Just a few incoherent notes on things i haven’t heard anyone else talk about.

A Nationalist failure 

Nationalism has all but died off in the English speaking world. Bizarrely over the last 2 years almost all its half century goals have become irrelevant and nationalist themselves haven’t even given this fact private recognition let alone public address.
ORDER15 entering its 6th year was ahead of the curve on where the west was going and took abuse for its trouble. Many of our activists where attacked for stating what we perceived to be obvious at the time and which is now the understood reality we are all living in. Mainstream Nationalism has  gone from forceful repatriation to arguing for a white majority in our homelands in the space of just 2 decades. We have gone from advocating the banning of homosexuality to arguing men shouldn’t compete as women in women’s sporting events. At every step Nationalists have been out gunned outmanoeuvred and all round out smarted. Constantly on the retreat constantly on a defensive back foot nationalists have allowed themselves to be painted into a corner and even in that corner they are totally unwillingly to change strategy and outlook stubbornly going to their deaths with the mindset of ”we tried” 

Nationalism biggest mistake is that of relying on the electorate to succeed. 
I grew up in the south East of England in a average all white town. My town was perhaps 99.7% white the only noticeable minority was that of the workers at a Indian restaurant who incidentally where implicated in years long grooming scandal a scandal the majority of the town either ignored or just didn’t care about.

I was popular at School.
From a early age i was well liked and rather than spending my time with one set of friends i managed to juggle multiple groups and individuals I was only ever bullied once by a Turkish pupil at the age of 16 otherwise i was adept at building a great social network organising parties in the forest and parks for up to 70 or so class mates on a regular basis further strengthening my social standing. As i got older i turned these after school parties into licenced raves which led to my popularity exploding. I couldn’t walk for more than a few minutes in my hometown without being offered a lift by a passing motorist my phone was filled with hundreds of numbers i could call for a night out. Even then i was fully aware that most of these people liked me for the parties and my position as organiser rather than say the inner me or what not, but regardless i was well liked, people wanted to listen to what i had to say. 
On entering politics i thought that my popularity would allow me to convince many of my social circle to embrace nationalism and grow a large local branch within my chosen political party. 2 decades later roughly 60% of my friends and family / extended family wont even talk to me, Ignored in the street and bars, rejected social media requests. Over the years even some of the die hards who have known my views from the beginning have dropped off the most recent example is of the wife of a decades long close friend. The reason for this is because despite her being totally indifferent to my political views previously, she now has a half Filipino nephew and because of that fact totally unable to maintain our friendship even though we have never spoken about politics or it being any sort of issue at all between us.and this isn’t the only time this has happened. numerous times a friend will distance themselves from me or undefined me on social media after they enter into a mix raced relationship or a relative of theirs does. 
This is a important issue because i know I’m not the only one experiences this. and it is devastating to our cause. In a sense its a natural reaction of theirs to rally around their family in the face of what they perceive and the media tells them is a outside threat. Almost everyone in the western world today either works with a non white is a friend of a non white or has a non white family member.and these connection grow exponentially day by day.
For as long as i can remember Nationalists have peddled the myth that when things become really bad the people will so called ”wake up” and join us to overturn all the damage done. Nothing could be further from the truth however, and the further the west slips into the abyss the more committed the mass is to helping it slide. The COVID19 situation is perfect example of how well we can rely on the mass to do anything but capitulate with the state regardless of evidence or in fact lack of it, a interesting observation of my own is that of the 300 or so friends on my personal social media account it’s only the nationalists (bar 2) that are posting any sort of resistance to the Governments narrative. Even when faced with the harshest of curtails of freedom since WW2 the mass doesn’t react in any meaningful way. 

Even mainstream nationalism understands that the electoral path is over for us now. However its yet to come up with a solution-a way forward. Order15 has that answer and we have been pushing for it since our inception.

Hollywood has now for decades been producing sci-fi movies set in the not to far off future which more often than not feature large corporations either having a unhealthy grip on society or outright leading it. The James Cameron 2009 movie Avatar going one step further and telling the story of how a large corporation is in charge of conquering and shaping new worlds. Ridley Scott’s Aliens movies  doing almost the same thing decades before it. Today this concept transcends the movie screen into reality with the likes of Elon Musk and his space programs. and meanwhile on earth you have social media giants literally shaping public opinion and even picking presidents, and here lies the answer that answer we have all been searching for. Its not in the ballot box that Traditionalists/Nationalists  will find the key but in business orientated collectives. 

A cooperative (also known as co-operative, co-op, or coop) is “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned enterprise. Cooperatives are democratically owned by their members, with each member having one vote in electing the board of directors. Money is the mother of all motivators. Yes anything from our side will be targeted for attack by the left and the state but when isn’t it ? The thing of it is Everyone knows the world is run by big business and secret societies its a open fact for all to see There is no cover up here yet for some inescapable reason Nationalists have never tried to emulate those that rule preferring rather to spend all their time and resources on the rulers  rigged competition aka electoral politics. 

There needs to be a honest and open debate within the wider movement about where we are going and how to get there adhering to the proven model one that is and has always been used by the people that actually rule. I believe order15 to be a good vehicle for this action. If you do too then Join us, if you don’t then start something yourself something that will give us a fighting chance. 

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