What Women Lost

For all we have supposedly gained in equality, we have lost even more in our distinctiveness. And I would argue that no one has lost more than women.

Seventy years ago, women who chose to work could do so and many did. But many more women followed their natural impulse toward motherhood, choosing not just to have children, but be members of a society that still valued having mothers in the lives of their children enough to support an economy where the man worked, and the mother was there to raise the next generation, provide love and guidance, and to nurture their hopes and dreams.

This was destroyed. The big lie women are told is that they have it better these days, but the ugly reality, ladies, is you have been turned into lesser versions of men. Something beautiful and precious was surrendered, without choice in many cases to what was deemed a new economic reality, but when we reconsider what happened, it’s easy to see the scam.

The Left promised that you would have the liberation of cheap sex and the joy of working for faceless bureaucracies. The skills which once managed households and ensured our future have now been employed into Excel spreadsheets and politically correct HR regulations guides. Your bodies, which once served as temples for admiration and respect have been desecrated into common brothels in the public eye, where you are forced to trade on your looks as well as you can as long as you can before being disposed and forgotten.

The non Nationalist Right was no ally to women either, as in their desire to avoid the cultural battles which might launch perpetual offense, the people elected by the Republicans in destroying the industry of the West and putting the market above the family, gleefully endorsed the two working parent vision of America where the state would now raise your children in a rich ferment of self-hatred and insecurity.

Women were promised freedom and liberation at the cost of any new life they would make. Tomorrow was traded for today, a choice Western women made in many different areas, but now the moment has come due and what do we see? We see marriage, as an institution, made into a public mockery. We see sex even, once something as simple to understand as basic anatomy, somehow absurdly transformed into a question, all because we made the same bad bargain of trying to make everyone the same.

Women, and especially those who happen to be White, are now seeing the backslide that comes after making their deal with the devil. No longer served by the Second Wave Feminism that painted them as the social hero, they must give way to the minority, the transgender, the immigrant, and the outsider as they get their turn to be special before blending into the equality of nothingness. You are now only valued for your votes and your submission, your wombs to produce the soldiers of the next generations of equality as the state relentlessly bombards through propaganda and peer pressure alike. Here is the rotten fruit of Feminism,

I wish it was a joke, but  motherhood, the inescapably vital experience that makes women who they are is now presented. It’s a choice to be restrained for when the fun is done. It isn’t understood anymore as how our future is made – not because that ever stopped being true – but because we are supposed to forget. There was a time when women were special, when men fought to defend you, and when they enjoyed dominion over our homes and served as stewards for the next generation. There was a time when women had a future in the achievements of each son and daughter they produced. But that time is passing.

The hope we have for the future is that this is a choice, and although the cost would undoubtedly be high, only our lack of courage and foresight compels us to walk astray from this pathway to hell so paved with good intentions.

I could imagine a future where women were mothers and housewives again, not because we chain them to a stove or oven, but because if given the choice without overwhelming media and peer pressure, most women would rather raise kids than chase dollars. A healthy society has always been constructed this way, and if we didn’t care so much about false idols like equality or money, the twin temptations that we pretend force us to surrender choice, we can reclaim what we once enjoyed.

I know it can work because I’ve seen it work. My family lives modestly, but my wife supports me, and we exist as a team against the world. I have talked to other order15 members and nationalists in general who are reclaiming femininity, who are taking back their homes, and we must be allies to these women and men who are connecting to produce our future, with their bodies and with their hearts, regardless of what main stream society does.

But that requires us to forget  the lies we’ve been taught. We can start again with basics: A boy can be a boy and a girl should be a girl. And a family has two parents. That isn’t oppression; that’s the future our children require. The traditional family unit is  priceless, and when our women and men serve that higher purpose, our movement and ideals will only prosper.



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