Digging deeper

ORDER15 is a philosophy (or worldview) for people who strive to uphold the western ideal

What is the western ideal ?

The Western ideal , sometimes equated with Western civilization – Western culture , Western lifestyle or European civilization, is a term used broadly to refer to a heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems, and specific artifacts and technologies that have an origin or strong association with Europe.
The Western ideal is the civilisaitional  “Gold standard” coveted and replicated globally. The western ideal put simply is the collective western bar set on anything. Beauty, infrastructure, business, law, hygiene, sport, cuisine. Music. This list goes on
Western culture is characterized by a host of artistic, philosophic, literary, and legal themes and traditions; the heritage of Celtic, Germanic, Hellenic,  Slavic, Latin, and other ethnic and linguistic groups, as well as Christianity, which played perhaps the most important part in the shaping of Western civilization since at least the 4th century.
Values of Western culture have, throughout history, been derived from political thought, widespread employment of rational argument favouring free thought, assimilation of human rights, and the need for self betterment.
Rational thinking developed through a long age of change and formation, with the experiments of the Enlightenment, and breakthroughs in the sciences. To which its no coincidence that we chose the Mannaz rune to represent our society. In an age of ever diminishing rationalism, and its to us the like minded few the responsibility of protecting the western ideal falls to. Territory has continuously passed to different hands since the beginning of time and will continue to do so, and we can survive it, its not the land itself that makes us who we are but our ideals blood wisdom all of which are encompassed in the western ideal, and all of which are threatened.
What Sets us apart from just about every other traditionalist org is our recognition that its probably too late to save most of the west as it is geographically defined today Many western countries have past the tipping point already and whether one likes it or not that bitter fact has to be conceded.
Of course miracles can happen but we think that we have reached the stage where we have to plan in the event that mass immigration and degeneracy will continue at its current or accelerated pace threatening the very existence of the  western ideal and indeed western man himself. We don’t accept the masses are asleep,  nationalism is relying on the idea that eventually the majority will wake up and realise they are being scammed out of existence and join their ranks and overturn the damage done since the end of WW2 despite all the evidence to the contrary. While any effort in a preservational direction is a Nobel effort indeed. We believe that a urgent alternative program must be initiated in the likely event of failure. Set out on this website is our attempt to wade through the possibilities.

                     ”The two tier” scenario 

 2 popular future scenarios coupled with 2 possible reactions.

1 A total global economic collapse brought on by the astronomical ever rising un-payable debts attributed to almost every government on earth. This coupled with the ever shifting demographics of all western nations will bring about mass civil unrest the likes of which have never been seen in the west. Side effects of this collapse will be a break down in goods and services.  Law and order, and freedom of movement to name but a few.

It is this scenario that many on the right long for. As the theory goes there will be civil war / revolution

The common theoretical outcome of such a war would be turning the clock back to a pre world war 2 homogeneous society.

Logistically very difficult to implement not least because of the large numbers of the current populations involved  which exceed the tens of millions in some cases. but even if it where logistically possible to displace its unlikely there will be a will to do so. If such a war was fought it would now be more likely to be along religious lines rather than racial or national.

Likely or not for this we must selfishly prepare. No help or protection will come from the state who can barely keep order now as it is. We must have a network that we can all rely on for our safety and that of our families. Most of us can not expect even our closest friends to be of use in such times.

2 The coming collapse has been foretold for as long as anyone can remember. Every year it’s going to be next year but it never actually materialises. Just when you think the government can’t possibly borrow any more money it does. Greece is a perfect example of this.

It is possible, however difficult to imagine that it will just keep on ticking over society becoming more and more dangerous and more and more expensive, congested, degenerate and polluted. But still with a somewhat stable government in full control of most of the territory it resides over.

Will this be a acceptable life to us to raise a family in to live in work to buy food in, to even take a day trip to a major city in ?

If we find ourselves in this scenario we can actually still thrive. How do we know this because we have examples of it everywhere. One in particular the Amish people living and thriving in North America. The United States of America quite possibly the world leader in degeneracy happens to host one of the most noblest of all communities. Ask your self how affected they are by the music of Lady Gaga the calories of a Mc Donalds menu or the common core educational program. Yet they thrive. They use the infrastructure and the health care of their host nation but retain their identity, faith, friendships employment  and children’s education all with limited interference from the state and all totally legal.

We must learn to come together as members & families of ORDER15 and live parallel lives to the nations we now live in. Let us use their hospitals and roads but let us govern our own lives. Let us create our own employment, our own currency , take charge of our own houses of worship,  schools, and farms. Most importantly of all, do it all legally,  and surely as the mainstream society crumbles, decays and degenerates our parallel lifestyle families will become ever more attractive, growing in strength.

If you believe you can positively contribute to this cause, do not hesitate to contact us. The concept that is ORDER15 is fluid any and all ideas within may and indeed will change as we evolve. As we find better alternatives to advance our cause.