The mind

We have become weak. Mentally weak. We no longer educate our selves in History, culture or the fine arts. Instead prefer to entertain ourselves with reality TV and sporting events.
The dinner table conversation of old was focused on the politics of the day. where each guest or family member would argue their desire for the best direction to steer the nation in.

giphyArts and literature would also be discussed and the progress of the daily house hold chores.

Today we have all heard the saying ”No religion or politics at the dinner table”
These days dinner guests are more likely to discus the sports results and last nights episode of a reality TV show than anything constructive or meaningful.
Where as the family in most homes no longer even dine together preferring instead to re heat there food and eat alone while engaged in social net working.
Eating together of a evening and conversing on mater’s which effected the family and nation was a fundamentally important activity which enabled the family to explore and solve problems and to teach one another. ORDER recognises this custom as vital to the well being of the people.
The fine arts
Painting Sculpting, Writing, Singing and Dancing.

Where all crucially important in the development of any western nation. We used these forms of expression not only to express ourselves as individuals but also collectively as nations. We would strive to produce the best art to represent us and our folk to show our strength and Honor in a healthy creative natural way.
We would educate ourselves in past masters so we to might reach their heights and beyond.
Today art has become pornography a degenerate twisted form of expression where one no longer needs to be gifted in creation but only obscene enough to shock, each new generation having to become more degenerate than the last in order to shock the almost numb minded.
Child like finger painting sells for millions anti white anti woman African rap music out sells all other forms of music .
popular literature becomes more simple using less and less vocabulary rather focusing on sensationalism than inspirational substance.

Children’s so called educational TV is just a series of loud noises and flashing lights. designed to mesmerise to entertain rather than to inform.

We must break away from this we must reject this in all its forms. Support where possible the local ballet or the local theatre. Get tickets for figure skating or the opera. use the money from the TV licence you no longer pay for.
Books. especially children’s books must be examined carefully before purchase. Much better to fill their rooms with the classics such as treasure island, watership down, or Anne of green gables, than the modern poison made available today. Equally in the non English speaking world such similar books can be found to safely inspire children.

ORDER15 seeks in the future to establish a child learning department where by guidance can be given and taken by mothers and fathers alike guidance in the true western way of parenting.

We can all make a start either by supporting the true arts as mentioned above or by par taking in them ourselves. When is the last time you picked up a paint brush or instrument ?
Next time your in town why not visit your local charity shop and see if they have any old classics to build up your collection.
Every member of ORDER15 should strive to form a Library of his or her own.


The direction of child development must not be left for chance as it is more often than not in today’s world.
Parents no longer guide there child rather just leave there development to free will and chance rather than a caring knowledgeable hand.

Father and Son Pheasant Hunting --- Image by © Peter Beck/CORBIS

If we look to great sports men and women here we can find a blue print a example to follow. As often where you find a champion of ice hockey or horse riding you will find a parent who also excelled to reach the top of there game. There can be found countless interviews with these sporting families where the parent goes onto explain that they encouraged there child from a early age to pursue the same path in sports. They nurtured and supported there child as it learned and developed its skills often hours a day for years was spent parent and child building a bond of trust. Passing on great knowledge, and with determination on both sides Great success obtained.

11313276_834229806673044_891346280_nThis strategy can be copied not just for the field of sport but also in all aspects of child and personal development because of course to use this system means you learn as they learn.

ORDER15 does not believe in chance or fate we make our own destiny where there is the will to do so.