North West Vanern Program


Will start off by saying this program can and must be adopted in every suitable white country.
Here we focus on Sweden as it happens to be the country we have decided to settle in. If you can’t join us …. Then copy us.

The Vanern Program  has been created to aid Like minded Northern and western European folk who would wish to relocate to the area that surrounds Lake Vanern specifically in provinces of Västergötland, Dalsland, and Värmland in the southwest of Sweden.
We have chosen to include the 17 countries listed
untied Kingdom

We believe the peoples from the nations listed and all peoples that can trace there family ancestry back to those countries ie from the Americas all share a close common culture, and lifestyle. There by making it easier to assimilate first into the Program and then Sweden it’s self. However other applicants from other countries will be considered, on merit.
The Vanern program is not a political organisation in itself but we do advocate, promote and foster the Racial Nationalist mindset. We exist to serve people who wish to Live a healthy Racial Nationalist lifestyle. Our focus is on rural living but we do not exclude settlers who would rather settle in the towns or cities. The purpose is to bring together as many North Westerly Racially Nationalist minded people together that we would live and work with in a close enough proximity from one and other that we may aid each other in a greater community sense. We are not talking about a commune in the traditional sense where we all live together on one piece of land.



This is a new project with 2 full time and 2 part time ad visors with different European backgrounds. The ideology, planning and execution are all open to change and refinement.
With all ideological driven relocation programs. We understand the serious interest will be limited and even limited still the people that will actually make the step to a new life. We are under no grand illusions.

What to expect

A small dedicated team with decades of nationalist political experience behind them at your service. We will act on your behalf to help you find a job and a place to live. I will stress that we don’t guarantee anything. In fact if you don’t already know it. Moving to a new country, finding work and a place to live is tough going. The only thing we offer is help. A second pair of hands to sift through the web pages and phone numbers. But we are based here with Local knowledge.

If you make the step and do move with the Program, We offer our friendship and all that comes with it. We will not tell you how to live what to drink or eat. Or who to vote for. If you have joined the program then you understand that we expect you to hold Racial nationalist views . If you do then we believe you can govern yourself and make the best choices for your own life.

After you arrive we will maintain regular contact and provide assistance where needed. Along the lines of a extend family.

The ideal would be young families who wish to live a rural lifestyle. With interests in off grid living, animal husbandry, farming, traditional family values, handicrafts. etc etc
we will encourage bartering between all members. as a way of unifying us. while at the same time making the system weaker.

We have chosen not by accident this part of Sweden to settle. Often with such groups the idea is to get as far away from society as possible somewhere in the wilderness half way up a tree. We don’t believe this is realistic or desirable in the long term. In this part of Europe it is possible to afford Rural property with in easy reach of world class modern towns cities. + regional/ international airports . We have all heard the horror stories in the international press with regards to Sweden’s non European crime wave and the draconian socialist regimes actions to support it. However Vanern is a world away from the day to day battles faced in Stockholm. All Western nations face the same danger and we all slide together into the abyss. Sweden is in grave danger that’s true but if you look the problem in a geographical region term then. Vanern is far better off than most other parts of Europe. Here we believe is the balance. LOW Population, Low non European population, low crime, stunning nature, abundant natural resources lakes & forests, good education. very affordable property prices and above all space .

For those that have never visited Sweden we think this short video albeit a advert for a car captures Sweden the landscape and the Swedish psyche perfectly. Enjoy


For us it’s not how many members we can get for the program Or how much popularity we can get from each member. We just want to share with the like minded an idea. that’s all just a idea. If no one takes up the program then we will still be here. It makes no difference to us personally. We have found our paradise.