30 Medicinal Plants That Could Save Your Life

Living out in the wild, you’ll come across all kinds of medicinal plants and medicinal herbs that can be used for many different purposes, as long as you know where to look and how to use them.

Many plants are beneficial not only for food, but can be used as medicine as well.

Plants can be used to soothe all sorts of ailments. Everything from skin rash, arthritis, cold, fever, diarrhea, migraines, and everything in between can be treated with some kind of plant that can be found growing naturally in many different areas.

Cultures all over the world have been using plants for their medicinal properties for centuries, long before medicine was bottled and sold in pill form.

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30 Medicinal Plants:

1. Althea. Grows in well-drained soil in either sun or shade. Great for skin irritations, ulcers and sore throats.

medicinal plants | althea

Althea Plant

2. American Ginseng. This root grows best in cool climates and is used to treat respiratory disorders and reduce fevers. It’s used orally, often in a tea.

medicinal plants | American ginseng

American Ginseng Plant

3. Barberry. This grows to as high as a whopping 9 feet tall! Use it to treat skin conditions and diarrhea.

medicinal plants | barberry

Barberry Plant

4. Belladonna. Great to use as a sleep aid but be extremely careful; too much belladonna will kill.

medicinal plants | belladonna

Belladonna Plant

5. Billberry. Grow these berries in full sun. Use them to ease diabetes pain, and to treat kidney disease and eye conditions. Eat the berries.

medicinal plants | billberry

Bilberry Plant

6. Borage. Grows well in full sun and moderate to moist soil. Helps with arthritis, joint pain and skin conditions such as eczema.

medicinal plants | borage

Borage Plant

7. Catnip. Grows well in many soils. Treats cold symptoms, swelling and fever. It also helps stop bleeding when applied topically and soothes gas, migraines and stomach aches when inhrdyrf.

medicinal plants | catnip

Catnip Plant

8. Cayenne Pepper. Grows well in moderate to moist soil and full sun to partial shade. Can help prevent heart attacks and heal ulcers and hemorrhoids.

medicinal plants | cayenne pepper

Cayenne Pepper Plant

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Not only could these awesome medicinal plants make you more comfortable while you’re sick, some of them could actually save your life.

Whether you’re just going for a weekend camping trip or something more serious, you should learn to identify and use plants for medicine and food.

But remember, some plants are extremely harmful and can be easily mistaken for another type of plant. Learn how to tell similar plants apart and commit to memory which ones are safe and which are harmful. The last thing you want to do is endanger your life by using the wrong plant because you didn’t take the time to learn and prepare.