Odin’s guard


Odin’s guard Is a branch within ORDER15 serving the Odinist members of our movement allowing them to practice their faith and spread their message of the divine to the wider Nationalist community. There are many Odinist groups around the world today but sadly most of them practice a distorted and corrupted (new age) version of the true indigenous white ancestral European faith and identity of Odinism. Many going out of their way to distance themselves from Nationalists and anyone remotely concerned about the destruction of our native lands – banning and hounding fellow Odinists for holding a different political opinion from the group. Odin’s Guard offers a hand to the outcast. It offers a home for those searching for spiritual fulfilment. To reconnect with the old Gods and to reconnect with mother nature and what binds us to her.


Odin’s guard is an international organization based out of West Virginia USA under the direction of our faith leader Allhersir Sailor. 

We have come together as like-minded individuals and created this brotherhood of  Odin’s Guard for the general purpose of voluntary community protection, activism, and service based around the ideals of Odinism and National Socialism for the preservation of our white western culture that We are very deeply proud of. our members practice the moral principles followed by our noble Ancestors , including: Boldness, Truth, Honor, Troth, Self-Rule, Hospitality, Industry, Self-Reliance, Steadfastness, Equality, Strength, Wisdom, Generosity, and Family Responsibility. Odin’s Guard seeks to place itself as an umbrella organization where all it’s Folks may meet, learn from one another and network Forming kindreds. as we grow We understand that what we all share is a defining personal loyalty to, the Gods and Goddesses of Odinism as well as our specific ancestors to also include our European Folks culture. In everything it does Odin’s Guard will strive to provide excellence in its resources & Its outreach program in support of its Folks to be stewards for their local kindreds throughout the world. The following is a new model for us, and we are very ecited for the changes that it is going to bring! Allhersir Sailor

The great work continues – the great renewal and restoration of our ancestral faith continues! Hail our Gods! Hail our Folk! Odin Hail! Wassail to all…

William Michael Sailor.