If you and your spouse are Nationalist, and have 6 or more children born within your relationship you may qualify for cash payments from the ORDER15-Life program.
We understand how difficult it is to raise a decent sized family in today’s world. Lack of money true or not is the primary reason given for having less or no children by Ethno European couples today, that’s is why ORDER15  is offering members  the chance to claim a annual 5 dollar payment per child for families with 6 or more children. Payments will be made annually  until the child reaches 16 years of age. Although its a relatively low payment its being subsidized by our members and donations not via a major corporation. Should the possibility arise in the future the payments will be increased.
If you think you qualify and  would like to apply for this annual payment then you need
proof of life & proof of political stance. Send all applications through the join form here.
*At least 1 child must be born after joining*
We believe that the racial death spiral Ethno Europeans find themselves in today is perhaps the biggest problem we collectively face, and one that is hardly addressed at all. Our hope is the ORDER15-LIFE program will ever so slightly help not just the participating families directly but that it might also raise awareness to just how serious  our declining birth rates are. For more information on this global crisis click here