercion, indoctrination only to be used where self-destructive, cheating traits emerge or predominate and must be surgically removed for the long-term stability of a society.
The enforcement of any new law system is taxing to begin with as it will disagree with many inner natures which exist only by the total neglect of genetic selection in domestic environments without any turn-over to vacate the bowels of society, but over generations of wise breeding and long-term vision, if they are excellent laws they begin to pay for themselves. With later genetic homogeneity, it somewhat resembles the hive superorganism of colony insects where each is so alike that they act as a living whole. Society is for the most part crime free, there is an air of mutual respect and people do not live in fear or anxiety of strangers with respect to generic laws – and all individuals under eximius will inherit traits needed to excel in scientific, military or other disciplines and therefore does not live a life of envy and regret at being unable to participate – because every individual inherits a genetic baseline which they revert to even in catastrophes where institutions are crippled, they gain the hardware to run the software that is the laws. This is not the case where mass immigration and miscegenation with foreigners who possess extremely alien traits propagate and become the norm, nor where domestic selection is absent and cheaters breed like rabbits to the collective expense of the law abiding.

Novus Ordo Eximius
The current era is stained by a very particular cultural imperialism. Europeans do not have self-determination under its yoke. It is Amerikan imperialism, which at inception was stamped with the title of ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ and set out to destroy all higher organic bonds with the state, the blood of ethnicity and race, with the ecosystems they are a part of in the name of (selfish) freedom, rights without responsibilities. It set out a new but degenerate order of the secular, disintegrated, degenerate individual. The aftermath of such a transformation is landfills of junk, massive demographic displacement of native europeans, decimated forests, global warming, melting ice caps, species extinction, untold criminality and disorder; all for the special privilege of ‘free’ individuals given rights without responsibilities.
Now there’s an upheavel: with peak oil shocks, climate chaos and demographic displacement lapping at our shores, a new Order of Excellence is needed to pick up the remains and make the survival of our best people, life supporting ecosystems, and our highest aspirations of discovery, the reason d’etre of our existence. It is called the Novus Ordo Eximius.
Through it, excellence (eximius) is to be cultivated, adherence to higher scales of life (superorganisms at all layers within Life as a Whole).
Through it, the Excellence laws are to be put into motion. Like casting of broken bones, so as to reform them and give them better form. Where we continue insisting on individual freedoms at expense of our long-term survival, we are like individual cells clueless as to how to set a broken bone, we have no external caste-structure to help set and reinforce the higher order. So until we heal those broken bones that actually gave us a spine, that higher structural order has to be externally enforced to set the mould, and set things right, the way they ought to be.