Digging deeper

What Sets us apart from just about every other Nationalist org is our recognition that its probably too late to save most of the west as it is geographically defined today Many western countries have past the tipping point already and whether one likes it or not that bitter fact has to be conceded.
Of course miracles can happen but we think that we have reached the stage where we have to plan in the event that mass immigration and degeneracy will continue at its current or accelerated pace until western ideals and indeed the western man himself fade into history. We don’t accept the masses are asleep, Mainstream nationalism is relying on the idea that eventually the majority will wake up and realise they are being scammed out of existence and join our ranks and overturn the damage done since the end of WW2 despite all the evidence to the contrary. While any effort in a nationalist direction is a Nobel effort indeed. We believe that a urgent alternative program must be initiated in the likely event of failure. Set out on this website is our attempt to wade through the possibilities.

ORDER15 is a philosophy (or worldview) for people of ethnic European decent that is based on three principles:

(1) Natural Order. We believe that the universe is governed by natural laws. In order for Man to be happy and successful, he must first learn what these laws are and then follow them. We believe that Man is a part of the natural world and that he is in no way separate or distinct from it. Consequently, we believe that society should be structured in accordance with the laws of Nature, and not in opposition to them as is the case today.

In ORDER15, every aspect of society will be in accord with the Natural Order: the way we structure our movement and indeed ourselves , the way we raise our children, the way we plan our communities, the way we grow our food–EVERYTHING. Indeed, in this context, ORDER15 is the  “green movement!”

(2) Racial Idealism. Ethnic idealism is based on the love of your own people. It means placing the welfare and interests of the ethnic community to which you belong ahead of yours own personal interests and desires. As ethnic idealists, we have no wish to harm, persecute, control or exploit other ethnic groups. We are only interested in protecting our own people.

We believe that all men are NOT created equal. Just as every individual has his own personal strengths and weaknesses, so each race has certain qualities that make it different from other races. We believe that the peoples of ethnic European decent have the right to maintain its biological, cultural and political independence, and that it has the right to control its own destiny. We also believe that our people have the right to defend themselves against all attacks–no matter where they come from.

(3) The Upward Development of the Western man. We want to do more than just defend our people: we want to see it improve. This can be done by encouraging a high birthrate among those Western folk who are the healthiest, strongest and most intelligent. At the same time, science should work to eliminate hereditary weaknesses and defects  among our people. via a Ectogenesis & Eugenics program  Our goal is that each new generation of our children will be better off than the one before it.

                     ”The two tier” scenario 

We believe in 2 possible future scenarios

1 A total global economic collapse brought on by the astronomical ever rising unpayable debts attributed to almost every government on earth. This coupled with the ever shifting demographics of all western nations will bring about mass civil unrest the likes unseen in Europe for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Side effects of this collapse will be a break down in goods and services.  Law and order, and freedom of movement to name but a few. For this we must selfishly  prepare. No help or protection will come from the state who can barely keep order now as it is.

It is this scenario that many on the Nationalist right long for. As the theory goes there will be civil war / revolution If it comes it comes, and if it does we must be prepared. We must have a network that we can all rely on for our safety and that of our families. Most of us can not expect even our closest friends to be of use in such times.

The fantasy outcome of such a war should we win it would be turning the clock back to a pre world war 2 society. This will never ever happen its logistically impossible to remove such large numbers of the current populations of  western nations which exceed the tens of millions in some cases. Even if it where logistically possible there will never be the will to do so.

So we must recognise the reality and that reality is vast sways of our nations territory have long passed on to other hands. It is not ours to save for our fathers fathers freely gave it away. And the task of retaking it a impossible feat.

We must accept this. But to accept is not defeat it is liberation to liberate ourselves from the impossible odds of success. Instead we focus on regional independence within our existing borders. If collapse comes then you can be sure the other communities will make a power grab for ” their territory”  If they want London, Chicago or Paris let them have it. All but in name it’s theirs already.

We can have Cornwall, Nova Scotia, Montana and Lapland it really is that simple.

Does this all sound like Blasphemy ? Treason perhaps ? then click away to one of the thousand or so other organisation who will swear to fight to the ”DEATH” to save or re take the inner city ghettos.

2 The coming collapse has been foretold for as long as anyone can remember. Every year it’s going to be next year but it never actually materialises. Just when you think the government can’t possibly borrow any more money it does. Greece is a perfect example of this. We firmly believe it will all fall but who really knows … and when ?

It is possible, however difficult to imagine that it will just keep on ticking over society becoming more and more dangerous and more and more expensive, congested, degenerate and polluted. But still with a somewhat stable government in full control of most of the territory it resides over.

Will this be a acceptable life to us to raise a family in to live in work to buy food in, to even take a day trip to a major city in ?

If we find ourselves in this scenario we can actually still thrive. How do we know this because we have examples of it everywhere. One in particular the Amish people living and thriving in North America. The United States of America quite possibly the world leader in degeneracy happens to host one of the most noblest of all communities. Ask your self how affected they are by the music of lady gaga the calories of a mc donalds menu or the common core educational program. Yet they thrive. They use the infrastructure and the health care of their host nation but retain their identity, faith, friendships employment  and children’s education all with limited interference from the state and all totally legal.

We must learn to come together as members of ORDER15 and live parallel lives to the nations we now live in. Let us use their hospitals and roads but let us govern our own lives. Let us create our own employment, our own currency , take charge of our own houses of worship,  schools, and farms. Most importantly of all, do it all legally,  and surely as the mainstream society crumbles, decays and degenerates our parallel lifestyle will become ever more attractive as it blossoms, growing in strength.

We encourage you to read through the material presented here to find out more. Be sure to check out the Library section on the right hand of your screen or if your using a phone then at the bottom for extra reading. Some pages may even contradict other pages if you don’t think it’s as it should be then come help us make it better,

and set the example of excellence for others to follow.

If you believe you can positively contribute to this cause, do not hesitate to contact us. The concept that is ORDER15 is fluid any and all ideas within may and indeed will change as we evolve. As we find better alternatives to advance our cause.