The Case Against Nationalist Violence

By Hayden Bilcliff  

Lets be clear from the start – ORDER15 is against political violence in any situation whats so ever. First of all, there is almost no justification for it, and secondly, being on the Nationalist end of the spectrum, violence is never the best option.

This article has been prompted by a recent arrest of four members of the now-defunct group calling itself, “NATIONAL ACTION;” based in UK. If MSM is to be believed, then the arrests have been made in connection with the planning of violent acts, i.e. terrorism in the eyes of the British government. Each of these four individuals face up to 10 years in prison, if convicted.

There is a problem in Nationalism, especially amongst younger people and the mentally weak who embrace and advocate  political violence, be it towards non-whites or the governments that invest in them. 99% of the time, it’s people who just like to talk, to show off, to put across a hard-man image to live up to the stereotypical Hollywood?”NAZI” image. With no real intention of ever carrying out the threats and ideals they claim to want to believe in, but in some cases, these cranks will encourage others to commit acts of violence , all in such a manner that it’s easily visible to the State.

The one percent of Nationalist types who advocate violence genuinely believe that it’s the way forward; they actively plan and promote it. These few, almost always, have one thing in common. Can you guess what it is? Yes, that’s right – a lengthy prison sentence. There are always random exceptions, as in anything, and there are exceptions in this matter too; however, it’s counter productive to  mention these rare, once in a lifetime occasions here. The 99% , of the 1%, normally get arrested in the pre-planning stages of whatever violent act they are planning because they boast about it on their social media accounts or plan it on their cell phones.

If they somehow manage to resist the urge to post pictures of themselves online holding fire arms while wearing ski masks with captions of threats to kill, they might make it to the stage of actually carrying out the act, which just about always results in the same way, the death of an native European and their own immediate arrest. Soon there after, they receive life sentences in prison. The term, two birds with one stone, springs to mind from an occupied government stand point when considering this consistent result time after time after time.

People who advocate violence within Nationalism, be it posing with firearms in a manner suggesting they will use them in some coming war or terror attack, or those who actually advocate and network with intent to cause violence, they should be shunned and hounded out of Nationalism altogether because these cranks serve only one master, that of our enslaver. This is precisely the image of how the state wants to portray Nationalism, while the media loves nothing better than a failed Nationalist terror attack to make the general public reject our legitimate message. Before the Internet took hold within Nationalism, any crank promoting violence would be outed as mentally ill, working for the police, media, or for some anti-fascist organization; and expelled from the group.

Most Nationalists dedicate their lives to working for a better future for our people through peaceful means, be the electoral or otherwise. This hard work is constantly undermined by misfits within Nationalism by their advocation of violence or their failed violent acts. These parasites not only ruin their own lives and that of their victims, but they also more often than not ruin the lives of people around them. Nationalist Youth are all to easily drawn into what they perceive to be a glamorous world of Nationalist violent resistance, all to naive to realise how this will affect their future.

Anyone who has been a member of National Action can now be assured that they are on a terrorist data base, which may, and probably will be, used against them when seeking future employment or political office. Many of these young, well-meaning people will have been sucked in by older, mentally unstable cranks wishing to live out some fantasy, ignorant of the cost to themselves and those that surround them. This is not in anyway isolated to British Nationalism, but rather it is a global problem; most recently highlighted in Charlottesville Virginia, where a very well organised vigil descended into a riot followed by a murder. The riot aside, the man that used his car to run over the Antifa and Black Lives Matter hate-mob, managed to undo in that one act, all the positive proactive work the entire Nationalist contingent set out to achieve. His action resulted in the death of one person of ethnic European heritage; his arrest, and soon to be inevitable life sentence accomplished nothing but the reinforcement of the violent association with White Nationalism. I’m surprised that a psychologist hasn’t noticed the pattern and labelled it a copy-cat killing because it’s always the same result; an utter failure.

I’ve noticed over the past 20 years in Nationalism and that is we Nationalists are not cut out for professional, peacetime violence. Yes, that’s right, all the media hype was lies when it comes down to it; we just can’t quite manage it. We, by our very nature, are not a violent movement and any attempt to disprove that theory results in total failure across the board. Take it from those of us at Order15, if you are young and considering political violence on behalf of our movement, we beseech you – don’t do it! Don’t get sucked into it, as it will ruin your life by hindering you from achieving your goal; your action will negatively impact our struggle. If you don’t believe this, then google it – the State reads and hears everything! Instead,!dedicate your life peacefully to the Nationalist cause. Imagine the work you can achieve for our movement – outside of a a 30-year jail sentence! The difference is immeasurable in what you can peacefully accomplish with your freedom intact. Not only will your contribution be felt to the benefit of our people, but you yourself will get to have the chance to have children and celebrate life with your family and friends. Creating life is far more valuable to our cause than taking it, as the ethnic European birthrate is in a death spiral. You can read more about that (here). If you’re a young man, your focus should be on finding a strong, traditional woman in which to create a family, not on a soon to be botched terror attack.