How to Change The Oil & Tires

Want to know how to change the oil in a car? Add some automotive knowledge to your arsenal, and start changing that oil & saving your money!

How to Change Oil

How to Change The Oil In A Car

My hubby normally takes care of our cars but as a homesteader, I feel like it’s something that I also have to know. One important skill that a car owner has to know is how to change oil. In case you don’t know, it’s a fairly simple task that professionals can charge you hundred of dollars. So to help you save money and be more self-sufficient, find out how you can change oil on your own!

Tools you will need to change oil:

  • wrench
  • oil filter wrench
  • oil drain pan
  • funnel (a water bottle can be used just cut the bottom to have your funnel hack)
  • latex gloves
  • jack and jack stands (ramps can be used as well but it is optional)


  • Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Replacement drain Plug Washer


Step 1: Lift The Car with a Jump

how to change oil

Raise your car to have a full access below it.

Step 2: Find the oil filter and drain plug

Oil Filter

Oil filter

Drain Plug

Drain Plug

Look for the oil filter and drain plug.


Step 3: Drain It (Use Drain Pan)

Oil Change

DIY Oil Change

Place your drain pan and drain the oil once ready. You can also remove the oil filter while doing this.


Step 4: Change the oil filter.

Changing Oil

Once oil has been taken out, tighten back the drain plug and change your oil filter.

Oil Change DIY

Reminder: Keep in mind that you have to clean the oil filter area before putting the replacement and check the drain plug if it needs a drain plug washer replacement. Also, dab some oil on the o-ring of the new oil filter.


Step 5: Change The Car’s Oil.

Change oil

image source

Add the new oil. Check your car manual for the exact amount of oil and the type you need.


Step 6:

Start your car’s engine for about 30 seconds until the new oil has circulated. Lower the car from the jack stand and check the oil level.

We are all done!

How to Change a Tire Safely

Want to know how to change a tire safely? If you want some basic automotive skills, then this tutorial is for you. Know exactly what to do in case of a flat tire.

How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

How to Change a Tire Safely

What do you do in case of a flat tire? Call the mechanic or the towing service? That will cost you money. But what will you do in case you don’t have any cell service or it’s the middle of the night? Well as anyone who values self-reliance will say, it’s better to know how to do it yourself.

I’ve been driving for years now and any driver can tell you, there will come a time that you’ll get a flat tire. So being a homesteader, I made it my responsibility to learn some basic automotive skills. You may know how to drive and get around but when there’s something wrong with your car, you can’t always rely on others to fix it for you. So, if you also want to learn self-sufficiency, this tutorial will teach you how to change a flat tire and add an extra skill to your belt.

  • Spare Tire
  • Car Jack
  • Lug Wrench
  • 12 x 12″ piece of 3/4″ plywood (for your jack if it’s not on concrete)
  • Reflective Warning Signal
  • Optional:
    • gloves
    • raincoat
    • paper towel
    • flashlight

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    image source


    Step 1

    Try to get off the road. If you need to change your tire in a highway, PLEASE get off of the highway completely.


    Step 2

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    Turn on your hazards. It’s a way to signal any passing vehicles that you’re having car problems.

    Set a safe perimeter for changing your tire by also setting out some reflective warning signals or flares.


    Step 3

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    Put your parking break on to ensure that your car won’t go anywhere.


    Step 4

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    Take your spare tire out of the trunk.


    Step 5

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    Start to remove the flat tire. You’d want to loosen the lug nuts before jacking your car but not to the point of removing them. Turn your wrench counter-clockwise to loosen the nuts.




    TIP: You can either apply force by stepping on your lug wrench or loosen it doing the lug wrench and jack method.

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    To do the latter, position your jack under the end of the wrench. We’ll be using the weight of your car against the force of the jack to loosen the lug nuts. Just jack the wrench up until it moves and loosens the nuts. Be careful while doing this.


    Step 6

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    Now that you’ve loosened all the lug nuts, time to jack up your car. It would be best to know the lift or jack points to position your jack. Normally, you can see a diagram on the jack or consult the manual of your car.


    Step 7

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    Once the car is off the ground, remove the lug nuts completely. Put it somewhere near where it won’t roll off.


    Step 8

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    Give the tire a little nudge (or hit it if you have to) to loosen it. Once it’s loose, remove it and set it aside.


    Step 9

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    Slide the spare tire and replace the lug nuts.


    Step 10

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    Tighten them as much as you can by hand and release the jack.


    Step 11

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    Now that the tire is back on the ground, tighten it by using your lug wrench in a clockwise direction.

    How to Change a Tire Safely |Homestead Tips

    image source

    Follow a star or crisscross pattern when tightening them to make sure all the nuts have equal torque.

    TIP: You don’t have to tighten the lug nuts so much that you’ll find it difficult to remove. Remember you’re only using a spare tire.


    And you’re done! Congratulate yourself for the new skill you just learned. Don’t forget to drive slowly and get standard tires as soon as you can.



What you’ll need t0 change a tire:

Always keep these essentials in your car to be prepared for whenever the emergency arises.