A constructive start

How to go further than online activism A ORDER15 members guide to a constructive start.
The Wolf Age, more often known under the Hindu / Buddhist term ‘Kali Yuga’, refers in very simplistic terms to a period of time where religion wanes, spirituality degenerates and moral standards slip. It is an age of vice, lacking in high culture.
ORDER15 does not seek to convert the masses, for during the Wolf Age the masses would bring harm and instability to our organisation. Yet we do indeed require members. The mission is, therefore, to show how membership of the ORDER15 can benefit the individual and how in turn those benefits can radiate outwards to others.

1010129_1626465134247543_9002274350637766682_nOn acceptance of ORDER15
As a individual member you have a important part to play in promoting and growing our organisation some of our members live in extremely isolated parts of the world making it very difficult to for them to physically meet up with the like minded on a regular basis. But lone wolf or not your task starts at your computer promoting order15 via the different social medias.
As a pair you should also use social media as a weapon of choice but going a step further and getting out onto the streets spreading propaganda via flyers and stickers. Such activities how ever small should be well documented to assist in your online propaganda.





^524FE548E94FE772AEB217E632F13E1A915F536871C73EADB5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Where possible your main goal  should be to find other members to form A 4 man fireteam. While doing this you should also promote ORDER15 via social media and buy and distribute ORDER15 merchandise. and contribute to articles via the website.

Once you are ready to form a 4 man (fireteam) Each member of a fire team should be assigned a basic responsibility
Member 1 ) To keep possession of the fireteams flag and bring it to every meet and display when practical. Taking pictures of activities with flag in view
Member 2) A treasurer to keep all monies and accounting for the fire team
  Member 3 ) To organise the monthly activities
  Member 4 ) To write and submit a monthly report on activities which should include photos for       promotional purposes
No one member will rule over the others however we believe a natural leader will emerge and rightfully take their place as leader should the fireteam grow into a crew.
All 4 members of a Fireteam must meet at least once every month to carry out and document such activities as listed below. It is important that activities are photographed and published online to recruit more members.


12187682_1108891205790116_1496628772697986556_nACTION 1

Physical Training
for example each Fireteam can engage together in different types of physical fitness
lifting weights
hiking / walking / running / climbing



1888757_1666010406959682_246144250809346_nAction 2

To study together classic literature, nationalist themed philosophy, History , Politics and architecture. Western Religious books. Each book should be read as a group and discussed on completion. As you would do in a book club.




1959454_598242793596649_1272973300_nACTION 3
Food production

To grow, and or fish and hunt food. Then to process foods and prepare meals. Each member should demonstrate some skill and basic knowledge how to acquire from the wild or to produce there own food. This can be as simple as having tomatoes growing in pots by the window to hunting deer in the forest. The ideal aim would be to produce and cook a entire meal from ingredients produced by yourself.
To replace as much of your diet as possible with self produced or bartered for food.




10304351_1588462391381151_5159980203747365143_nACTION 4

Cultural activities such as a group trip to museums, castles, art galleries, opera houses, ballet, classical music concert. Battle fields, Nationalist/patriotic themed festivals. Great buildings and monuments.







hands_old-youngACTION 5

A selfless act Where by the fireteam will seek to serve their indigenous community or aid a individual such as a elderly person who needs help with day to day chores, for example





Propaganda Each member will do their very best to create and distribute tasteful ”edgy” Propaganda. Where possible Propaganda will be made from pictures of members engaged in thought  provoking scenarios Flag should be visible. Videos should also be created and distributed containing at least some footage of members or logo or both . Example for Action could be to attend  a multi organisation  nationalist demonstration and display the flag








                                                                  ACTION 7

to discuss philosophise and formulate a plan to prepare for the possibility of a major economic depression or worst. The plan should centre around how each fellow member might live and serve one another in the event of a collapse

All efforts should be made to assisting in the building of a working user friendly Nationalist online learning  Library to prelude the  establishing of ORDER15 rural Academies. for the teachings focused around the 5 points Order, Re education, Divinity, Esthetics, Resettlement  when deemed unrealistic in your own country you should assist in the nearest country to you.

Set out here is a brief guide perhaps not as exciting or confrontational as arranging your own street demonstration in a capital city however if this is desired then there a thousand other existing nationalist organisations for this action. ORDER15 is radical and focused only on the self to refine ourselves To be the best of our generation in these key areas. As ORDER15 grows we will coordinate international social gatherings, and develop further more constructive Activities.


Action 8

Infiltrate other Nationalist groups. Order15 for the most part is against reaching out to the general public, and wasting time on the misconception people are asleep, and just need to be woke. Instead as a member of ORDER15 you should focus on trying to recruit like minded men, and women from other organisations to our cause. High grade activists should be the priority.





Establishing yourself as a leader in your local area. Given that we are a global organisation its highly unlikely there will be other members already living in your city, town or village. Take this as a opportunity to make your self boss and leader of your local area and a beacon for others to follow. All the material, Ideology, direction, and frame work is here. Your job is to emulate it and promote it. You have the chance to be in charge, to gain respect and authority, and we will back you up. Hard work is involved here. Nationalism finds itself in perhaps its most  apathetic age ever, even our own nationalist folk for the most part have become useless preferring to drift from one org to another never really committing to anything, much like a addict searching for the next high, then weeks or months later moving on once its wears off, only to  repeat the same level of involvement over and over.  This is what your up against and this is what will make you a leader should you choose to stand while others fade into the background.