ORDER15 Benefits package

Becoming an ORDER15 member entitles you to certain benefits. Here’s what you can expect from us.


Image result for hand dollar graphic1* O15 Emergency fund

Any active member is entitled to a 1 time only 20 dollar Emergency donation, this money can be claimed by any member who is in financial distress, member must be active in good standing, and be able to present the facts of their situation.



2* Discounts

A 10 % discount on any ORDER15 merchandise.

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3* 015 B&B  

2* A 1 to 2 nights stay in any participating members home across the globe this benefit is to bring members in particular members from other countries closer together in comradeship and to aid those who are travelling long distances in a political capacity or otherwise.



4* ORDER15 life program

Any member and spouse that have 6 or more children born within their relationship may qualify for cash payments of 5 dollars per child per year. For more details click here




5* Getting paid 

Once you become a member you can actually start earning money by recruiting other people to join. For each person you bring in you can claim 50 SEK which is around 5 US dollars.



Image result for legal aid6* Legal aid

Any member who finds themselves in jail for a non heinous crime can claim legal aid. To clarify this does not currently mean we can provide a lawyer or any “legal” assistance, what it does mean is we will alert family and Friends, pressure authorities, help arrange transfer of funds and goods, organise visits.


7* Samaritan line

We provide a 24 hour Nationalist minded, confidential Samaritan line. We have all faced difficulties in our lives and in many cases with no one to turn to for advice or emotional support. as a member you will find that your mental well being is our high priority.

8* Discount services 

Members are entitled to a 25% discount from the profit of any service provided by another participating member, be it plumbing, carpentry, dental work, web site building, whatever.



                                             9* Lobbying on your behalf 

If you find yourself unfairly sidelined or expelled from your political org will collectively lobby on your behalf for you to be reinstated and or compensated.





The flip side 

As a member very little is expected of you , but what we do hope for is the following.

1 You will promote to the best of your ability the ORDER15 society, be it in the streets with our flyers and stickers or sharing our memes and articles online this is considered the most important action you can take.

2 That you will conduct yourself is the most professional and respectful manner possible within the fraternity.

3 that you will participate in the ORDER15 bed and breakfast scheme.

4 That when called to do so you will assist fellow members in either their Society duties or personal lives.

5 That as a member you will engage with other members, either face to face or via social media.

6 Assistance in fund raising and distribution for Nationalist minded charity work.

7 That if you have a trade and or skill you will participate in the ORDER15 discount services program.