A collection of Films relevant to our struggle we have tried to keep the list short, of a high standard, and to the point


The Lion A history truths (extended)

A must watch for all Racial nationalists a extended version of the original 



The Afrikaner community of Orania A very important video a blue print. The only Successful white only community in the world strictly speaking its Afrikaner only not white only but the outcome is the same. and proof it can be done. Every effort made for future communities must and will  be based on the Orania concept 


Cult of White Privilege IS EthnoMasochism

A guilt free look at Western mans appetite for self destruction.



The Esthetics of Europe This is Europa 



The European Grammar of self intolerance  Jonathan Bowden




The fall and the role of women in western culture. Insightful short video from Varg Vikernes



What once was. Truly Inspiring Look at the original British Fascists