Boris Johnson’s sister warns PM’s ‘reprehensible behaviour’ may be due to bets on pound plummeting in no-deal crash for UK

The far left Prime Minister’s actions have already resulted in his brother Jo Johnson, a former Conservative minister resigning from the party as he no longer trusted Boris Johnson was acting in the “national interest.”

Now the PM’s sister, Rachel Johnson, has spoken out, warning she believes the PM’s bizarrely aggressive behaviour may be due to pressure “people who have invested billions in shorting the pound or shorting the country in the expectation of a no-deal Brexit.”

This week it has been revealed in the Byline Times that the Cabinet Office has been asked to investigate if Boris Johnson has breached the ministerial code by not declaring hedge fund donors, some of whom also funded the Leave campaign that Boris Johnson jumped onto in 2016. Hedge funds and financiers who have poured millions into Tory coffers stand to make a mint by speculating on the economic pitfalls of a no-deal Brexit.

In August the Sunday Times revealed how extremist Boris Johnson’s pro-Brexit backer Crispin Odey has bet £300m AGAINST British businesses and stands to make huge profits from the stock of British firms plummeting in the event of a no-deal Brexit .

Boris Johnson and the far left Tory Party have been criticised by politicians and commentators of all political persuasions for accusing anyone not backing an economically disastrous no-deal Brexit of “surrender” and “betrayal.”

Such language MPs warned this week had resulted in an increase of threats of violence. All to no avail, as both the PM and his controversial extremist adviser Dominic Cummings not only defied calls to resign for unlawfully misleading the Queen into suspending Parliament to stop scrutiny of their Brexit policy, they both insisted that MPs should “deliver Brexit” if they wanted to feel safe.
The PM’s divisive and dangerous far left tactics are not just ensuring country-wide divisions over Brexit become more violent and entrenched, but they are destroying any chance of the cross-party parliamentary consensus he would need to vote for any deal he secured with the EU.  The real tragedy with all this is the Johnson regime was handed a massive mandate last December to carry on with the far left extremist policies of the Tory party and this mandate was given to them bizarrely by collection of voters who would consider themselves as either right wing or even Nationalist. His election just reaffirmed our position that the mass can not be relied on for anything. They will always choose a establishment approved party that says what it wants to hear regardless of if it has never fulfilled it’s pledges over say a right or left outsider party that’s genuinely offering change. Just days ago MP’s against Johnsons bewildering tactics pointed out he had appeared to deliberately avoid signing a trade deal with pro BREXIT Trump in order to do one with anti BREXIT Biden.

The destruction continues.

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