Planting Trees From Twigs

Have you ever wondered how to plant a tree? If you want to plant a tree on your homestead, consider this trees from twigs method.

Trees from Twigs

Planting Trees From Twigs

Are you interested in planting new trees in your yard, but aren’t happy about paying for them? This ALWAYS happens to me! 🙂 I love trees; growing, planting, and pruning them… So every year I plant a new tree and that’s my highlight of the year! Here’s how I do it to save money and plant happy healthy trees:

What you’ll need to plant a tree:

  • tree branch
  • plastic bottle
  • knife
  • hammer
  • time

Step 1

Take your tree branch and pull off all the leaves. Then chop off all the buds and smaller branches, using a knife and hammer. Take the knife and place it on the branch you want to chop off, make sure it’s straight. Then, carefully hit the knife with the hammer so that the branch gets cut off.

Step 2

Now chop the branch into 8-15 inch pieces. Make sure these pieces can fit in your plastic bottle.


Step 3

How to Plant a Tree

Place the branches in the plastic bottle filled with about 2 inches of water. Now close the cap, and you’re done! Make sure to screw the cap off and on once in a while to let in new air.

TIP: You may add a bit of root booster to the water as it may help the roots grow faster.


Step 4

Plant a Tree

After about 2 weeks, you may notice fluffy texture or little beads appearing on the branch. That means it’s time to place the branch in soil and water it like you would water any plant.

Good luck!

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Planting a Tree

Before I even knew this method of turning cuttings into tree, I had my eyes on my neighbor’s golden plum tree. Oh boy, did I like it!

I always asked the old man next door if I could rip a few plums from his tree to snack on. He, of course, always answered with a yes. I loved his golden plums so much, I snacked on them every day. One day when I knocked on his door to ask to pick some into my basket, he again let me, but also told me a little tip: “You ain’t gonna pick these sweets all your life from this tree, so snip off a branch and let me show you how to grow your own tree.” All excited, I agreed! Free tree… free plums without having to ask before I pick them… SWEET!!!

He showed me this method, and to my surprise, it worked. I was happily picking plums off my own golden plum tree! (It took a few years to get to the fruit-bearing stage, but it was worth it!)

As I mentioned before, this is a great way to plant a tree you like, without having to pay for it!