We place Great emphasis on a drama free work environment. Every single one of our members is rational, polite, respectful, law abiding, friendly and free of  ulterior motives. If you want to Join us we expect you to uphold the same standard. We are not competing with each other but working as one entity.

Joining ORDER15 you have 2 choices

1) Donate to get one of our T.shirts, and join the ORDER15 supporters  club, kick back relax and network with other ORDER15 Members & supporters. Discus global politics, word events and everyday life effecting all of us. The Supporters club is a great mix of men and women who support us as we grow. Click here for details on how to get a T.shirt

2) Become a active member 
Send us a message with your intentions, and some back ground information, and what you can offer the group, then you will be instructed to Join our online activist group. One of your main objectives will be to sign up to all the main social media networks and spread our daily propaganda via your own profile and as many relevant groups, and pages as possible. activists will also be encouraged to join in on comment sections in media articles and chat rooms when its deemed relevant to our cause, By group leader.  The aim of which is to dominate the discussions in favour of our nationalist mindset,and out number the left wing usual majority opinions. plugging ORDER15 when appropriate.
The distribution of our flyer’s and stickers in the real world is also encouraged. Networking with other supporters and members helping to build trust and comradeship is paramount. Do not select this option if you are not ready to fulfil whats expected immediately.
As a activist you need to get one of our banners, for 300 Swedish Krones (approximately 32 US dollars)  there is no reoccurring membership fee. The banner is the symbol of our organisation and what we stand under and stand for.
Its absolutely crucial for recruitment to display it in propaganda. When you have it you have a position and a voice within our movement.
All new members will be encouraged to choose a role  within ORDER15 and fulfil that role to insure our growth and influence.  This will also provide a sense of belonging and purpose in each new member.

On your application clearly state your desired level of immediate involvement. Choice 1 or 2

This form is for membership / Supporter applications, and shop items only. 

Do not contact us unless you are ready to join or assist immediately. If your waiting to decide if you should join us or another organisation, If your waiting to get paid, waiting to move house, waiting to ask your friends opinions. Then please wait to contact us.


If your waiting to long for a reply check your spam box. We reply to everyone within 48 hours if you don’t get a response from us try contacting us via social media. Please enclose political history if you have one.



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