DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Candles and flame lamps can help you create a romantic atmosphere in  your home. If you are having a dinner date, spending at home with your love one, or just pampering yourself, lighting a scented flame can really set the atmosphere. With this simple DIY  you can create a lamp with ingredients and materials found in the kitchen. In fact this homemade olive oil lamp cost much cheaper compared to candles. I’ve made these with peppermint oil, cinnamon oil & sticks, rose oil & dried roses as well as with lavender essential oil & lavender buds.

Any combination makes a lovely gift, if even for yourself! Making one is simple.

How To Make a DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp:

Materials Needed:

  • A wide-mouthed glass jar (a quart-size wide-mouthed canning jar works really well)
  • A short length of flexible steel wire (1 1/2 or 2 times the height of the jar)
  • A wick
  • Olive oil
  • Essential oil or fragrance oil (optional)
  • dried flowers, herbs  or spices (optional)
Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Step One

Wrap and Coil Wire to Make Hook

Use the steel wire to create a long hook. Wrap the wire back and forth so you have several strands making up the length. Make the wire piece the same height as the jar. It will help hold the wire and can also be use as a handle to help pull the wick up for lighting.


DIY oil lamp

Wire needed to make coil for your oil lamp

homemade oil lamp

Twist and bend the wire to make a piece that is several strands wide.

mason jar project

homemade oil lamp

Coil the wire around a pencil or small stick so the wire has a handle.


Step Two

Make Wire Coil For Wick

Measure the wire at this point and make sure it is a couple of inches taller than your jar. At the other end of the wire from your handle coil, make another, looser coil. This will serve as a wick stand with about an inch or two tall that sits on the bottom of the jar.


mason jar lamp

After one coil is made, make the wire piece a few inches taller than your jar.


mason jar oil lamp

Wrap the other end of the wire loosely around a pencil or stick to make a loose coil for your wick.

diy lamp

You will end up with two coils, one on each end of your wire


Step Three

Cut Wick and Attach to Wire

Create enough length of wick allowing it to stick up above the wire coil. While the remaining length of the wick is covered with olive oil.

lighting project

Add the wick to the coil you just made.


lighting project

Twist the wire around the wick to secure it.


Step Four

Add Oil

Pour the olive oil into the jar. Make sure enough amount of olive is is poured into the jar. This is just under where the wick is pinched leaving enough space for the wick not to totally soak with olive oil.


For a few ounces of oil, the lamp will use for several hours.


diy lamp

Add the olive oil to the mason jar lamp.

Step Five (optional)


You can add herbs and spices to add a romantic scent in the atmosphere.

DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Add essential oil or fragrance oil to your lamp for aroma.


DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Add dried flowers, spices or herbs to your lamp to add interest as well as aroma.

diy oil lamp

Stir the mixture gently to incorporate the added ingredients.



Step Six

Light & Enjoy!

homemade oil lamp

Your mason jar olive oil lamp is ready to light and use.

homemade oil lamp