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English Literature
Free literature and lessons on analyzing great literature.

Public Speaking
How to write and give a speech. Famous speeches. Where to learn to give a speech.

Myths, Fables, Fairy Tales and Folklore
Moral lessons have been handed down through the ages in the forms of myth and legends


Basic Compound Interest Calculator
This calculator helps you to understand how much money you can accumulate by saving small amounts of money each week in an account.

Budget Worksheets
Free worksheets in Excel, PDF, and HTML (webpage) formats. Blank ones as well as budgeting sheets for household expenses, vacations, and pets

The Bean Game
Managing money means making choices. There is never enough money available for all of the things we’d like to have or do. This game will help you decide what is most important to you.


Fun Math Problems For Teens





Prehistoric Man
Find out the truth about cave men, women and kids, as well as the lovely art they created.

Ancient Egypt
Wander through the mazes of ancient tombs to discover the secrets of ancient Eqypt.

Ancient Greece
Travel back in a time machine. Contribute stories. Find out about original Olympic games.

Ancient Rome (Italy)
Play the games that ancient Roman children played. Find out about daily life.


Activism 4 Kids
Participate actively in solving the world’s problems.

Governments of the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK explained to children.

Economics for Kids
Learn about economics through these fun interactive sites just for kids.

News 4 Kids
Keep on top of current events. Write your own news stories.


Really good maps and atlases online to help with geography and history studies. Treasure maps, too!

World Geography
Participate actively in geographical quests and meet kids all over the world.


Biographies of Famous People
Read the stories of famous people and villains who have gone this way before.

Genealogy – Family History
Find out about your family members and create a family museum of scrapbook.

World Culture & History

Age of Exploration – 1400 – 1600
During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries two nations, Portugal and Spain, pioneered the European discovery of sea routes that were the first channels of interaction between all of the world’s continents.

Flight History
Since early times, people have been fascinated with the idea of flight. Learn how these dreams of flight came true.

Inca Culture
The Inca society was very organized. Everyone understood his or her position in the social pyramid.

Mayan Culture
Mayan stories, activities and virtual tours help you learn more about this ancient culture.

Canadian History
From the Children of Eagle and Raven to modern times. Resources for Canadian children and others to study Canada.

Medieval Times
Find out about Castles, Happenings, Heraldry, Kings & Queens, Knights & Ladies, Organizations, and Plays.

Renaissance for Kids
Are we still in the Renaissance Period today? Come decide for yourself.

What is myth? What is fact? Learn about Scandinavian history, play games, and explore with the Vikings.






Chemistry Classes

Crime Scene Investigation

  • Gardening for kids


Fine art


Sign Language