full (13)Christos division is a international organisation Based in Belarus  under the the ORDER15 umbrella. It was formed by Christian members of ORDER15 who wish to  advance their own religious agenda within and with the logistical support of  the wider organisation.
Through out history countless churches and Christian sects have faced persecution to the extent they have had to go into hiding for fear of loss of earnings, property or even death. during these times groups would emerge to defend the  faithful some secret others not.
They would swear a oath to defend the true word of god and their fellow Christian brothers and sisters from persecution.
The idea was actually  spawned at a  Christening where by the young preacher who was addressing the regular congregation became increasingly emotional when describing his feelings towards the daily assault the Christian religion and in turn the Christian people  face daily. He also voiced his dismay in the lack of  counter strikes from the Church it self. urging all worshippers to do more to engaged and defend the church where  ever and whom ever might wish to do it harm.
Christos division members shall go on the PR  offensive. on and off line using social media flyers etc. To much time is spent defending  attacks from the left, atheists and members of various other degenerate  organisations, who lie and twist at every opportunity the true word of God.
We shall promote in a healthy strong conservative way the true message of our lord. and where ever there are hostile Antichrist activities we shall engaged / confront those responsible, in the view of exposing their lies and deviant behaviour.  To hold them to account for their previously unchallenged hatred.
All prospective members of Christos division will have  strong traditional conservative Christian belief’s and   should hold healthy nationalist views in keeping with the wider ORDER15 organisation. Although we work separately to Regular ORDER15 we are the same organisation. Members are encouraged to work autonomously but also understand the need to network and corporate with other international members.  If you are a True conservative / Nationalist  Christian and would like to get involved please contact us with your details. Christian’s share the same fate as the West it self both face the same foe both fighting for their very existence.
Christos is lead by  Miron Kravchenko

orasKravchenko, Myron A. (born 23.12.1977, Kostanay, USSR) – publicist, social activist and musician. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Municipal Economy and Construction (MIKHiS). As the author of publications, he collaborated with a number of Moscow’s glossy magazines such as “male gaze”, “Bear”, “Renthouse” newspaper “Moskauer deutsche Zeitung» and others. However, the adoption of the Orthodox faith has changed the way of life. In 2004, he joined the “Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers,” and then, after adjusting the position of the public – in the Cossacks (PKB MO, 11th Battalion HIH Alexandra Feodorovna). He was engaged in organizational and service work, voiced the position of leadership in the press. Since 2006 – member of the Russian National Union (RANU), where he served as Head of the Propaganda Department, coordinated the holding of various social events (including the landmark on the prevention of the first gay pride parade in Moscow), working with news agencies – BBC , Associated Press, France-2 and others. in 2007, due to the disagreement with the openly pro-Kremlin stance PKB command moved to the CEC ruling MO (Sergiev Posad stanitsa Cossack community). Has the rank of Captain, was awarded marks of distinction, including Archangel Michael Medal “For Courage” and premium cross “For services to the Cossacks IV century.”. From 2007 to 2012 – on the basis of the Cossacks involved in the organization and conduct of youth, the Orthodox, the military-patriotic camps, on the basis of which the creation of the “Cossack Cadet Corps in them was launched. Tsarevich Demetrius and Alexis “(later closed by Russian authorities as potentially extremist community, and for the use of the royal autocratic symbols, paraphernalia and etiquette). In the future, he edited and typeset in a military newspaper S. Posad Host Cossack stanitsa Company. In 2011-12. He organized the Russian movements in the North, in the city of Murmansk, on the basis of the local cell he created the party “Great Russia”. In conjunction with organizations “PNDO” and “New Force” took an active part in the first in the region,”Russian March”. However, due to existing differences with the position of the party leadership, “BP” on Russian collaboration during the Second World War, soon announced the dissolution of the cell. During the war in Ukraine actively opposed the fratricidal war in Ukraine. From 2012 up to the present Is engaged in the business +


The semi self-sufficient community
As well as running the day to day affairs of Christos Miron also promotes and prepares for the establishment of the Christos   semi self-sufficent Christian community. We sat down with Miron one cold winters evening over skype and coffee for a interview about his and  the groups ambitious plans. Here’s how it went.

Q.: Miron I guess we can start off by asking whats the name of The community? When and why did you get the idea for a all Christian community and how has the idea been received so far? do you have much support?
A.: “The name comes from the combination of two of values on which we are based: Christianity and white ethno-nationalism. In today’s world it is believed that Christianity, in any case cannot contain the elements of the world vision, characterized by the modern society, as Nazism or Racism. But first, all these concepts are initially a destructive core and deliberately designed to discredit any opinion about racial and national issues. Therefore, we prefer not to use them, and to describe what is happening we use our own words. Second, Christianity, as such, calls for love and we are obliged to love all of God’s creation. But at the same time Christianity calls to hatred. Yes, many here will be surprised, but it’s true. Hatred of Christians is directed against the devil and sin. And as we know from the First Epistle of St. John Divine (5:17): “All unrighteousness is sin.” One of the greatest unrighteousness, wrongs and evils of today – is creating by a new world order representatives modern multicultural reality, destroying all national and cultural characteristics of people, turning them into gray biomass. They need people outside of religion, race and nation, whom they can easily manage like a herd of cattle. And the main victim here is just the white race as the most creative part of humanity, capable of self-organization and critical thinking. It is the White race, as we know, has created a whole modern civilization and that it is subject to this attack at first. Such understanding of the issue and makes us act, but not hatred towards other nations. Our motive – is only Love. As commanded us the Lord Jesus Christ. The love of our people. And it is the stronger, the more acute, we understand that against our people unleashed a real war of extermination. And this is a true Christianity! It is always – sacrifice. Only sacrificial love is love at all. This is not what most modern people understand – this is not an empty smile and a desire to be aside: “did not touch me that I did not touch you”. About such people the Lord said: “Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” (Rev. 3). Unfortunately, modern Christianity has degenerated today, and many people are looking for the truth in paganism. And we as true Christians with burning hearts (and not smoldering charcoal instead), is often much easier to find common language with such not indifferent pagans, than with many modern lukewarm pseudo-Christians. Many modern Christians remain indifferent to what is done with them this wolves in sheep’s clothing. And this is the reason of evil, that we can see all around the world. So in our name reflects our commitment to rehabilitate and Christianity in the eyes of sensible people who do not understand how the Christian church blankly looks at what is happening. There is some difference between Christianity and the modern Christian church (regardless of denominations) which is fused with the state institution. This is what we intend are talking about. And it must be understood.
As for the support, we see that the idea of the White settlements has a great interest by the different sections of the population in different countries. But the inertia of thinking is prevents many people to start to revise their thinking: too high dependence on the way of life. Nevertheless, we are confident that with the growth of negative trends in society, more and more number of people will support us in our intentions”.

Q.: Tell us a bit about your faith. Where you born into the church or find god as a adult. Do you currently belong to a church ? Many nationalist Christians feel the main stream church is failing its members and in many cases no longer following the word of God.

A.: “I`ve come to God as an adult. Analyzing what is happening around, I just realized one day that everything has a specific purpose. And that all existing things have a Сreator.
As for the loss of the modern church of its members, then, as I said, this is the problem of degradation. The Church as a social institution is degraded along with the world, because it consists of people. By the way, it is necessary to distinguish between the heavenly Church, created by the Lord, and the Church of the earth, as a social institution. This separation is, in Christian theology. So, this earthly Church (especially the Catholic) went in the ways of this sinful ways of the world, breaking the original dogmas and the establishment of councils, took the path of compromise with the political situation, etc”.

Q.: Have you already found a suitable site for the community if you have then where and can you explain why you have chosen that area.

A.: “Yes, we’ve found a place for our first settlement (in general, our project is planned as a network of settlements all over the world). It is located in Belarus. We chose this country for several reasons: firstly, it can be said that this is the last white country in Europe, – the proportion of non-white population is simply negligible compared even with Ukraine (however Ukraine is also have very little color people). Thus we expect that the attraction of white in our settlements may in the future play a role in maintaining Belarus status as a white state, make it a kind of bastion of white civilization. Even the name of the country, as it is, etymologically alludes us on this: Belarus – is Bela-Rus i.e. Belaya Rus (“Bela” – means white …)
Secondly, it is not very rich by European standards state, where any investment is welcome in principle, and we hope that our attracting of white immigrants from Europe just fit into the mainstream of policy pursued by the authorities of the country. We expect that the authorities find out in our initiative and the benefits for themselves and will fully support the promotion of our ideas.
Also, the country has a demographic deficit and President Lukashenko has repeatedly expressed his desire of bringing people from neighboring Russia. This fact allows to hope that our proposals will be favorably regarded at the highest state level.
Finally, Belarus has a lot of beautiful places. Like Finland, the country is often called the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” and our place is just on the shore of one of this beautiful lakes”.

Q.: Can you explain your vision for this community. How many people do you think is the optimal number of people for the community? What sort of skills would be useful to the community, I mean what type of people are you trying to attract in the begin phase?

A.: “Well, we do not limit the number of settlers. How many the Lord will give us. As I have already said – in the long term we expect the settlement network across the globe.
The only thing that I would like to mention in terms of the conceptual background to the settlements is that they are not planned as an escape from reality. Ignorant people often say that we want to escape, rather than defend our countries. However, settlements are thought us quite differently. You can imagine this like one kind of form of concetration and regrouping of our forces before the decisive battle. What can the white minority do being scattered on their boxes-apartment in a modern ghetto-cities? Scattered, disunited, suggestible aggressive media drawn into onerous processes and mechanisms of the modern consumer society, we are forced to live by it laws, and in fact do work for our own destruction. So, the only way out of the elite people of the destructive environment of our society,- is able to change the existing state of affairs. It is our deep conviction.
Moreover, such a solution does not necessarily provide an aggressive break with the rest of the world – when people desire can do the same thing and did participate in all forms of social activity. But can do this on a different, more qualitative level. While the very rhythm of life out of destructive field of modern society, certainly give him new strength and inspiration.
As for skills, we think that will be useful all the skills that belongs to White man :)) Of course, first of all we are waiting for teachers and doctors, because no one humans community can not properly function without them. We also need people building trades, engineers, etc. Anyone who wishes to become a member of our community find its place”.

Q.: Can you tell us a little about your own skills/experience that will make you a good leader of the community.
A.: “My own skills …) Well, for the most part this is probably managerial experience. At the time, I held various positions in the Russian nationalist organizations. I also have a diploma in carpentry ancient wooden architecture. Though, most likely, it is not necessary, because we will build the houses of another type.Q.: Are all Christian denominations welcome and will a Church be built on site and if so what type of church will it be?.
A.: “Yes, we expect to complete the settlement of the principle of complementarity in relation to all denominations (except the obvious sectarian or pseudo-christian orientation, such as Mormons or “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, etc.). Nevertheless, we are positioning ourselves as the Orthodox Christians. We believe that our Settlements should be a kind of miniature an European city, where there are churches of different denominations. Our project is conceived as a socio-political but not prozelitic.
Q.: We understand the community will be largely self sufficient. Can you describe for us what sort of services and resources will be available. Do you plan to have your own schools and water system for example ?
A.: Of course. We plan to build the entire infrastructure of a modern city – kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc. Of course, not all at once will do, but it is our goal to which we aspire. A definite role model and a reference point for us here is known to many, implemented project called Orania.
Q.: If people reading this want to get involved and help make this idea really happen How can they help?

A.: If you would like to see this project flourish you can donate any amount and help us succeed, But what is just as valuable as money is your time. If you would like to Join Christos and help promote our cause and help grow are fledgling movement don’t hesitate to contact us. Although Christos is based in Belarus it is truly a international organisation, If you can’t join us here then you should try to replicate the our example  in your homeland.

We thank you in advance and may god bless you all.