We place Great emphasis on a drama free work environment. Every single one of our members is rational, polite, respectful, law abiding, friendly and free of  ulterior motives. If you want to Join us we expect you to uphold the same standard.

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We are a global org with real paid members in 8 countries but the chances of any of them living near you is very unlikely so if your joining you do so on the understanding that if you are going to want to meet with and socialise with other members in the real world then your going to have to play a role in recruiting them. You need to get one of our T.shirts depending on the design you want their either 200 or 250 Swedish Krones (approximately 23 or 28 US dollars)  purchased using the paypal or bit coin buttons on this page,  there is no reoccurring membership fee.

As a member you can support our work and ideas,  signing  up to our various social media pages and groups sharing, liking posts  and contributing to discussion, all are valuable ways to help spread the ORDER15 concept. You can also visit our store and show further support by buying some of our other merchandise. Should you find yourself in a enviable position of having other real world members around you, you  can apply to get one of our banners and start your own house.

If your a  returning member “pre society”  your membership privileges will still be honoured. There is a 50 sek discount on membership and a further 10% discount on all merchandise for anyone who’s currently a card carrying member of a Nationalist organization. proof will be required.
This form is for immediate shop purchase or membership applications only. If your waiting to measure yourself, move house, get paid, form your opinion, ask your girlfriends opinion, then please wait to contact us. 


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