Rules of Engagement

GettyImages-537758878ORDER15 is a movement a ideology it is not a Democratic political party. We have no use for elections and no use for street demonstrations no more than Freemasons do, does it limit their  growth  and influence ? of course not.
To contend national elections or demonstrate in capital city streets as a nationalist in the   west is Nobel indeed, however it is for the most part a total waste of time and resources.
The method  has been tried for 60 years or more with result always being the same. Failure.
What one must understand as a racial nationalist is, it is not actually necessary to beat the government head on, in their  ring, by  their rules to achieve greatness. Of course it would be a Utopian dream to have our capital cities restored to their rightful owners after some fantasy land slide election win. But this will never happen ever. The first step is to accept this. To accept that our countries as they are geographically defined today are finished. Never again will they be majority Ethnic  European Nations this is a hard mathematical fact. Even if there was the will of the indigenous population to turn back all the new comers where will we turn them back to ? 25% or so where born in the  host country  they reside and we can take a guess and say another 15% lied about where they came from and destroyed all documentation on arrival. even if their  origin was established there is next to no hope their own country will accept them back.
Some cling on to the hope that a tough  conservative will be elected Trump in US for example or le penn in France who will likely make it harder for illegal immigration and this might somehow save all of us. However even if they where both elected to their respected countries we will still lose in the long term. Because of our irreversible declining birth rate.
To put it bluntly  if the majority of western countries closed their boarders tomorrow and refused to accept even one new immigrant (which will never happen) the indigenous people would still become a minority by end of century. This isn’t a matter of left wing or right wing logic this is pure math.
But we can as ORDER15 live within a new world we create inside or on the periphery  of  the old. We can live a Nobel Nationalist  lifestyle. Champion our cause and aid one another network and raise our young our way. To grow and spread our ideology Legally and with zero to  limited confrontation. If the streets around us are burning move to new streets. If our child’s school is becoming over run re locate them to another school or better still home school. There is upwards of 25 tolerable years left in the west we can enjoy life and we can practise our ideology and prepare a foundation for a greater future In what ever world we find ourselves living in  all peacefully and without handicap of confrontation and law enforcement. All actions should be focused on the positive. Rather than counter striking a negative ignore the negative and organise a positive action. We have the most noble of causes better served on beauty and intelligence than combating  the deviant & perverse, it is a natural instinct to want to stand up and protect our family and the wider community from the perverse but not at the cost of all our political time.
How many times have you witnessed in the media a report where police had to break up violence at a nationalist demonstration and when viewing the video report you see that their are no members of the public to be seen the very target for the demonstration in the first place, but only the police and far left anti whites and the Nationalists themselves.
In these days of multimedia ORDER15 recognises  that there is more to be gained from filming and uploading the demonstration to social media as the live event itself.
This is why we encourage ORDER15 members to attend multi organisation demonstrations which have become the norm in recent years for propaganda purposes only, to display the ORDER15 Banner and or pose with one of our t.shirts  but to not waste time organising a event yourself
Think of the resources wasted on an street demonstration.  First of all the Target audience is rarely contacted, then you have the cost for activists to attend these demonstrations often requiring 300 + miles in round trip  journey + in some cases hotel stay  and in even more cases a over night stay in a police cell followed by a criminal record and a negative write up in the mainstream media
This isn’t a negative view this is the reality We have been there and got the t.shirt to prove it
How ever much we like to think we are doing good with such Action we are not. Of course on such activities you will often receive a honk of a car horn, a  thumbs up or a hand shake and so on from the general public but for the most part its not these people that are voting Nor do these people go on to attend the next demonstration the other side of the country.
The counter strike from the Far left anti whites and the media and the state far out weighs the fruit we can produce with this action .
Because of the hostile nature of such activity it is also extremely off putting to our own folk to attend. The smarter the person the less likely they will engage in full on outnumbered combat so to speak, thus majority of those attending are well meaning brutes.
Which is not to belittle or to underestimate these peoples value They are our people who risk it all for us. But the strategy does not work we must start from scratch.
tumblr_o10q310WOQ1u8c61to1_540We must physically meet in small and large numbers 
Online networking is vital its the key without it we will be lost into days ever changing world. But we must not only live online we must live in the real world there by we must meet physically as often as possible to build solid relationships with other ORDER15  to share ideas and very importantly document and promote our activities. As mentioned before that uploading a video of a nationalist demonstration to social media almost out weighs the live event itself. So to must we turn our activities into propaganda.
When the audience can see its not the fantasy of a 14 year old school boy working out of his moms basement then their interest will peak.
One if possibly the only reward for taking part in these confrontational demonstrations is making Friends with the like minded finding others from all part of the country if not world who share our views and will have our backs. We can have this and more as ORDER15 but without the drama of confrontation and its negative side effects
Great effort must be placed in comradeship/friendship  Most of us will have suffered losing countless friends and family members due to our political beliefs so it is here within ORDER15 we offer our extended hand of mutual respect and friendship. We aim to operate as professional company but with the unity of a family. Every member will do their best to make other members feel welcome, appreciated,  and protected.
How we we will succeed
Although we are a new small globally dispersed organisation our method of non confrontation will and is leading to  growth from the right people.
Take away the risk of violence, imprisonment and loss of friends and  employment and soon enough you will have larger fan base from whom to recruit and without disrespect to the current front line whom we could not do with out this larger fan base often contains intellectually more Superior minds to the front line.  Akin perhaps  to a officer and his infantry both invaluable to one another but currently we lack the former.
13501740_126606164434911_6257477409699271427_nSocial media 
Don’t post things that will get your account deleted it doesn’t matter how strongly we feel for a image of  flag or a article if you know There is a a high risk it will be reported don’t post it. The time wasted setting up new accounts and re adding old friends and trying to find and failing to re connect with like minded is unmeasurable.
Its their ring they Rule it We must play within it but we must do it logically the reward must outweigh the effort.
The best weapon of the left both on the streets and online is confrontation almost all their resources are not spent on  creating new ideas to further their warped sense of utopia  but instead it’s  attacking us that’s it its their primary goal and activity to disrupt us. and we have the power to remove this By not engaging with them.
Never argue with them if its in the street walk away unless your meant to be standing in that spot for a reason, and even then consider it. Its not cowardly, what you are doing is removing all their power by not engaging.
If its online block them don’t reply don’t try to argue your case block them. These creatures are not people you can not reason with them no amount of logic and proof will make them deviate from their anti white hate  dream.  Don’t give in to the temptation to insult them back and fourth just BlOCK them and move forward.
If your part of a multi person conversation/ thread where by this person has joined in a otherwise normal conversation with the general public BLOCK them then reply because the anti white will not see it thus not be able to further respond but everyone else on the thread will see your argument  and they will not likely know the anti white can not see it.
The masses
ORDER15 strongly opposes trying to convert the average Joe we strongly oppose trying to debate and reason with the general public. Because quite simply the vast majority are not worth the effort. They will never be one of us and the hard fact of the matter is they don’t deserve to be.  We focus our efforts on cherry picking from existing racial nationalists, energy spent bonding and developing ideas with the like minded is a 100 fold more desirable the reward immeasurable
This is a brief guide we don’t pretend to be experts on the matter this is a new direction for all of us but one we must and are going in.