US plans to bomb Syria and blame Assad, Vladimir Putin claims

Russian leader warns relations between Moscow and Washington are at their worst since the end of the Cold War. Although ORDER15 is firmly against electoral politics and democracy in general we never the less couldnt resist promoting Trump in a favorable light in the the run up to the US elections if for no other reason than to wind the left up even further. and the days and weeks after the election i think all of us on the Right were warmed by many of his actions. So its with some regret we report the latest news in regards the crisis in Syria.

Russia has information about a planned US air strike on Damascus involving chemical weapons that would be blamed on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad in an attempt to frame him, Vladimir Putin has claimed.

Without offering any proof to support the assertion, the Russian President made reference to strikes on suburbs in the south of the Syrian capital which he suggested would be the target of the supposed US raids.

He also attempted to link the US strike on a Syrian airbase last week with claims about weapons of mass destruction that were used to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq, saying: “We have seen it all already.”

The provocative comments come as the Russian leader warned of the warned of Moscow and Washington worst relations between  since the end of the Cold War.

Mr Putin said Moscow would tolerate criticism from the West of its alliance with Mr Assad, but that it remained hopeful that attitudes would eventually soften.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday – hours before US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is due to arrive in Moscow – Mr Putin said he would appeal to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to investigate the recent alleged chemical attack in Syria.

“We have information from different sources that these provocations – I cannot call them otherwise – are being prepared in other regions of Syria, including in the southern suburbs of Damascus where there are plans to throw some substance and accuse the official Syrian authorities,” Mr Putin said, after holding talks with his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella.

He added that some countries had voiced their support for the US air strike on Syria in order to build closer relations with the new Trump administration.

Drawing a comparison with the controversy surrounding claims, later proven to be incorrect, of WMDs being stockpiled by the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Mr Putin said: “It reminds me of the events in 2003 when US envoys to the [UN] Security Council were demonstrating what they said were chemical weapons found in Iraq.”

On the investigation into the chemical attack, Mr Putin said: “We plan to turn to the United Nations bodies in The Hague and call on the global community to thoroughly investigate into this incident and make balanced decisions based on the investigation’s outcome.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is to meet Mr Tillerson on Wednesday. Earlier reports suggested Mr Putin would also meet the US diplomat, something Moscow has not commented on.

Despite heightened tensions between the US and Russia, the foreign ministry has said it continued to hope for “productive talks” with Mr Tillerson.

In a three-page statement issued ahead of his arrival this evening, officials said the outcome of the talks was important not just for Russia-US ties but “for the overall atmosphere on the world stage”.

Russia has been a long-time supporter of Mr Assad’s government, which was accused of launching a chemical weapons attack on Idlib province.

That incident prompted Donald Trump to launch a cruise missile strike from two warships based in the Mediterranean targeted at an air base said to have been the base from which the original chemical attack was launched.

Meanwhile, Russia’s General Staff has said the Syrian government is willing to let international experts examine its military base for signs of chemical weapons.

So it appears the neocon grip on the White house is as tight as ever.  Perhaps those of you on the right reading this might well give up, us as we have on electoral politics and join us at creating a viable alternative reality.


The White Man’s Reading List


Every great revolution needs its academics and philosophers as well as a large contingent of enthusiastic foot soldiers. The leading Bolsheviks knew Marx chapter and verse,  they had the theory and philosophy of communism down pat complete with its mandatory genocides and totalitarianism.

Any movement that hopes to be around longer than a street riot will need a central cadre of dedicated and highly educated men with a deep understanding of the issues.  They must live and breath the movement and its philosophy, understanding both its aims as well as its methods.

They must also know their enemy, as well as they know themselves.  If you cannot correctly identify the enemy and do not have an effective plan to destroy it, your movement will fail!
To that end, I present the White Mans Reading List. Taken from my own collection of books and ebooks, this is not exhaustive but it’s a good start.

Mein Kampf. A Hitler Adolf Hitler’s classic, essential reading for anyone wanting to peel away the layers of post-war propaganda and outright lies surrounding the greatest white nationalist of all time.
The Creature From Jekyll Island. E Griffin A broad strokes tour of the last 100 years of deceit and deception.  Reveals the same power behind the Bolsheviks and the Fed.
Who We Are. W Pierce Why has our European culture been so easily undermined?
Quite simply because no one ever told us the material in this book. Read it and stand tall!
Western Civilisation Bites Back. J Bowden When Jonathan Bowden died prematurely in 2012 the white Renaissance movement lost a powerful orator and gifted literary genius.  This book is a collection of his most well-known speeches.
Judaism Discovered. M Hoffman A huge and scholarly work designed for both a Jewish and Gentile audience. Hoffmann digs deep into the Babylonian Talmud to reveal the godless religion of our racial nemesis.
The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. E. Michael Jones Jones goes into amazing detail, probably too much detail, tracking two thousand years of Jewish scheming to overthrow and corrupt European Civilisation.  In the final analysis, they have been doing this for so long now that they simply can not help themselves.
Breaking The Spell. Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom I have called the Jewish Holocaust the capstone issue of the post-war dispensation. It is the single enabling dogma beneath which all the other suicidal dogmas work there homicidal magic.
The idea that Hitler was the most evil man that ever lived,
That National Socialism is also therefore evil,
That all white people are evil by association…
But what if I told you that the basic premise upon which the traditional Holocaust narrative is based is either wildly exaggerated or cut entirely from whole cloth, all for the purpose of political and financial gain.
Read this and the other books in the series to draw back the curtain on the greatest mass deception of all time.
Debating The Holocaust. T Dalton Phd The Holocaust has been the untouchable issue of our time. This book is part of a thirty-two books set produced by independent experts in their respective areas.
The Gulag Archipelago. A Solzhenitsyn How bad can things get if we do nothing?  Solzhenitsyn’s famous work provides an unequivocal answer.

 is member of Order15 In new Zealand if your interested to read more of Macatak thoughts you can check out his blog here  hes  actively looking for fellow members and supporters to build a reliable  O15 network if your from NZ and interested do get in touch with him.

Germans Concerned After 270,000 Syrian Refugees Granted Permission To Bring Family Members

With worries about mass migration having largely faded from Germany’s consciousness after a record surge in 2015, and an angry popular reaction, prompted Angela Merkel to curb… the inflow of refugees, there is renewed concern in Germany following a report that up to 270,000 Syrians in Germany have the right to bring in their family members, a “revelation” that could refuel the debate about migration less than six months before a national election. Germany’s Bild cited a government paper showing that a total of 431,376 Syrians applied for asylum in Germany in 2015 and 2016 and said that of those 267,500 are allowed to bring their families to Germany.

As Reuters observes, Germany blessing such a material migration could play into the hands of the patriotic anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which has lost support in recent months as the refugee issue has receded from the headlines ahead of a Sept. 24 election.  Sure enough, senior AfD member Alexander Gauland condemned the figures, saying it was “absolute madness” to allow so many people to bring their families to Germany: “Billions and billions of tax money are being swallowed and the social state is being steered toward breakdown while our eyes are wide open.”

In 2016 Germany suspended family re-unifications for two years for migrants who get “subsidiary protection” – granted to people who are not considered as being persecuted individually but in whose home country there is war, torture or other inhumane treatment.

According to Reuters, Syrians are the biggest group of asylum applicants in Germany. They are increasingly being granted subsidiary protection rather than refugee status and that means they are only granted the right of residence for a year, although this can be extended. But Chancellor Angela Merkel’s far left extremist Christian Democrats (CDU), their Bavarian sister party – the Christian Social Union (CSU) – and the Social Democrats (SPD), their junior coalition partner, decided last week to make exceptions for people with subsidiary protection status in hardship cases.

More than a million migrants flocked to Germany in 2015 and 2016 but arrivals have dropped significantly.


The patriotic AfD, which has made immigration one of its key rallying points, is currently on between 7 and 11 percent in opinion polls, above the 5 percent threshold to enter parliament. CSU anti-German far left leader Horst Seehofer told German magazine Stern tackling the AfD was a main aim.

 “If we govern the country sensibly and don’t attack each other personally in the election campaign, we can push the AfD under 5 percent,” Seehofer said. However, while his party is behind Merkel in the election campaign he said it was sticking to its demand for a cap on the number of migrants coming here – a proposal which the chancellor has rejected.

In 2016, officially…. some 280,000 migrants arrived in Germany, a sharp drop compared with 890,000 the previous year. Bild said while there were no numbers for 2017 yet, the federal police had already caught more than 20,000 illegal migrants on the borders in the first three months of this year.

“right to bring in their family members, a revelation”

Well not really and this is being offered to  asylum seekers not just in Germany but all across the west. The speed of the demographic change is so fast paced nothing can, nor it seems wants to stop it. ORDER15 again argues a change in direction. We appeal not to the masses But to those that are already awake already alarmed and willing to actively build a international, legal  organisation that will work in the best interests of its members at the expense of the state and for the better meant of our kith & Kin.

The Danube Civilization: Oldest in the World

Danube Civilization

Even before i got into Nationalism something like 20 years ago i knew of the Sumerians not from school of course but my early days of searching the web, So came as a total surprise and of keen interest to learn recently of the Danube culture.

An unexpected furor was caused by the exhibition in New York, “The Lost World of Old Europe”, wrote the New York Times. Long before the flourishing of Greece and Rome, even earlier than the first cities in Mesopotamia and Egypt, at the downstream of Danube River lived a nation ahead of its time in trade, arts and craftsmanship.


Many American specialized issues and daily newspapers point out that, during its efflorescence the “Old European” civilization had been one of the most advanced cultures in the world. In 1972, near Varna (Bulgaria) was discovered the Varna Necropolis and its priceless Chalcolithic treasure. Also in the Durankulak complex, which is a Neolithic settlement with 1200 graves was excavated the biggest prehistoric treasure in southeast Europe.

The people on the northwest Black Sea coast were a highly developed community, its traditions merging with the heritage of the Thracian ethno-cultural community and later the Ancient Greek civilizations, the oldest of them being the Mycenaean civilization (2700-1120 BC).

Douglas Bailey from the University of San Francisco writes the following in the exhibition’s catalogue: “The ability to build, use and understand symbolic objects, defines people as such. This capability unites us – the modern people – with the Neolithic people and Paleolithic artists”. Evidence of this are the golden, copper and ceramic bracelets, figurines and dishes.


According to Michel Louis Seferiad, an anthropologist in the French National Center for Scientific Research, these items are shrouded by ancient mysteries, cults and myths. Also in these lands were discovered the oldest written signs in the world.

The discoveries of Transylvania (Romania) and around Vinča (Serbia) are approximately of the same period. In addition, even older are the symbols on a small clay dish found in the village of Gradeshnitsa (Vratsa, Bulgaria). Their age is considered to be at least 6000 years.


In comparison we point out that the Sumerian script, until recently considered the oldest one, was created around 3100 BC. Due to the big popularity of the exhibition in the USA, now Europe also begins to notice these facts. New discoveries point out something really sensational: The Balkan area is the cradle of civilization, these lands were inhabited by a highly developed culture that is much older than the Mesopotamian civilization, says Deutsche Welle.



In his book “The mysteries of the Danube Civilization” Harald Haarmann proves that the Balkans were inhabited by the civilization that developed the first written language. Haarmann calls this culture“Old European”. It existed on the territories of modern-day Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece as well as parts of Ukraine and Hungary. According to archaeological discoveries, its emergence can be traced back to 7000 BC. Haarmann claims that words, which have hitherto been considered as Ancient Greek, are actually “Old European” and are still used today. Such examples are fireplace (камина, kamina), olive (маслина, maslina), ceramics (керамика, ceramica) metal (метал), hymn (химн) and others.

The Danube civilization arose 2000 years before that of the Sumerians.

Haarmann confirms what has long been known that the oldest gold in the world was found within the territory of modern-day Varna (Bulgaria). According to results from modern methods and techniques, it was made in 4500 BC, which means that it is 2000 years older than the famous Egyptian gold treasure.

Once again highlighting ethnic Europeans Long and unequalled legacy.


Take pride.

Albert Park Address

What follows is the text that served as the basis for an address given at “speakers corner” in Albert Park, Auckland on the 6th December 2016.
People of Auckland, we need to talk!

There is a crime being committed here in this city and across the nation.  It is a crime that occurs daily and weekly, and by the month. It is a slow creeping crime that stares us in the face every day and rots the soul of our country, leaving us with something that we never expected or asked for, and certainly never voted for.

The United Nations definition of genocide includes the act of deliberately inflicting on a group, conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

Remember that legal definition when you travel around this city and the towns and cities of our country. And remember it when you are being crowded out of your own cities and towns by an avalanche of foreigners and when our children have to compete for a place in school with the children of thousands of immigrants brought into our country in only the last 3 years.

These are precisely the conditions of life that qualify as a deliberate act of ethnic genocide under the 1948 genocide convention resolution 260.

Now, before I am shouted down with the usual tirade of racist abuse let me say I have nothing against the people who come here. They are for the most part only doing the best they can for themselves and their families. And if the situation were reversed I’m sure I would do all I could, to get myself and the rest of my family into India for example, so that I could take advantage of the wonderful society that the Indian people had created for themselves. So that I might be able to take advantage of all kinds of benefits the Indian people receive,  like for example, free education, or free health care, or unemployment benefits, or a sickness benefit, or if I have an accident, compensation for injury. Or cheap government funded housing. Obviously, I would have to be a complete idiot to not try and get into India in any way I could, if the situation was reversed.

However the situation is not reversed, and it is our small nation of new Zealand that only recently past the four million mark that is being forced Fed an indigestible diet of people from parts of the world that have absolutely nothing in common with the European cultural heritage of new Zealand.

Rather, by beef is with our own government.  The Key government has, without consultation or consideration of the will of the people, taken it upon itself, to act upon the same left wing liberal ideology that is currently laying waste to so much of Europe.

The usual thin threadbare and inadequate excuses will no longer pacify a New Zealand public that is sick to death of being ignored.  We are told that we “need” immigration to provide all the skills required for our growing economy. Or simply that we need more “people” for the economy to grow. And of course, we must never question the Keynesian economic dogma of growth.

Even though now we have the immigrants, but where is the growth?
Even though now we have the immigrants, but where are the skills that justified their arrival?

Wake up People! We’ve been sold a pack of lies for a political agenda.

No government has ever been elected with a mandate to engage in social engineering on such a massive and far-reaching scale,  based as it is, on a foreign and suicidal ideology.

There has never been a society or culture that has been able to withstand such massive racial mixing and yet still retain its cultural identity.

The problem here is that the ideological idiots in charge of New Zealand are so culturally bankrupt that they do not even consider that we even have a cultural identity in the first place.
And what I am here today to say is that we do!
The government does not even know what a country is, but we do.

And what I want to do today is send the government a message that the people are prepared to fight to preserve our culture and our country. The first action in this fight is the petition to reduce immigration numbers to 20000 per year with preference given to culturally compatible applicants. This is a common sense approach that would be considered completely normal in any non-white country.

So when the usual hysterical accusations come from the liberal left. We say clearly that we are a people and a country, and we will not be ignored.

Thank you for listening.

 is member of Order15 In new Zealand if your interested to read more of Macatak thoughts you can check out his blog here  hes  actively looking for fellow members and supporters to build a reliable  O15 network if your from NZ and interested do get in touch with him. 

A Country Called Absurdistan

Occasionally I am asked when I left England. I reply that I never left England, England left me. It is difficult to pinpoint precisely when England first betrayed its peoples. Perhaps it was when the German cruise liner, MV Monte Rosa, seized in 1945 as prize-of-war, was used to ferry subsidised cheap labour to the UK from the Caribbean.

This betrayal coincided with the young people of post-war Britain being shipped out to Australia and New Zealand on £10 government sponsored passages. This concurred with Westminster offering subsidised visa-free guaranteed nationality to all arriving citizens of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

I saw Westminster’s malevolence again when on March 22 the outcome of their betrayal turned London Bridge blood red. I saw treason that same day when an English publisher’s ethnic-European wife was refused a UK visitor’s visa to visit her family in Britain.

Britain’s despicable governing elite lure destitute non-Europeans to England by waving a basket of unearned benefits under their noses. Simultaneously, this rotten to the core regime sniffily turns away a university educated schoolteacher who is well connected in the world of European culture. As a consequence, her British husband is exiled from the land of his birth.

The embittered ex-serviceman recalls an incident that occurred in a Lancashire Post Office. Inside stood a shuffling queue made up of mostly elderly Britons. Many pensioners will have endured a lifetime of hard work, survived World War II and suffered ration book austerity for eleven years after the war’s end. With careworn expressions these outcasts of the islands lined up to purchase stamps to pay their TV licence fees, electricity and gas bills. Their pensions are the second lowest in Europe.

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An adjacent queue snaked out of the Post Office door and around the corner. As each economic migrant reached the specially assigned Post Office teller he or she collected a wad of banknotes. Each being of non-European appearance it is doubtful if any had family, ethnic or religious connections in Britain.

One beneficiary of Middle Eastern appearance triumphantly waved his wad of British banknotes in the air as he mocked the pensioners. Giving the two-fingered victory salute he screamed out, “F*** you, England.”

An elderly lady cowered. “Why doesn’t someone hit him?”

A gentleman tapped the pensioner’s shoulder: “If someone were to do so he would get two years for assault and his sentence doubled as it was a racially motivated assault.”

Some call this tolerance but most know in their hearts that it is base treachery.

Mike Walsh a supporter of ORDER15 an international journalist, author and broadcaster. If your interested you can find more of his writings here 

My Journey

By Macatak
Below is a short piece written in early 2015 describing how I became interested in political affairs.

In 2000 I was not a political animal at all. I was concerned in my life only with my own small circle of influence, my job, my life and my problems. I barely noticed the political world around me. To my way of thinking at the time, it was not something that affected me personally so why should I be interested, or more specifically; invest my valuable time and energy into something I could have no appreciable impact on in any case.

Then in November 2000 George W Bush was apparently ‘elected’, to the presidency of the United States. Elected of course was a misnomer that would become obvious in due course. This event was a kind of epiphany for me. Like out of the corner of my eye, I happened to notice that those weird Americans had decided to elect an orang-utan to the white house!

Remember this was pre 9-11, so the significance was not yet apparent, I merely noticed this strange event and assumed that in four years’ time they would recognise the error of their ways and correct their mistake,- and throw Bush out in the process.

Next stop; September 11, 2001, and all hell broke loose. Now we have an idiot in the white house, America under attack and a dangerous Neocon clique pulling all the strings.
Personally, if the election of Bush was the cause of a mild epiphany, then 9-11 was definitely the crossing of the Rubicon. For me, there was no turning back. The shock and horror at the events of 9-11 turned into a kind of morbid fascination with the ‘Bisaro’ world of US politics.
For those of us outside the cocoon of corporate America, the wall of lies and deceit was clear and obvious to those who would see. Yet in America, while there were many good people who stood up for truth, there were many more who shouted them down and accused them of “aiding the terrorists”.
For me, looking on from our island in the pacific it all looked just too much. Sad, insane, corrupt to the core. Above all it was clear, and ever more so as time went by, that those who were elected to represent and to lead, had been bought off and were neither representing or leading the people who elected them.

At the time, I did not know who they were serving. Perhaps their own narrow personal self-interest, or perhaps there was a wider dynamic at play motivating them to serve corporate power structures.
The well-known connection between Dick Cheney and Halliburton could also posit a profit motive for the invasion of Iraq. The wider military industrial complex stood to benefit from a massive profit bonanza, occasioned by on-going major military operations in the Middle East.
For the people involved, these reasons represented a powerful motive for war. Looking back now from our standpoint fourteen years later, it is obvious that the US government was taken over by a small group of Neocon elite.

What was not clear early on was the web of motivations behind the neocon ideology. One can look at the “Project for the New American Century – Rebuilding Americas Defences”, and come to the conclusion that their ideology may be flawed and full of bellicose hubris, but may still have had the best interests of America at heart.
But lets cut to the chase. The Zionist connection.

We can make excuses for these people all day long and look for good intentions and motives in their actions until the cows come home. But we delude ourselves, it’s simple. Their actions were illegal. I only became fully aware of the full depth of the Zionist connection between the Neocons in the Bush administration years later.

Ask who benefits. Israel is the answer. Perhaps one might suggest that there is merely a confluence of interests here. A product of coincidence, that what these neocons thought was good for America also just happened to be very good for Israel as well. A happy coincidence; what a pleasant surprise..!
Even this bankrupt ideology is a naïve self-delusion. The truth is worse than that.
The Americans seemed to be putting up with an awful lot. Denying what seemed to foreign observers to be a clear cut inside job.

But, to see things from their point of view; to put oneself in their shoes so to speak. What does one do when confronted by a reality, the implications of which are simply too horrible to contemplate.
It’s a self-defense mechanism; when confronted with facts that indicate that agents of a foreign power, have infiltrated your government, and subjugated your domestic and foreign policy to the service of that foreign power. And when doing that, thousands of your own citizens and thousands of your own armed forces personnel and incomprehensibly huge sums of money have been spent, wasted, squandered and murdered, then we do the only thing a sane mind can do,… we don’t believe it!

So this is about my philosophical and intellectual journey. It has become pretty clear to me that the future prosperity of all nations has become intimately linked to this small basket of issues that affect us all. The task for those who have woken up to the danger already is to wake up the rest, one man at a time. And if we each do our job, the spread of awareness will grow exponentially. Call it what you will, zionist, communists or just left wing liberals, or perhaps some dark and shadowy figures planning a New World Order. The future is not carved in stone. We can fail and allow a new dark age of slavery and servitude to cover the globe or we can succeed and herald in an age of prosperity that our ancestors could only dream of.


Macatak is member of Order15 In new Zealand if your interested to read more of Macatak thoughts you can check out his blog here hes actively looking for fellow members and supporters to build a reliable O15 network if your from NZ and interested do get in touch with him.


20 Reasons Why Modern Women Are So Unstable And Miserable Feminism is a mental illness

By all measures that feminists like to tout, Western women today have more rights, more freedom, more choices, and more privilege than any other time in human history. Considering how women are favored to be CEOs to meet “gender diversity” quotas, have much greater hiring preference over men in STEM field, are able to divorce and extort men using the state, and can ruin any man with false accusations, we can even say that women are now the new privileged class.

But in spite of it all, women today are actually less happy than their ancestors whom the feminists perceive as having been “oppressed,” and furthermore, many are becoming increasingly unstable, violent, and toxic as they poison themselves with the toxic ideology that is feminism.

The following points will show how feminism actually damages today’s women rather than help them.

1. They hold onto so much anger and hate

If feminism is so great, why are most feminists so angry and miserable?

Women infected by feminism hold so much anger that it is etched onto their faces. In fact, spewing hatred for men seems to be the only thing that makes them feel good about their own empty lives. It’s no wonder they like to come to our website to spew some of the most hideous insults, violent threats, and rampant sexist verbal abuse for merely having different opinions.

2. They blame men for all their problems

Women are strong and independent according to feminists. But that’s until when it’s time to blame men for all their personal and social problems. Since they feel entitled to have men behave the way they want them to and cater to all their needs, it’s natural that the “misogynists” should be scapegoated if anything goes wrong their own lives. Feminism, not so ironically, seems to erase women’s sense of internal locus of control.

3. They don’t respect themselves

Modern women barely even respect themselves. They are careless with their life choices, indulge in destructive hedonism of alcohol and sex, go out of their way to purposely destroy their looks, and so on. Yet, they expect men to offer them unconditional respect just because they’re born women. You don’t deserve respect because you’re a loud-mouthed feminist, you have to earn it like everyone else.

4. They embrace being disgusting

Feminism teaches women that femininity is sexist and oppressive, so it’s no surprise that many young women today are purposely making themselves look ugly and behave in a disgusting manner just to shock and offend people to get a reaction. It seems that even though they want to avoid whatever misogynistic standards that they perceive as being forced on them, they still can’t help but to engage in the female hobby of attention-whoring.

5. They try too hard to act like men

Women today are confused as they are pressured to go against their feminine nature to behave as men do. Instead of embracing the gift of their feminine qualities and their roles as wives and mothers, women today are trying too hard to usurp the male roles in the name of equality. Of course, this play-acting can only lead to inner suffering as their deviancy corrodes their emotional health.

6. They love outrage reading

Feminists are vain and insecure as well as loving drama. This is why they must constantly engage in outrage reading to entertain themselves. The more they read “misogynistic” stories and articles, the more vindicated they feel about their own miserable lives. They need a scapegoat to dump their emotional baggage on after being swindled by the lies of feminism.

7. They live a life of contradictions

Women are strong and capable, but they are perpetual victims who need government protection. Women want to be beautiful and garner attention, but they want to avoid being “objectified.” They preach about equality for women, but they still want all the privileges that come with being a women. These are just few of many contradictions that women must juggle with as ideology battles biology for dominance in their fickle minds. It’s no wonder they’re so crazy.

8. They don’t have children

It’s women’s biological function to have children. The fact that many women today are barren because they sold their souls to education and career makes them miserable as they are fighting their biology to live a life that is unnatural. And with every criticism, they’ll scream louder and louder to drown out the ticking sound of their biological clock.

9. They spend their entire lives pretending

Modern women pretend to be capable, they pretend to be strong, they pretend that they’re not offended, they pretend they’re happy, they pretend they’re in control, they pretend they’re not sluts, they pretend they’re a good person, they pretend they know what they’re doing with their lives, and this goes on and on. All this pretending is taking on toll on their lives and the only way they know how to cover it is by pretending even more.

10. They don’t have any standards

In a feminist world, all women are “beautiful” no matter what. So it begs the question: is there actually such thing as an ugly woman or is calling every single woman “beautiful” a way of living in a pretend world to preserve their egos? If a person told me that a hangover vomit was just as delicious as a cheese cake and that I shouldn’t be so judgmental, I would declare that person severely ill in the head. But this is exactly how thousands of feminism-infected women go about with their lives, describing fat, short-haired, tattooed girls who look deranged as “beautiful.”

11. They do too much alcohol and drugs

With women today drinking just as much as men while doing other drugs both prescription and illicit, it’s no wonder that more and more of them are becoming unstable and crazy. Are we really to believe that a cocktail of vodka, birth control pills, antidepressants, and other chemicals will not lead to devastating hormonal and mental health consequences for today’s women?

12. Their egos are bloated

A privileged Western feminist in essence.

With the society inflating their egos far beyond their true value, it’s no surprise to see women with extremely entitled and bratty attitudes who expect the world to deliver whatever it is that they cry for. This is why you’ll see grown up women throwing tantrums like children when they don’t get things their way.

13. They have unrealistic life expectations

Women are bombarded with lavish lifestyles shown on television and magazines that they seem to expect them as being normal. All women want the perfect man, the perfect career, the perfect combination of clothes, the perfect house, the perfect wedding, the perfect life. And if you ask them what they’ll do to achieve all that, they’ll give you a dumbfounded look. They’re women—they expect all of it to be delivered to them on a silver platter. They’re not supposed to make the effort.

14. They are short-sighted

Feminism fused with consumerism to tell women that they can have it all and right now. Women today rarely think ahead and seem to believe that they’ll perpetually live the life they had in their peak years of teens and early 20’s. They sun tan obsessively because it signals status, but they don’t care that it will make them look a decade older in the future. They slut around thinking that they should have all the fun they can have, but they end up destroying their ability to pair-bond. They spend all their money on frivolous objects like their 20th pair of shoes, but they never save up. Women never think ahead because they expect everything to work out and be saved from consequences.

15. They are vain

Modern women drown in their own vanity with depth that has no end. Women constantly post pictures of themselves on Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder to fish for ‘Like’s and compliments. They are absolute whores who can’t get enough of the attention they are given by all the desperate simps. Their vanity distorts their perception about themselves and turns them into narcissistic demons.

16. They are too pampered

Western women grow up with such privileged conditions that they suck off their daddy’s money to live lavishly while criticizing men for oppressing them at the same time. The disease of feminism has made them blind to their own paradoxes. This is also why you have so many adult women acting like spoiled children.

17. They’ve been conditioned to seek bad boys

Women today are never happy with their relationship with men because they constantly seek bad boys with dark triad traits only to get hurt and take their anger out on other ordinary men. This is what happens when you allow women to have sexual freedom in a feminist culture. How many children are growing up without a father because of bad decisions made by their lousy mothers?

18. Male feminists and white knights give them unconditional support

Loser male feminists and white knights constantly defend women no matter what and end up warping the worldview of those said women. These pathetic men are the enablers of women’s worst behaviors who encourage women to show even greater contempt for men.

19. They are slaves to corporations and governments

You can tell the feminists millions times that women are happier at home raising children and they’ll just snap at you in anger to deny the truth. No matter how stressed and miserable they are, women will always defend their corporate and government jobs like how some abused women defend their domineering husbands. This is the power of feminist indoctrination.

20. They don’t know what to do with their “freedom”

They tried drinking and partying until blacking out, they blew cash to go shopping every weekend, they tried traveling to exotic locations to take photos for everyone to see on Facebook, they fucked various men they barely know and cheated on their boyfriends for fun, they got their useless diploma by taking out a loan they’ll never be able to pay off, they bought their Lululemon outfit and tried hot yoga, they decided to hop on the feminist wagon to feel empowered and to hate on men.

But no matter what, they still feel miserable and still feel like they need to “find” themselves. It’s as if the more freedom women are given, the unhappier they get. They jump here and there for momentary pleasures, but they can’t seem to find any meaning in life because they simply refuse to live like a woman. They bought into the feminist lies and now they are hollow beings drifting around in our modern world, constantly searching, constantly blaming, constantly dissatisfied.


None of the above wouldn’t be so bad if it were just these women who are facing the consequences brought upon by their actions. But no. We as a society must all pay—especially us, the men. Men must work like mules to finance women’s frivolous lifestyles, men must try their best to normalize sex relationships to start and maintain stable families, men must pay taxes so that women can live off of government benefits, men must modify their behaviors so that women don’t feel “offended” or “harassed” in any way, and should our society fail, it will again be the men who will have to defend women and rebuild everything.

Feminism is destroying womanhood, and therefore, family and society, and it is only the men who are capable of putting a stop to this rabid sickness.

Original article 

Waffen SS veterans parade, Riga 2017

I first learned about the Waffen SS veteran’s parade in Riga, Latvia about two years ago while researching for another trip to Germany. I had never heard of the celebration before, which came as a surprise  considering I’ve been heavily involved in Nationalism since 1999.

After some planning and pleas throughout social media for  Waffen SS Veterans contacts in Latvia, we came up empty.  Despite the setbacks, however, we booked our trip and set off for the Baltic Nation.  I travelled to Riga, back in 2006 and from what I recall, I wasn’t impressed. with Riga’s old town; not nearly as impressive as the city of Tallinn, in neighboring Estonia. The only outstanding memories were when the bar staff ripped us off and the sight of elderly pensioners everywhere begging on their knees in the middle of streets.  

I arrived on the evening of the March 14th; two days before the parade. It was starting to get dark, so I took a quick walk outside to look around and find some food. It only took a few moments to realize that I had never seen this part of the old town before.  I was surprised to find a Stockmann department store, which is similar to Harrod’s of Nordic Europe; these stores are excellent, and their food halls are world class. I was pleased to find a variety of quality items for purchase. As I walked throughout the city, I couldn’t help but notice how attractive and well-dressed the people were. With a new perspective, I came to appreciate the city in a way I hadn’t before.

The following day our small party banded together early in the morning for some general sightseeing, as well as to gather our thoughts in preparation for the parade. For a country as small as Latvia, there is an impressive amount of things to see and do.  I didn’t notice the first time I was there, but I the area was in good shape; on par with any of the Nordic countries in regards to cleanliness and architecture.

also noticeably free of non-whites; perhaps we saw as few as six throughout our three-day visit. Refreshingly, the Latvian women were attractive, pleasant, and feminine.

When we stopped for directions or recommendation, it would always turn into laughter, friendly banter, and enjoyable chit chat.

Every Latvian we spoke with understood and spoke English and the Latvian girls, without exception, radiated happiness; they were confident and content as they went about their day – the polar opposite of the majority of women in the western nations.

The morning of the parade, we agreed to meet at 9 am; coincidentally the march started outside our hotel after a short church service in the adjoining building. As soon as we stepped out of the hotel, we were not greeted by fellow Nationalists, but rather hundreds, if not thousands of riot police standing in groups on the street corners. Adding to the intimidation, they brought their mobile street cameras.  We couldn’t see anyone that might fit the description of either a Waffen SS veteran or a Nationalist, so we decided to circle the old town; becoming unnerved by the heavy police presence. we decided to abandon our plans to distribute ORDER15 stickers, and flyers.

An hour passed before a steady stream of Veterans and Nationalists, each carrying flowers and National flags of their respective countries, began to appear. Around 10:30, the press appeared pointing their cameras at us and just about anything else that moved in the area.  It was at this moment a few degenerate far left extremists turned up attempting to create trouble, but much to our surprise and approval, the riot police were quick to removed them. We then realized that the Latvian police are there to protect their citizens and allow peaceful events, as opposed to the police in our respective western European Nations, which actually  protect and aids the violent demonstrators. 

                                     You can find us in at about 2 minutes 90 seconds

Around 11 am organizers and members of Latvia’s leading ethno-Nationalist political party, National Alliance, invited us to attend the parade and gave us Latvian Ribbons for display our jackets. As we set off, it was remarkably peaceful and very well attended. There were what looked like to us 300 people, but it was difficult to determine later we found out from RT the march was attended by over 1500 people. With a family-orientated feel to the March, it was nice to witness various spontaneous outbreaks of patriotic singing, people straining to take pictures, and the abundance of smiling, waving, happy people. It was something I’ve never witnessed before of any Nationalist activity; in all honesty, it was quite a surreal feeling.

After walking maybe one and a half km, we approached the Freedom Monument in the center of Riga, on the edges of the old town. We found ourselves flanked on both sides by a thick wall of riot police who notably had their backs to us watching for trouble. In the UK, Sweden, and other Western Nations, the police face the Nationalists and turn their backs to the troublemakers. Also, we found an equally thick line of Latvian Nationalists holding Latvian flags; much like a guard of Honor. As we edged closer to the  National Monument, we heard singing and saw Representatives of the church overseeing the laying of flowers at which point Latvian girls came forward into the crowd and offered flowers to those who did not have them already.  Each of us, in turn, laid our flowers and paused for a moments reflection and remembrance of the great men of the Waffen SS who had so courageously and selflessly risked everything, and in many cases, the ultimate sacrificed all for the continued survival of not only their folk, but for all of Europe.


We decided we should wait around on the sidelines and try to make contact with anyone that might look like they could help us with making contact with the organizers.


First, a student newspaper approached me and I agreed to do a short interview – my first for ORDER15. After the interview, a few of us took the opportunity to approach some of the Waffen SS who were waiting to give press interviews. After some light conversation, we were able to get some photos with them; much to our delight.

Not long after, some Latvian girls approached us and asked if we would take their picture in front of the Freedom Monument. A good opportunity, we struck up a conversation, which led to us finding out they were a part of the National Alliance, the group that organized the event.  We were quickly invited back to their party headquarters with the intention of possibly getting us a ride to the Waffen SS cemetery for further ceremonies.  On arriving at the National Alliance Headquarters, we noticed the majority of people were under 35, well-dressed and organized; it felt like a department of a National Government.

Unfortunately after some waiting, we were informed that we would not be able to attend as people book months ahead for these seats and there were not enough left for all of us. We thanked them for their efforts, and as we exchanged contact information, they invited to come back next year. After returning to our hotel for a few hours, we re-grouped at a restaurant to eat, relax, and recount the day’s events.

To sum up the experience, it was very well-organized and free from all, but minor trouble; the arrests where of the left, which didn’t hinder any of the Nationalists attending. With each passing year, the numbers of Waffen SS Veterans become fewer. We must take the oportunity to attend while we still can these annual parade’s to honor the few brave Veterans we have left.

YOU have the chance to attend a world-class, legal celebration of the only true war heroes of the last century.  By attending and swelling the ranks of the people that march in this parade, you are showing the world that you care about their sacrifice; the sacrifice made for everyone of European heritage. You have an invaluable opportunity to walk side by side with the Waffen SS and ethno-Nationalists, proudly and smartly

Latvia, in our opinion, raised the bar and set the standard. If you are seriously interested to find out how to emulate their example and attend as part of ORDER15, then get in touch. 

2030 – A Google World

Image result for banned by google

From a nationalist point of view google has always been the enemy, in league with facebook, coca cola, Mc donalds and all the other monolithic anti west corporations but as its tentacles spread into our daily lives it’s not just nationalists that should be worried.

Larry Page, one of Google’s two co-founders, once said off-handedly that Google is not about building a search engine. As he said it, “Oh, we’re really making an AI”. Google right now is all about building the world brain that will take care of every person, all the time and everywhere.

By 2030, Google will have that World Brain in existence, and it will look after all of us. And that’s quite possibly both the best and worst thing that could happen to humanity.

To explain that claim, let me tell you a story of how your day is going to unfold in 2030.

2030 – A Google World

You wake up in the morning, January 1st, 2030. It’s freezing outside, but you’re warm in your room. Why? Because Nest – your AI-based air conditioner – knows exactly when you need to wake up, and warms the room you’re in so that you enjoy the perfect temperature for waking up.

And who acquired Nest three years ago for $3.2 billion USD? Google did.

You go out to the street and order an autonomous taxi to take you to your workplace. Who programmed that autonomous car? Google did. Who acquired Waze – a crowdsourcing navigation app? That’s right: Google did.

After lunch, you take a stroll around the block, with your Google Glass 2.0 on your eyes. Your smart glasses know it’s a cold day, and they know you like hot cocoa, and they also know that there’s a cocoa store just around the bend which your friends have recommended before. So it offers to take you there – and if you agree, Google earns a few cents out of anything you buy in the store. And who invented Google Glass…? I’m sure you get the picture.

I can go on and on, but the basic idea is that the entire world is going to become connected in the next twenty years. Many items will have sensors in and on them, and will connect to the cloud. And Google is not only going to produce many of these sensors and appliances (such as the Google Assistant, autonomous cars, Nest, etc.) but will also assign a digital assistant to every person, that will understand the user better than that person understands himself.

It’s a Google World. Source: ThemeReflex

The Upside

I probably don’t have to explain why the Google World Brain will make our lives much more pleasant. The perfect coordination and optimization of our day-to-day dealings will ensure that we need to invest less resources (energy, time, concentration) to achieve a high level of life quality. I see that primarily as a good thing.

So what’s the problem?

The Downside

Here’s the thing: the digital world suffers from what’s called “The One Winner Effect”. Basically it means that there’s only place for one great winner in every sector. So there’s only one Facebook – the second largest social media network in English is Twitter, with only ~319 million users. That’s nothing compared to Facebook’s 1.86 billion users. Similarly, Google controls ~65% of the online search market. That’s a huge number when you realize that competitors like Yahoo and Bing – large and established services – control most of the rest ~35%. So again, one big winner.

So what’s the problem, you ask? Well, a one-winner market tends to create soft monopolies, in which one company can provide the best services, and so it’s just too much of a hassle to leave for other services. Google is creating such a soft monopoly. Imagine how difficult it will be for you to wake up tomorrow morning and migrate your e-mail address to one of the competitors, transfer all of your Google Docs there, sell your Android-based (Google’s OS!) smartphone and replace it with an iPhone, wake up cold in the morning because you’ve switched Nest for some other appliance that hasn’t had the time to learn your habits yet, etc.

Can you imagine yourself doing that? I’m sure some ardent souls will, but most of humanity doesn’t care deeply enough, or doesn’t even have the options to stop using Google. How do you stop using Google, when every autonomous car on the street has a Google Camera? How do you stop using Google, when your website depends on Google not banning it? How do you stop using Google when practically every non-iPhone smartphone relies on an Android operating system? This is a Google World.

And Google knows it, too.

Google Flexes it’s Muscles

Recently, around 200 people got banned from using Google services because they cheated Google by reselling the Pixel smartphone. Those people woke up one morning, and found out they couldn’t log into their Gmail, that they couldn’t acess their Google Docs, and if they were living in the future – they would’ve probably found out they can’t use Google’s autonomous cars and other apps on the street. They were essentially sentenced to a digital death.

Now, public uproar caused Google to back down and revive those people’s accounts, but this episode shows you the power that Google are starting to amass. And what’s more, Google doesn’t have to ban people in such direct fashion. Imagine, for example, that your Nationalist themed website is being demoted by Google’s search engine (which nobody knows how it works) simply because you’re talking the type of politics  Google doesn’t like, or speaking out against google itself, google  is allowed by law to do that. So who’s going to stand up and talk smack about Google? Not order15, that’s for sure. ORDER15 Loves Google.

To sum things up, Google is not required by law to serve everyone, or even to be ‘fair’ in its recommendations about services or be politically neutral. And as it gathers more power and becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, we will need to find mechanisms to ensure that Google or Google-equivalent services are provided to everyone, to prevent nationalists being left outside the system, and to enable nationalists to keep being able to speak up against the corrupt anti west, western states.

So in conclusion, it’s going to be a Google world, and ORDER15 Loves Google. Now please share this answer, since I’m not sure Google will!

Stunning 700-year-old giant cave used by Knights Templar found behind a rabbit hole in the British countryside

It might look like an unassuming rabbit hole, but this tunnel leads to a stunning network of caves dating back 700 years.

The caves are hidden less than a metre beneath a farmer’s field in Shropshire and were used by followers of the Knights Templar, a medieval religious order that fought in the Crusades. Knights Templar is an organisation that’s inspired many nationalists because of the  bravery and purity of the knights, who protected Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. An order we as ORDER15 should try to emulate in many ways, not least their selfless dedication to their faith and folk.

The unassuming hole leads to a network of beautiful underground caves 

The order was founded at the height of the Dark Ages and was given space on the Temple Mount above the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.

The order attracted new members from all over Europe, before it was disbanded by Pope Clement V, in 1312. Some people continue to believe the knights simply went underground and to this day harbor a secret that could topple the Catholic Church.

The caves are less than a metre under a farmer’s field in Shropshire 

Photographer Michael Scott, from Birmingham, ventured beneath ground to witness them for himself.

The 33-year-old said: “I traipsed over a field to find it, but if you didn’t know it was there you would just walk right past it.

“It’s probably less than a metre underground, so it’s more into the field than under it.

The Knights Templar of Jerusalem, colour engraving from the 19th century 

“Considering how long it’s been there it’s in amazing condition, it’s like an underground temple.”

The tunnel leads to a network of walkways and beautifully carved arches.

Scott added the cave was quite cramped and those nearing six feet tall would have to bend down to fit in.

He said: “I had to crouch down and once I was in it was completely silent.

“There were a few spiders in there but that was it. It was raining so the slope down was quite sludgy but inside the cave was bone dry.”

  • Caters/ Michael Scott
  • Caters/ Michael Scott
  • Caters/ Michael Scott
  • Caters/ Michael Scott
  • Caters/ Michael Scott
  • Caters/ Michael Scott

A response to the left.


How should a White European respond to the charge of Racism, a charge made simply at the suggestion that he might want to stand up for, and defend the right of his people to exist?

How sad it is that this is even a relevant question in 2017.  But after 70 years of deliberate “population replacement“, and the slow and steady march of cultural Marxism through the western world, culminating in the  Zionist pièce de résistance of mass forced immigration into the European nations, it is hardly surprising that we are a little confused.

Is it not a basic pre-requisite for our elected leaders to secure the welfare of the people?

This basic assumption is so utterly fundamental to the first principles of government that it has never been deemed necessary to even question our candidates as to whether they even like the people or the country they are standing for.  Yet we have been treated recently to theappalling spectacle of one European leader after another speaking about their own people in the lowest terms of contempt. Whilst at the same time pretending that the savage hordes of African and Arab invaders are poor refugee “children”.  And that we have an obligation to accept these people on the basis that;

  1. We are privileged white Europeans and we have a moral obligation to open our doors to the less fortunate peoples of the world.
  1. We must open our borders because we need more people to provide for the labour demands of our growing economy.
  1. We must admit hundreds of thousands of foreign men because our birth rates are too low.

Each one of these spurious pretensions is thrown up one after another by our governments in an attempt to quench the fires that are beginning to burn ever more ferociously in the hearts and minds of our people, as the realisation dawns on more and more of us that our governments have abrogated their responsibility in the most diabolical of ways. It is our genocide that they seek.

They would not see it that way, and certainly would not call it by that name, but genocide it is none the less.

The United Nations definition of Genocide.
The United Nations Genocide Convention defines it as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”
Article 2 of the convention defines genocide as

…any of the following acts committed with intent to destroyin whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

— Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2[3]

Clearly, the ones making the allegation of Racism are themselves the racists. If Racism is the attempt to subjugate a given group on the basis of Race alone then those who seek to promote or defend Multiculturalism are practising Racism.

This is clear from the fact that while they may use the somewhat benign sounding word “Multiculturalism”, the methods and principles they are using to implement it are clearly genocidal.

Specifically, referencing the UN definition cited above.

Point a) Killing members of the group;   The promotion of abortion as an acceptable practice in European countries kills millions of babies every year.  There were 1.06 million abortions in the US in 2011. And In Europe, around 30 percent of pregnancies end in abortion.
Point b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; The genocide of Europeans has not reached this level on a wide scale yet, at least not in Europe.  However, the situation in South Africa is a lot worse. Since the ANC came to power in 1994 more than 70,000 White farmers have been murdered.

Point C )  Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;  The key phrase here is ‘conditions of life’,  conditions such as poverty, deprivation, hunger and displacement. Relative to the state of European existence 50 years ago, these things have happened to a greater or lesser extent in many parts of the white world.

In the same vein, conditions of life are also defined by the state of the institutions that define our way of life; Political, Religious, Educational and social, ie news media and entertainment.

We have seen in the entire Western/European world, the long march of Cultural Marxism through all these pillars of our white European culture.  Cultural Marxism has been applied through the application of Critical Theory; a theory which in practice is no theory at all. It is simply the practice of endlessly criticising any given idea or principle with the intent only to tear down and destroy.

This is entirely in keeping with a Marxist-Communist ideology which demands the total destruction of society in order to herald in the new Communist workers’ paradise.

Point D ) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; The promotion of abortion as well as the promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism. These things do not happen by accident. There is a deliberate and explicit connection between these things and the deliberate attempt to denigrate and obliterate the white European people.

Point E) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.  As far as I know this has not happened. The thrust of the attack against Europeans is to either stop us from being born or kill us outright. Simply transferring our children to other groups will not do.


The implicit Racism of the Liberals against the European majority finds expression in the educational system where the implementation of politically correct educational standards, affirmative action and social engineering in Education conspire to weaken and disenfranchise the dominant culture. The lack of what is no longer taught is just as dangerous as what is now taught in its place.

The fact that what is not taught is the kind of history and values of our people that made our societies the envy of the world and produced the highest level of art, science and culture in recorded history is completely overlooked by the ideologically driven liberals who seek to create ostensibly well balanced, weak, meek and obedient carbon copy versions of themselves.

Their radical egalitarianism will fail because it’s wrong.  We are not all equal and life is not fair. They may succeed in legislating equal input and opportunity in education but they will never succeed in legislating equal outcomes. All they can do is attempt to mask their failure by lowering the bar for everyone. They favour the stupid at the expense of the smart, promote the morally deviant to the detriment of the moral and honourable, and handicap the strong and the fast so that the slow and the week can feel good about themselves.

These things have not happened in a vacuum, the destruction of our Christian culture would not have happened if that destruction had not been deliberately promoted. The same goes for our educational system which now sees its role more as a moulder of attitudes and creator of compliant peons to work at the wheels of the of the Zionist controlled new world order.  Our political institutions are also deeply infected with the same liberal ideology. Governments no longer see the defence of the people and the integrity of the country as their primary role. They are now the primary change agents in the international push to obliterate white identity as a unique and distinct race among the peoples of the earth.

I do believe the mask, however, is slipping. And when it falls the evil intent of all the diabolical programmes of the Frankfurt school will be revealed for all to see. Cultural Marxism and critical theory, with all their inflated pseudo-intellectualism, will be finally seen as the philosophical frauds that they are and then consigned in short order back to the trash from whence they came.

 is member of Order15 In new Zealand if your interested to read more of Macatak thoughts you can check out his blog here  hes  actively looking for fellow members and supporters to build a reliable  O15 network if your from NZ and interested do get in touch with him.

Reclaiming The Language

There are certain words in the English language that have been commandeered by our collective enemy, weaponized and then used against us to promote our destruction.
Our enemy is the Judaic inspired left, the liberals, and the Marxists. The progenitors of which have been pursuing us for two thousand years.

In this article, I want to address some of these important button words for the purpose of reclaiming them back into the common lexicon of English words and phrases. The power of these weaponized words is immense and should not be underestimated.

Currently, we are bludgeoned into silence with the words of our own language. Our forbearance, empathy and consideration for the opinion of others has been taken advantage of to the point that we are on the brink now of the irretrievable disappearance of ethnic Europeans.

The task of reclaiming our language is vitally important if we are ever to regain the freedom to  effectively defend ourselves against the spurious slurs and false allegations made against us.

Some of these so weaponized words would include the following
Race, Conspiracy, Fanatic, Hate, Extremist and even the word “White” when used in the context of denoting our race.

Race,- Racist, Racism
First I will look at some dictionary definitions, old and new to see what has happened to the word over time.
From the 1981 edition of The Living Webster Encyclopaedic dictionary of the English language;

  1. A group of persons connected by common descent or origin. A family tribe or people.
  2. A major division of mankind characterised by a combination of certain physical traits which are genetically transmitted.
  3. A group of tribes or peoples forming an ethnic stock.
  4. The condition of belonging to a particular people or stock.

Comparing older definitions of the word Race to newer online dictionary definitions reveals something very strange. The word itself has come to be treated with disdain and contempt.

The Wikipedia entry points out that the word has fallen out of use in favour of less emotionally charged words.
The dictionary dot com definition of Race describes Race as “supposedly distinctive physical characteristics” and an “…arbitrary classification of humans”

These disclaimers and riders are a not so subtle attempt to push aside the obvious biological facts. According to this politically distorted view of reality, the obvious differences between the Australian Aboriginal and your blue-eyed Scandinavian are only “supposedly distinctive”.

The modern dictionary definition does not reflect reality, rather it is designed to serve a specific political and ideological agenda.

In this paradigm, the dictionary has ceased to be a reference and lexicon of the English language and has fallen to the exigencies of propaganda. At some point, we have to insist on the truth. There has to be some level of our culture where we can trust that truth has been respected. If not then we unwind and handicap our culture. We have to keep peeling back the layers of corrupted intellectual endeavour in search of a foundation upon which we can once again begin to build up the pillars of our intellectual foundation.

That is what this effort is about. Weeding out from our language words and structures that have been corrupted for political gain. They take our clear and explicit language and make out of it a noose for our own neck.

So I claim right here that Race is good, Race is right, Race exists and to acknowledge that obvious fact should be the most normal and rational observation. To be a Race-ist means simply that you recognise this self-evident fact.

Racism is simply the ideological position that races exist and have a right to pursue their own best interests. The true meaning of Racist should contain no negative connotations at all. The word has been deliberately loaded with emotional blackmail in an attempt to force white people to deny their own Race.

Before one can fight for the continued existence of a racial group you first have to acknowledge that race as a human biological reality exists.
I envisage a time when a Negro, a Chinese, an Arab and a White can all proclaim clearly that they are racists in a spirit of respect and cooperation. Each acknowledging the Racial integrity of the other and being free to pursue the cultural interests of their own people.
White Europeans are encouraged to believe that the very concept of race is false, but only when it is applied to Whites.

Incredibly, even the word that denotes our race has been loaded with negative sentiment that tries to put Europeans on the defensive and apologise for just existing.
One of the fabricated red hearings used to fool weak minded people into going along with the plan of genocide for Europeans is the idea that Race was the root cause of the European wars. And that the only way to maintain world please is to annihilate all the White people!  That’s all of them, not just the ethnic Germans as proposed by Theodore  Kaufman in his 1941 book “Germany Must Perish”, but all of them, wherever they can be found.

It is true that the history of Europe is a history of Wars just the same as the histories of any other people are sagas of conflict and strife. However these are not Race wars, they are dynastic wars or Religious wars or wars created and fought for the profit of the ruling elite. Particularly the two world wars of the twentieth century were fratricidal wars of unparalleled destruction fought for reasons of geopolitical strategy and profit.

To offer as a solution to the problem of war, the deliberate annihilation of the borders and peoples of Europe is the most horrific and unspeakable proposition in all of human history. These people actually believe that the deliberate extermination of the apex civilisation on the planet is a good way forward to world peace!   It is the people who create these wars that need to be dealt with not the people who fought and died in them.


They are Really Pushing Race-Mixing – Why? David Duke on the decline of the White race.

noun, plural conspiracies.
1.  the act of conspiring.
2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose:
He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
4. Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

The new “establishment” inflexion to the definition is that anyone so tarred with the label of “conspiracy theorist” is also a nutjob loony that no one should take any notice of, unless you too want to be seen as a nutjob looney as well.

This redefinition is clever in that it relies on individual ego for its effectiveness.  No one wants to be ostracised or thought of as stupid. The effort here is to portray someone with a theory the government doesn’t like, or an idea that will expose government criminality, as an idiot. If they can discredit the individual rather than deal directly with his allegations they can drive away his support base on the basis of personal ego alone.

The effect is that real conspiracies like Guy Fawkes can no longer be discussed without looking like a complete looney!

This approach should be countered simply by sticking to the truth.  The point at issue is the truth of any allegation. Just because one allegation of conspiracy may turn out to be false, does not mean that all conspiracies are therefore false.  It’s like assuming that because bananas are shipped in boats, therefore, all boats are banana boats.  It shows an incredible degree of intellectual laziness.

Prior to the first world war, the views held today by Racial realists and nationalists would have been considered completely normal and mainstream.  Yet now, with the total penetration of left-wing and Marxist ideology through all the institutions of the western world, the Overton Window of acceptable points of view has been moved so far to the left that the once normal and healthy regard for your own people and country is considered the most hateful and evil thing in the world.  If you could transport a regular British citizen of that period through a hole in space-time onto one of the liberal university campuses of 2016 he would be shocked and amazed to find himself being “accused” of being a racist.  He would be like “what? You mean your not? Why not?”  “Race” for him, is taken as a self evident fact. It’s independent of good or bad, and to believe in the concept cannot possibly have any effect on one’s moral standing.

Once again, do not buckle to peer pressure. State boldly and clearly your position and let the light of truth and reason destroy their false ideology.

Everyone thinks hate is such a bad thing. And we are always told to eschew hate at all costs. “Do not allow hate to eat you up”, and “don’t allow hate in your heart”.   But there is another side to hate. Hate is a normal and very powerful emotion, it can drive a man to action when fear of physical harm or failure would normally paralyse his mind and his body.

The liberals in their pathological altruism claim they are incapable of hate. If that is true then they only advertise their place in the line of sitting ducks. Waiting for their turn at the hands of the next criminal. Do you not hate the man who comes to rape and kill your wife? What about those that would do harm to your children, are you going to say you don’t hate them? Or the government departments that steal your property and interfere with your family, are you completely indifferent to these people?

Now we have Hate Speach and Hate Crime legislation.  These are simply the tools of tyrannical governments to shut down dissent and free speech.

Remember the quote from Orwell and speak.  “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

 is member of Order15 In new Zealand if your interested to read more of Macatak thoughts you can check out his blog here  hes  actively looking for fellow members and supporters to build a reliable  O15 network if your from NZ and interested do get in touch with him. 

Transgender teen transitioning from female to male wins girls wrestling title after complaints hormone treatment created an unfair advantage


  • Transgender teen Mack Beggs won a Texas state girls wrestling title on Saturday
  • The 17-year-old is currently taking testosterone to transition from female to male
  • His family said he had wanted to wrestle boys but was forced to remain in the female category due to a state policy
  • Beggs beat Chelsea Sanchez 12-2 in the 110-pound weight class
  • He has been dogged by criticism from those who believe the testosterone he’s
  • taking created an unfair advantage 


A 17-year-old boy ”won” a Texas state girls wrestling title on Saturday Beggs completed an undefeated season by winning a controversial title in an event clouded by criticism from those who believe the testosterone he’s taking as he transitions from female to male created an unfair advantage.

Mack Beggs won a Texas girls wrestling title on Saturday amid criticism from those who believe the testosterone he's taking to transition from female to male created an  advantage

Mack Beggs won a Texas girls wrestling title on Saturday amid criticism from those who believe the testosterone he’s taking to transition from female to male created an advantage His family has said he would rather be wrestling boys, but state policy calls for students to wrestle against the gender listed on their birth certificates.  So the junior from Euless Trinity beat Chelsea Sanchez 12-2 in the 110-pound weight class to improve to 56-0 and earn the championship.

After thanking all of them, he lifted the gold medal hanging on his neck to the assembled cameras and shared a parting thought after all that he’d been through this weekend.

‘Hard work ethic pays off,’ he said. ‘Just saying.’

Earlier Saturday, Beggs fell to his knees for a moment after his win in the final as a mixture of cheers and boos rained down on him. He then hugged his coach and left the mat. Beggs, who reached the state tournament after two opponents forfeited, was dogged throughout the event by questions about whether his testosterone treatments made him too strong to wrestle fairly against girls.

The junior from Euless Trinity beat Chelsea Sanchez 12-2 in the 110-pound weight class to improve to 56-0 and earn the championship

He added: 'These kids don't care who you put in front of them to wrestle. We just want to WRESTLE. THEY are taking that away from me and from the people I'm competing with'


Beggs pinned Kailyn Clay earlier on Saturday to reach the final. That was after he beat Taylor Latham and Mya Engert handily on Friday to reach the semifinals. In the semifinals, the match was halted for a couple of minutes because Beggs had a bloody nose. Trainers finally managed to stop the bleeding and the fight resumed. Not long after, Beggs slammed Clay on the mat and pinned her.

He and Clay shared a long hug before an official raised Beggs’ arm to signal victory, and the wrestler scurried off the mat. Clay’s coached shouted to reporters that she ‘did not have permission’ to talk to them after her loss and both of her parents declined comment. Beggs’ participation comes at a crucial moment as the public and politicians debate the growing belief that gender is fluid. The fact there is a debate at all just goes to highlight the how far gone the governing bodies, and indeed the wider society as fallen.

Mack Beggs, (left) a transgender wrestler from Texas, won a quarterfinal match after competing against Mya Engert on Friday (right)

Mack Beggs, male wrestler  (left) from Texas, won a quarterfinal match after competing against female  Mya Engert on Friday (right)

Just this week, the Trump administration announced an end to federal protections that allowed transgender students to use facilities based on their gender identity, leaving states and school districts to determine their own policies. One can only hope this is a start at undoing the decade or so of damage done by far left anti-family  Marxists who have  been behind such legislation.

Attorney Jim Baudhuin tried and failed to get injunctions before both the district and regional meets to prevent Beggs from competing while he transitions because he is taking testosterone.

Baudhuin, who is the parent of a wrestler at another school who has never faced Beggs, said earlier this week he doesn’t blame Beggs for the situation, but faults the UIL.

‘The more I learn about this, the more I realize that, the blame rests with the UIL and the superintendents.’ Despite criticism of the policy, UIL executives don’t envision a change.’Ninety-five percent of the school superintendents in Texas voted for the rule as it was proposed, which was to use birth certificates,’ Harrison said.  ‘So any rule can be reconsidered, but… given the overwhelming support for that rule, I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.’

This is one more glaring example of just how far western society has sunk where the laws of nature need to be debated where by somehow the fashionable thinking of the day can trump them.

This story goes someway to backing up a earlier article O15 published where we stated that the entire ” educated class” have been compromised and any post 1960’s collage or university graduate Should carry a stigma and the burden of proving they are indeed mentally sound and not detrimental to the health and well being  of western civilisation.


American College of Pediatricians: ‘Transgenderism In Children Is Child Abuse’

The American College of Pediatricians has issued a statement condemning the liberal acceptance of

The American College of Pediatricians has issued a statement condemning the liberal acceptance of “transgenderism in children”, claiming that it amounts to child abuse and causes disease and lifelong psychological problems. 

The statement draws from scientific fact to list eight arguments on why gender reclassification in children is harmful, and backs President Trump’s decision to revoke federal guidance to schools to let children use whichever bathroom they want.

According to the statement, 98% of transgender boys eventually accept their biological sex after passing through puberty, and that “conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.

The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality.

The policy statement, authored by Johns Hopkins Medical School Psychology Professor Paul McHugh, listed eight arguments on why the liberal agenda to push acceptance of transgenderism in children is harmful.

1. Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: “XY” and “XX” are genetic markers of health – not genetic markers of a disorder.

2. No one is born with a gender. Everyone is born with a biological sex. Gender (an awareness and sense of oneself as male or female) is a sociological and psychological concept; not an objective biological one.

3. A person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking. When an otherwise healthy biological boy believes he is a girl, or an otherwise healthy biological girl believes she is a boy, an objective psychological problem exists that lies in the mind not the body, and it should be treated as such.

4. Puberty is not a disease and puberty-blocking hormones can be dangerous. Reversible or not, puberty-blocking hormones induce a state of disease – the absence of puberty – and inhibit growth and fertility in a previously biologically healthy child.

5. According to the DSM-V, as many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.

6. Children who use puberty blockers to impersonate the opposite sex will require cross-sex hormones in late adolescence. Cross-sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) are associated with dangerous health risks including but not limited to high blood pressure, blood clots, stroke and cancer.

7. Rates of suicide are twenty times greater among adults who use cross-sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery, even in Sweden which is among the most LGBQT – affirming countries.

8. Conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.

The left, as usual, reacted to the scientific facts provided by the American College of Pediatricians by attempting to shout them down, and labelling them a “hate group” for daring to disagree with current liberal ideology on transgenderism.

Think Progress described the American College of Pediatricians as a “hate group masquerading as pediatricians.”

The Huffington Post said that “Once again, Paul McHugh has used the ever more tarnished name of Johns Hopkins to distort science and spread transphobic misinformation.”

McHugh, who formerly served as Johns Hopkins’ psychiatrist in chief, issued an opinion last year stating the transgenderism is a “mental disorder” and sex change is a “medical impossibility.”

The statement was also signed by Drs. Michelle A. Cretella, M.D., president of the American College of Pediatricians, and Quentin Van Meter, M.D., the organization’s vice president.

Should Gene Editing Be a Human Right?

  • With technology like CRISPR making gene editing easier than ever before, society is divided on the ethical implications of using the tech to alter simply “unwanted” genes.
  • Given the potential of gene editing to drastically change humanity, it’s good that we’re having this debate on what and who it should be used for right now.


We are all subject to the genetic lottery. That’s how it’s always been, and for a while, we thought that was how it would always be.

Then, in 2014, a gene-editing technology called CRISPR was introduced. With CRISPR, geneticists could edit sections of the genome to alter, add, or remove parts of the DNA sequence. To date, it is by far the easiest way we’ve found to manipulate the genetic code, and it is already paving the way for more efficient and effective treatments of conditions with a genetic component. However, the technology brings with it the potential to manipulate and remove simply “unwanted” genes.

While most of the proposed CRISPR applications are focused on editing somatic (non-reproductive) cells, altering germline (reproductive) cells is also a very real possibility. This prospect of editing germline cells and making changes that would be passed on from generation to generation has sparked a heated ethical debate.

The potential to change someone’s DNA even before they are born has led to claims that CRISPR will be used to create “designer babies.” Detractors were appalled at the hubris of science being used to engineer the human race. Supporters, on the other hand, are saying this ability should be a human right.


To be fair, most advocates of genetic editing aren’t rallying for support so CRISPR can be used to create a superior human race. Rather, they believe people should have free access to technology that is capable of curing diseases. It’s not about rigging the genetic game — it’s about putting the technique to good use while following a set of ethical recommendations.

To that end, a panel made up of experts chosen by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine released a series of guidelines that essentially gives gene editing a “yellow light.” These guidelines supports gene editing on the premise that it follows a set of stringent rules and is conducted with proper oversight and precaution.

Obviously, genetic enhancement would not be supported under these guidelines, which leaves some proponents miffed. Josiah Zaynor, whose online company The ODIN sells kits allowing people to conduct simple genetic engineering experiments at home, is among those who are adamant that gene editing should be a human right. He expressed his views on the subject in an interview with The Outline:

We are at the first time in the history of humanity where we can no longer be stuck with the genes we are dealt. As a society we have begun to see how choice is a right, but for some reason when it comes to genetics, some people think we shouldn’t have a choice. I can be smart and attractive, but everyone else should be ugly, fat, and short because those are the genes they were dealt and they should just deal with it.

However, scientific institutions continue to caution against such lax views of genetic editing’s implications. Apart from the ethical questions it raises, CRISPR also faces opposition from various religious sects and legal concerns regarding the technology. Governments seem divided on the issue, with nations like China advancing research, while countries like the U.K., Germany, and the U.S. seem more concerned about regulating it.

The immense potential of gene editing and in turn ECTOGENESIS & EUGENICS to change humanity will not go ignored and unutilized by world governments rouge states and private companies. Will any of which have  Western mans best interest at heart ? We must chart our own course at all cost.

New Zealand Media Bias

By Macatak

In 1973 my mother realized she could gain a better life for herself, my sister and I if we emigrated to New Zealand.  Interestingly, one of the deciding factors in my mother’s decision making, even as far back as the early 1970’s was the already apparent social ethnic disharmony in our south London environment.   We arrived in Auckland in January of 1974 to find a largely homogenous white European, nominally Christian society living alongside the existing Maori population. It was peaceful, clean, warm and beautiful. And relative to what we had come from, virtually no crime at all.  As a 13-year-old lad from London, paddling chest deep in the crystal clear, warm waters of the Whangaparoa Peninsula, life was looking very good indeed.

Over the years, we have seen a steady increase in the number of foreigners calling NZ home.

The ubiquitous Indian corner dairy. The Chinese market garden. Now when you go into a bottle shop the chances are high you will be served by another friendly Indian.  That’s right, they are friendly enough in most cases, and I don’t want to imply that the service would be any more or less friendly or the prices any cheaper if the proprietor was of European decent. Their behavior isn’t the point, the point at issue isn’t about them, it’s about us.  It is our survival as a cultural and racial group that is at stake and as such the behavior of other ethnic groups in our society is not the core issue.


In amongst the global catastrophe that is gripping the white indigenous populations of the world, it is our identity that is being threatened.  White people are called racists if we resist or speak out against our own soft genocide.

So it’s not about them, it is not about the immigrants or any other race, it’s about us. It’s about white European people recognizing and wanting to preserve their unique cultural and racial identity and integrity.

The emergence of white identity movements worldwide has been an incredible and from the point of view of our ruling class a completely unexpected development.  After many decades of deliberate denigration of our history and culture, radical egalitarianism and a psychology based education system, it is amazing that there is still a remnant of European consciousness that is able to rise up and claim its rightful place in the history of the world.

But rise up he has done. And the internet is playing a crucial role in white European man’s re-discovery of his history, identity and destiny.  But the television mass media here in New Zealand, as in every other white nation remains the front line in the war against our people.

It is subtle and powerful, but for those of us with eyes to see, it is clear they are becoming ever more obvious and desperate to destroy our will to survive before we have time to gather our forces and overturn the nasty little Marxist platform from which they preach their poisonous ideology.

Here are some specific instances of the anti-white bias that have shown up in the New Zealand media just over the last week.  Each one, taken on its own may appear insignificant and a petty complaint to draw attention to but viewed in the context of a marketing paradigm where within each message or package of marketing information there is also the subliminal sub message that contains within  itself the real power of persuasion  of the message as a whole.

At the end of TV3’s current affairs program “Story” Last Tuesday 31 May, the presenter announced they were going to close with “some beautiful images of Kiwis who arrived in the country as refugees…”

The images that followed were of an African negro gentleman and a young African woman against a backdrop of photographs of many other refugees who had also come to New Zealand. This was all part of a photographic exhibition taking place in Auckland.  A perfectly laudable enterprise against which no serious person could offer any real criticism.  The second instance was on a show later in the week on the other news channel, TV1 here in New Zealand where a whole segment was dedicated to the lead singer of a popular New Zealand band who had returned home to settle down with his new wife and child.   A completely unremarkable story except for the one glaringly obvious yet unspoken racial aspect of the story.  Jon Toogoods wife is from South Sudan.

Amid the over-weaning gooing shots of the doting father playing with his new son, one is struck by the obvious fact that this story would never have made the airwaves had it not been for the downplayed racial aspect of the story.

The two stories, taken out of context and individually may seem entirely innocent and innocuous , even though one is prompted to wonder about the motives and priorities of current affairs programming.

However, this writer contends that nothing happens by accident. And  the programming of current affairs television in NZ  is designed with very particular ideological aims in mind.

As with all product marketing and advertising, there is a story and a ‘take-away’. The story is what you see, the main dialog , it’s the froth and glam of the cover story,- the packaging if you will. Then there is the ‘take-away’,  that’s the underlying message that stays with the customer or observer long after the froth has blown away.

And in the case of these two apparently innocent stories of compassion and love, there is the underlying ‘take-away’ that all self-respecting traditional white Europeans should be aware of.

  1. If you are white you are not a Kiwi. Kiwi’s are from any Race and from any country on Earth. And it does not matter how you got here. Where you come from, or  what your cultural, racial or religious background is.
  2. Miscegenation.  If you are white, it is not only desirable but also preferable to marry outside your race.  Doing so ensures your social acceptance amongst your peers, and doing otherwise may even indicate the possibility that you could be a Racist!  That being the very worst of social slurs imaginable.  Horror of horrors, a fate worse than death that you might be on the receiving end of the worst social curse in history, outcast and shunned by your peers for the term of your natural life!

To indicate the ridiculousness of the proposition that a Kiwi is simply anyone who just happens to get here somehow. One only has to perform this simple mental experiment.  I am a white, fair skinned blue eyed middle aged European. Let’s suppose I get a long term contract job in China. After a few years I marry a local Chinese girl and get a Chinese passport; am I now a China man?  Of course not!
Same situation if I was to live in the Central African Republic for several years and become a naturalized citizen of that country. Am I now an African ?  When the situation is reversed the stark absurdity of the notion becomes plain for all to see.

Yet in the west, our cultural identity has been so utterly undermined through lack of proper education about our magnificent cultural heritage, that we are rendered completely defenseless against the imposition of soulless Marxist ideologies of radical egalitarianism.

We must learn again to understand that it is normal, healthy right and proper to have a decent respect for your own people, and this in no way implies any denigration of any other people on the face of this earth. This earth already has as much diversity and multiculturalism as would ever be required for us all to live in respect and harmony with each other.  Each with his own people in his own environment.   That said, it has to be acknowledged that Europeans are unique. Despite the many criticisms of European colonialism, the world would be a very dark and barbaric place if not for the art, science, philosophy and sheer brilliance of European creativity.

Finally, I believe it is imperative that self-aware Europeans stand up to and confront every incidence, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, of this kind of soft denigration of my people.  If we do not, if we believe their subtle lies and misdirections.  If we turn the other cheek and play down the fractious condescending insults, while all the time the liberals work for our destruction then that is exactly what the future will hold.  And that cannot be allowed to happen.

For more of Macatak’s take on life 

In the schools, one can see the war coming


- In the schools, one can see the war coming
After the Swedish policeman Peter Springare took to Facebook to explain who are behind the serious crime in Sweden, more people now come forward. They take to social media or alternative media to tell their stories, as established mainstream media refuse to do it. ORDER15 HQ is in Sweden we are on the front line we see with our own eyes just how bad the situation really is, we urge you to take the time to read and digest whats presented below, because this is happening and going to happen  not just in Sweden but all across the west.
This is written by a high school teacher and published on the Swedish alternative news site Avpixlat, where he pretty much predicts a civil war coming:

As I work in the Swedish school I put myself at great risk by publishing these thoughts, but after Peter Springare bravely challenged the establishment, like David against Goliath, through his Facebook posts, I feel that I am ready to give the image of how I, and more and more other teachers with me, think about the school. It is not a pretty image. Previously I have published opinion pieces about the school, but now I’m thinking it’s time to seriously talk about this.

READ: Swedish policeman reported to the police for telling the truth

I have worked as a teacher since 2005, with a break for sick leave, and I have a background from the Swedish left movement. Nowadays I work as a high school teacher in English and history. I accuse the current government of being non-legitimate. When parties are denied the right to show commercials, have their meetings sabotaged, their members are beaten with government approval, and the party constantly is attacked by state media, then the democratic process has disappeared and the governments formed during such elections is, in my view, not legitimate. I am not loyal to any party, should be added, not the Sweden Democrats either, but Stefan Löfven is #notmyprimeminister.

There is a rising public opinion even among the teachers, who believe that scientific teaching should come before political indoctrination. I know several teachers at several schools who are critical to how schools are acting like useful idiots for politicians and the media. I myself have participated in inquisitorial pogroms against critical thinking students at the time when I believed the media and politicians. It is something I deeply regret.

I accuse the Swedish non-legitimate governments since the 1960s, as well as the established media for this development.

Personally, I know many non-assimilated youths and feel a strong sympathy for many of them. Many want nothing more than to be naturalized Swedes. But they know that the price is a racist stamp on the forehead, broken family contacts, no support from the surrounding community, and in many cases open death threats and in some cases even torture and murder. All while the new Soviet media and its easily frightened lackeys in politics, are happily talking about the “humanitarian” superpower.

I know students who were raped by relatives, but did not dare to proceed with the complaint because they were convinced that their other relatives would kill them. I know students who lived in areas where they have not dared to testify about murder, and teachers from the academic middle class who talked about them as if they lacked courage. I know students who have not dared to take off the hijab because they were afraid of being beaten and raped by male acquaintances. I know students who did not dare say which religion they believe in, because they were afraid of groups of students with sympathies for the Islamic state who would beat them up. I know ethnic and naturalized Swedish students who talk with an accent, when they in fact know Swedish well, just to avoid being ostracized. I know students who use “fu*king whore” or “fu*king fagot” as the standard greeting to ethnic and naturalized Swedes.

I accuse the governments I consider non-legitimate to have fueled all the present conflicts. The Swedish “feminist” Government is #notmygovernment, the Swedish media is #notmymedia.

Some non-assimilated students have openly said that they hate white people, they hate Jews, they want Sweden to have Sharia law. I have met students who had a lengthy discussion about their vision for a world “where all the whites have been killed” and that therefore “racism does not exist anymore.”

Unlike the academic left-liberal middle class, I talk to these students. I respect them, regardless of their views or values. They are people whether they advocate Sharia laws or claim to want to execute anyone who is like me. Opinions are respected but countered politely and objectively. As an individual, I work to try to give them a good life, as a citizen, I see civil war’s cruel mechanisms creeping ever closer to my school everyday. Wars are fought not by a monster, but by ordinary people with ordinary prejudices, who happen to be on the opposite side in a conflict.

That the grades have plummeted as a result of the lack of assimilation should hardly come as a surprise.

I accuse the Swedish non-legitimate governments, and the established media for this development. I do not believe for a second that developments are due to the naivete of the rulers. They know that their whole power rests on division and falsehood.

The non-assimilated students sometimes get the impression that the ethnic and naturalized Swedes are “gay” or “whores” to put it drastically. The effect is that the Swedish and naturalized Swedes pull back into their own groups, as teachers and other adults completely ignore their concerns and prejudices quickly spread that all the Muslim and black youths are beating and gang raping both boys and girls, all because politicians and the media refuse to release relevant information to the citizens. The more we hate each other on the ground floor, the more power they get on the top, and the more money they can put in their own pockets.

Since many years, we have built a segregated school, with non-Muslim students in one group and Muslim and African students in the second group. It is no “racist view.” It is a description of the reality in Swedish schools today. A situation created by politicians and the media who will do everything to deny that what I write is true and therefore portray it as if I attack all immigrants.

I see them every day. The ethnic and naturalized Swedish youths. They almost hide in the classrooms. All the space is left to the non-assimilated youths. The exception is the occasional people who have been completely indoctrinated and put all the blame for all the problems on “racists” and “men”. They also take up much space with their hate-filled tirades, accusing everyone except the guilty politicians and the media.

I accuse the Swedish non-legitimate governments, and the established media for this new Soviet development.

And I know colleagues who ignore it or even encourages behavior that allows the non-assimilated students to behave any way they want, because they “have a hard time,” happily watching how the ethnic and naturalized students are creeping farther back in the classroom. They know that they are no longer wanted. Screaming “racist whore” or “ISIS will fu*king cut you” is the new black. Gently asking if the Swedish culture is also good sometimes, means ostracism, assault, threats and bullying. I’ve seen it happen many times and I understand that the ethnic and naturalized Swedish students, as well as the still non-assimilated students who love the Swedish society as it once was, are almost 100% silent. No one wants to appear with “racist” written across the forehead.

Fortunately, the social climate is slowly changing. But I know what kind of future we’ll get if no one dares to speak. I know and have known many immigrants from the former Yugoslavia. I know how most of the civil war starts. They start by groups forming after ethnic or cultural fault lines, they start by established media unilaterally inciting against certain groups, they start by the responsible politicians constantly trying to divide the population and use certain groups as a weapon to retain power.

Some teachers react. They are not so many. But they are some. I know several women teachers with a background from North Africa and the Middle East who refuse to accept the circumstances. If the non-assimilated youths will become naturalized Swedes and good citizens, or if they will turn into a professional criminal army, like the militias in the Kongo-Kinshasa or the former Yugoslavia, depends entirely on whether the rest of society dares to follow in these brave women’s footsteps.

To even mention that the newly arrived students are often channeled into the regular high school classes within one year of arrival, and thereby destroying every opportunity to engage in proper education because their Swedish in many cases is on a small preschool student’s level, seems almost petty in this context. The individual teacher are given the full responsibility for the teaching success, with the result that the entire class’ academic performance drops. For these students, the approved score that municipal leaders incite their teachers to put, is not worth more than the ink. I know that even ethnic and naturalized young people have difficulty getting jobs. What will happen to the non-assimilated students who did not even manage to reach the watered out grade that the teachers are forced to put? Crime awaits for some, and the route there is lined with good intention and slogans from power-hungry politicians and an equally power-hungry media elite.

That many Muslim students do not feel at home in Sweden because Sweden does not have Muslim laws is nothing new. I understood this when I started working as a teacher in 2005, when 90% of all non-assimilated immigrant students saw themselves as “Kosovars”, “Bosniaks” and so on. Then I was even strongly leftist. Anyone who wants to solve the problems has to accept that today we have a deeply fragmented population, segregated by ethnicity and culture. We therefore need to solve the problems of the same type as Lebanon.

Please do not label me with some ridiculous hashtag like #noracism without grasping the problems for once in your power-hungry politically correct small white middle class life.

I could list worries – the mother who said it was good that her son had assaulted a school bus driver because he “did not respect him”; the brother of a student who showed up at school with a weapon to threaten another student, even though he knew the student was innocent, just to preserve the “family honor”; the student who was ostracized by her family because she had had sex before the marriage; the student who was threatened with murder by his brother who wanted to defend the “family honour” because he had found a girl of his same age; the student who wanted to “circumcise all the Swedish girls”; all the ethnic and naturalized Swedish students who nowadays no longer receive proper support and help because the large majority of resources go to the newly arrived; or the teacher who without blinking claimed that Donald Trump advocated nuclear war with Russia, without any factual background. But all of these examples are just like little grains of sand on top of a school where all moral concepts are set on hold and ethnic divisions are cemented, deepened and celebrated, using the Orwellian term “multiculturalism.”

I accuse all of Sweden’s non-legitimate governments of divide and rule since freedom of expression began to be put as an exception in the 1960s. Gradually they have transformed a prosperous country with a strictly regulated but generous immigration policy, where immigrants assimilated to naturalized Swedes, to an anarchist society where the school is the first front line in a cultural war that is driven by the political and media elite, a society that no longer even can be regarded as a multicultural country, but, and this is surely the most terrible of all, an ethnically divided country, as Tito’s Yugoslavia or Mobutu’s Zaire. In school, the effects are seen every day. The legendary Swedish cohesion is dead. A new unstable semi-developing country has been created.

Remember that when the Olympics were held in Sarajevo in 1984, there was hardly anyone who believed that the country just eight years later would be the scene of the most heart-breaking civil war in Europe since 1945.

Eight years.

That is how long it took for the ethnically divided country, on the surface so peaceful, to move from the Olympics to full-scale civil war.

That means it’s in 2025, if society continues the way it does. When the militia one day arms the students with automatic weapons and start shooting all Muslims or all non-Muslim pupils, it’s too late. In Srebrenica in 1984 they probably didn’t think that no more than ten years later, the city would be surrounded by mass graves. In Umeå, Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, there are few who even dare to think about the future if non-legitimate politicians continue the power madness in symbiosis with the media. In the schools, one can see the war coming. If you want to see. Which you do not want if you receive a hefty Minister salary.

Sweden is not immune from civil war. Especially not when the media and politicians help to whip up hatred between the ethnic groups that exist in reality. The media and the politicians are fully aware of the situation. They divide and rule in order to maintain their power. Lack of seeing the reality can not explain it. Everything is clear to all who choose to see. Those who seek power will always find ways to divide people and call it compassion.

I do not care about people’s race and sex as long as no one screams discrimination. The negative effects on society some non-assimilated students can present in the form of anti-social behavior is matched by the pathetic cowardliness and political correctness that many ethnic Swedes suffer from. The fact is that the naturalized Swedes are often the most sensible.

The situation is thus extremely serious and I blame the development on the establishment’s non-legitimate politicians and the media elite who shamelessly use ethnic groups as bats, without caring about who are damaged.

John Dübeck
High school teacher of English and history.

Growing Wood Fuel and Fire Wood. -Short Rotation Coppice willow.


Growing biomass willow cuttings in short rotation coppice is the fastest way to grow your own wood fuel and fire wood. Willow logs can be used in wood burners or log boilers, chipped willow is an ideal fuel for automated biomass boilers. You can have your first wood fuel harvest just 3 years after planting and can realistically expect a harvest of 8-10 tonnes of dry wood per hectare per year. As ORDER15  breaking our dependency from the utility companies is a priority and what follows bellow is a good example of how that can in part be done with on a large or small plot of land.

Short rotation coppice (SRC) is already used in large scale wood fuel production for power stations, normally as wood chip and automated domestic woodchip boilers are becoming more popular as oil prices continue rising.

Planting and harvesting your own fire wood crop is straight forward and can be done without specialist equipment. Harvesting the wood fuel is done near ground level, easy to cut and access. The size of logs produced on a 3 to 6 years rotation will vary from 2 to 4 inches in diameter, no need for splitting. You can vary the time between harvesting to suit your needs or the size of your wood burner. Willow for wood chip can be harvested on shorter rotations, giving higher yields. By dividing your coppice into four or more sections and harvesting in rotation you will have a ready supply of logs, year after year.

Benefits of SRC Willow

The major reasons for growing willow rather than other firewood crops are;


  •  It has the shortest time to harvest of any woodfuel
  •  It is environmentally beneficial – willow supports the greatest range of wildlife of any single crop grown in the UK, willow trees can be the home to a staggering 450 different invertebrates.  SRC willow plantations have been shown to support 50 different bird species.
  •  It is the highest yielding woodfuel crop growing in the UK.
  •  It is easy to harvest and handle.


Mammoth Willow cuttings are all proven biomass varieties suited to UK conditions. We supply a mix of five varieties of willow in the woodfuel growing kits. Each has its own growing habit. Initially you will notice significant variation in the size of the willow plants, this is normal and by the time of harvest most varieties will be of equal size at around 14 to 20 feet. The genetic diversity ensures that you willow plantation is less vulnerable to pests, diseases and climate variations resulting in higher yields.

Our low Carbon SRC system.

This fire wood growing guide focuses on a no till pesticide free production method suited to planting in uncultivated grassland, for which Mammoth Willow’s wood fuel kits have been designed. By planting through a permeable plastic membrane you can plant into grassland without ploughing and cultivating the soil. This reduces the work required and significantly reduces time to achieve carbon payback compared to spraying, ploughing and cultivating grass land for planting. The membrane also negates need to use weed killers to kill competing plant life. Although the plastic used does have an environmental impact it is less than cultivating previously uncultivated land.



Mammoth Willow -The Willow Growing Guide.

There are four easy stages to planting using our system.


  1.  Lay the groundcover sheeting down and peg it every metre. Refer to the diagram showing spacings.
  2.  Make a planting hole with metal rod, pierce through the ground cover.
  3. Place the sett in the hole.
  4. Place wire pin/peg next to the cuttings, to prevent the groundcover lifting up in the wind.


Where to Grow your Short Rotation Coppice.

Willow can be grown successfully on a wide range of soil types but very wet soil which remains waterlogged for much of the year can prevent some unrooted cuttings from forming roots successfully. Very dry soils or very sandy soils are also best avoided. As with any crop willow will grow best on fertile soil and willow does like water so long as it’s not standing in it for months.

Preparing the planting area.

Your willow plantation should be planned for easy access. The spacings between groundcover rows suggested below can be varied to suit the equipment you use. You will need to mow between the rows during spring and early summer in the first two years so space your rows for easy mowing (we use a mower with a 1 metre cutting bar). You will also want to ensure access for a trailer, the spacing below assumes that a vehicle and trailer will be used. Once a row has been harvested the vehicle and trailer will be able to drive up that row straddling the coppiced willow stools. Allow for turning space at the end of rows. If you are growing on a steep hill it is normally easier to run the rows up and down the slope. Because groundcover vegetation is maintained between the rows erosion is not normally a problem. Even if you plan on carrying the harvested willow out on your back don’t reduce the space between the rows below that suggested. 

(in our kits we use 75cm for larger kits and 50cm spacing for starter kits)

Prior to laying your groundcover sheeting you may want to mow the planting area if the grass and weeds are long. This will ensure that the groundcover is not lifted by the wind. As you unroll your groundcover peg it down at 1 metre intervals using the pegs supplied, in soft ground you can just push in the pegs, in harder ground you will need to use a hammer. The pegs should be pushed through the plastic around 5cm from the edge to ensure it doesn’t fray. At extremely windy sites you may need to weigh down the groundcover as well.

Planting Your Willow. It is important that the setts (unrooted cuttings) are planted as quickly as possible. If it is not possible to plant immediately then store them in a cool shaded place in the bag they came in. Warm conditions will cause root growth, this must be avoided. In winter, setts may be stored for a short time before planting, so long as they are kept cool (0-5degC) and out of direct sunlight.
The 1 foot willow cuttings supplied should be planted so that 3 inches are visible above the plastic. A metal rod 1/2 inch diameter should be used to make a planting hole. A crow bar, long masonry chisel or metal reinforcing bar will all do the job for small quantities of willow. The metal rod needs to be hammered through the plastic into the ground and retracted leaving a planting hole 9 inches deep. Place the sett in the hole, with the tiny buds pointing upwards. For larger quantities a rod with a cross piece welded 9” from one end and a handle on the other end should be used so that you can push with your foot like a spade.

It is also advisable to pin down or weigh down the ground cover next to the setts(2 inches/5cm away), to stop the wind blowing the sheeting up ,we make our own wire pins from 2.5mm fencing wire cut into one foot lengths, bent into a U shape. Other people have used stones, old bricks or shovelled on gravel to weigh down the groundcover.

Maintenance during the first 2 years.

During the first spring /summer mow the grass isles 2 or 3 times, to keep down the surrounding grass and weeds. By July your willow should be taller than any surrounding grass. Keep an eye out for nibbled willow, almost always caused by rabbits, if you haven’t fenced then do so. If you experience an exceptionally dry spring your willow may suffer, although we haven’t yet had reports of more than 5% failure during a very dry spring.  At the end of the first growing season slit the groundcover plastic around the base of each willow plant to stop it constricting the trunk. A Stanley knife is ideal; the cut should be at least 6” (15cm).If you have used wire pins or pegs next to your setts then remove them, this will prevent damage to the willow as it grows.

Management for logs

Short Rotation Coppice is often cut back at the end of the first growing season to encourage multiple stems to develop and increase yields. However if you are growing for logs rather than chips, a more useful harvest will be achieved  if you don’t cut back and allow fewer, thicker branches to develop.


No fertilisers are required to grow willow. However cattle slurry has been shown in trials to improve yield of short rotation willow crops on poor quality soil. This should only be done when the willow is fully established and ideally done after harvesting the willow for wood fuel.


StovaxYou can harvest your willow in the 3rd or 4th year. However if you want larger logs you can extend the rotation up to 6 years. Harvesting takes place in winter anytime once the leaves have fallen. It is best to cut down your willow before February as some varieties will start growing then. When harvesting cut back each stem to within 4” (10cm) of the ground. The cut branches can be allowed to dry in the field for a few weeks before being collected up to be logged and stacked for seasoning. Thinner willow whips make good kindling when dried. For the highest yield, use all of the harvest  even the small stuff.

Growth in the second and subsequent rotations is normally more vigorous than the first. At this stage the willow can benefit from any added nutrients available from slurries and manures.

If you wish you can remove the plastic groundcover after the first harvest as the willow will now out compete the grass.

Drying and storage

StovaxWillow logs need to be seasoned for at least 12 month; kindling (up to 1” diameter) can be used 6 months after being cut. Logs should be dried off the ground; those in contact with the ground will rot. After 6 months logs should be placed in an open sided log shed to season.

Kindling can be dried in bags made of a material similar to the woven ground cover we supply. Builders dumpy bags are ideal and can also be used for logs.


Good luck with it and remember to post your progress updates to ORDER15 social media. It’s as important to encourage others as it is to take these steps ourselves.

Second Swedish police officer blows whistle on migrant crime cover-up


A second Swedish police officer has blown the whistle on a government cover-up of migrant crime. In a groundswell of public support, it has led to Swedes demanding a national conversation on the issue, a “Swedish Spring” after a first Facebook message on the issue went viral

“The Swedish public has to be told all the facts now,” Åsenlöv wrote on Facebook, explaining that Code 291 is used to hide “all information about the immigration-related crime,” including a ban on releasing photos of migrant suspects in public.

“I understand that the younger officers may not dare to go out and criticize the leaders, or go out openly and support Peter. Then it is over for a future career. Then, when they apply for jobs, they will be classed as disloyal to the employer,” says Åsenlöv.

Åsenlöv hopes the situation could change: “Now I believe that the ball has started rolling and maybe we can get the leaders to open their eyes and no longer deny the truth.”

His testimony comes only days after a Swedish top cop was called “racist” for exposing the origin of the crime wave.

Peter Springare has been inundated with goodwill from citizens who have been sending him flowers for his courage, but authorities ban members of the press from taking photos of the huge number of bouquets because “flowers represent a potential security threat”.

In his original post, Springare says almost all of the suspects he processed when dealing with crimes such as rape, extortion, blackmail, abuse of judicial procedure, threats, violence against the police, drug trafficking, aggravated drug offenses and attempted murder, were called “Mohammed” or a variation of it.

He also warned about how “our pensioners are on their knees, schools are in chaos, health care is an inferno, police have been completely destroyed,” as a result of soaring migrant crimes.

Springare, a serious crime investigator in Örebro, wrote a Facebook post in which he described the “chaos” as a result of serious crimes being committed by Muslim migrants.

“Half of the suspects, we can’t be sure because they don’t have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they’re lying about their nationality and identity. Now we are only talking about Örebro municipality.”

Springare may now face charges simply for accurately pinpointing the problem. He has been reported to authorities over the remarks under Sweden’s strict “hate crime” laws and is facing an internal investigation on the grounds of “racial agitation”.

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven also responded to the controversy, claiming that Springare’s assertions were “wrong”.

While government authorities want to pursue Springare, the public and his fellow police officers have rallied around him. A Facebook page set up in support of Springare currently has over 130 000 likes.

Swedish authorities have routinely turned a blind eye to soaring violent attacks, rapes, unprecedented numbers of cars that have been set on fire in major cities over recent months, and Sweden’s Islamic no-go ghettos.

“I’m trying to point out a problem within the police force because I believe we are losing control over it. We are unable to tackle it, this violent crime,” Springare says.

A request for data detailing the relationship between crime and immigration in Sweden has been blocked by the government. Justice minister Morgan Johansson denied the need for updated statistics on immigration and crime.

Meanwhile a Swedish court sentenced a Muslim migrant to only two months in jail after being convicted of anally raping a 13-year-old girl, claiming his sentences for child rape and sexual exploitation should be lenient because the Syrian migrant claimed he was 17 when the rape occurred at a school in Jämtland County.

But the Swedish court somehow accepts “Syrian papers” despite Swedish documents showing he was 18 when he entered the country.

“The then-17-year-old man, who since turned 18, pulled a 13-year-old girl on one of the school’s toilets, locked the door and then raped her,” reported the Swedish newspaper Expressen. “During the trial, the convicted rapist’s age has been a major issue.”

“His personal Swedish ID shows that he was born in 1998, and was 18 years old when the crimes were committed, but by his own admission he was born in 1999.”

The sentence for a juvenile is typically 1/3 of an adult’s. Mohammed was also charged with another rape of a 14-year-old under similar circumstances, but the District Court claimed it was child abuse, not rape, because of the “degree of reciprocity.”

No Swedish media outlets are reporting the crime in their English-language versions.

In December, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) urged the country’s municipalities to prepare for war.

Although its inspiring that a second Police officer has come forward with this damning claim.  Its only testament to just how bad the situation is on the ground here in Sweden. ORDER15 has a number of members here in Sweden including myself and the pace of change in this country is shocking. There really doesn’t appear to be a breaking point for Swedes no matter how horrific the latest crime might be.

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