Picture this

You’re in your late-20’s, mid-30’s; you’re married and have three young kids. together and another on the way, you live in a large house in the countryside. the house could use renovating, but it doesn’t need it.

wildflowers grow all over your large property. bees buzz by, but never sting. they make honey for your family to sell or trade and enjoy.

in your backyard is a garden. you and your spouse wear overalls and bandanas while you harvest the fruits and vegetables you’ve worked so hard on; you sell or trade whatever you don’t eat.

next to the garden is a pasture: you raise cows, bunnies, sheep, and chickens. you’ve taught your children to collect eggs every morning, while you and your spouse milk the cows.

although you have technology, wifi, and service, your family doesn’t rely on it for entertainment and communication. you play board games, read books, and write letters.

Your house is your own. you fall asleep in the arms of the person you love, happily content with life.

Beautiful dream right ? perfect place to raise a family perfect place to live the western ideal but it doesn’t just have to be a dream. for most this is obtainable should the will be strong enough. Every once in a while you see a meme on social media being posted by one of your friends, it goes something like this.

But how many of the people posting this and claiming to wish they could have ever tried to get there ? The excuses normally range from if it wasn’t for my kids. or if it wasn’t for my Job id be going tomorrow. Money can be a issue but most responsible adults eventually own their own home so …. Something O15 often points out is with rural living its as much about making money from your farm or land as it is saving it. from the different life style like teaching your kids to swim in the lake rather than the expensive swimming house, to producing a decent % of your own food.

Find a partner that wants it as much as you do and just go because before you know it next year is 2070 and your new excuse is if i was only 30 years younger.

Rural living is traditional living. Its the best upbringing a child can get. far away from the gang violence that now plagues inner city and suburban western schools. Far away from the toxic air in our major cities. A place for children’s imagination to grow and traditionalist parents to find their natural purpose. Most of Order15’s membership are either farmers or landowners so here we really are speaking from the heart and practising what we preach. Need support, need advice then ask us We have been doing this for years some of us for life.

The question is will you find the strength to follow us and make that dream/meme a reality.

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