Odin’s guard


Odin’s guard Is a branch within ORDER15 serving the Odinist members of our movement allowing them to practice their faith and spread their message of the divine to the wider Nationalist community. There are many Odinist groups around the world today but sadly most of them practice a distorted and corrupted (new age) version of the true indigenous white ancestral European faith and identity of Odinism. Many going out of their way to distance themselves from Nationalists and anyone remotely concerned about the destruction of our native lands – banning and hounding fellow Odinists for holding a different political opinion from the group. Odin’s Guard offers a hand to the outcast. It offers a home for those searching for spiritual fulfilment. To reconnect with the old Gods and to reconnect with mother nature and what binds us to her.


76920615895949.562986ea2115fOdin’s guard is an international organization and like the wider ORDER15. It is based out of central Sweden under the direction of our faith leader Allsherjagothi John. He has served our people and the Odinist community at large over the last 10 years – first acting as Gothi (priest) and then as Allsherjagothi (High Priest) – in Australia, South America and more recently here in Sweden and with a global focus his outreach continues now from here in the North. He has established Odinist groups and kindreds in over 15 countries and was the first Odinist Gothi to re-establish Odinism and an Odinist temple in South America – for the first time in 500 years of European settlement – restoring the rites and rituals and re-educating the white European population down there.

The next stage in our revival has started, property has been bought on the west coast of Sweden and it is here we will build our Odin’s Guard temple starting summer 2017 it is here we will refine our teaching and lead our members We invite the like minded to come home to Odin’s Guard and help us grow and spread our faith. 

The great work continues – the great renewal and restoration of our ancestral faith continues! Hail our Gods! Hail our Folk! Odin Hail! Wassail to all…