Swedish headmaster wears dress to school – to “break norms”



Henrik Theorin, headmaster at Hagaskolan in Umeå, wears nail varnish and sometimes also a dress to work.

“I want to show the students that it’s actually okay for a guy to wear a dress if he wants to,” says Theorin to SVT. No, it’s not a delayed right-wing April fools’ joke.

In an interview with SVT, where he also shows off his dress, Henrik Theorin says that it all started with the school having its own Pride Week.

“I think it’s important to show the students that you can look however you want,” he says. “It’s nothing I do everyday but I want to show that it’s possible to break standards,” he says.

The male headmaster says that he’s been wearing nail varnish at work now and then “for a few years”. He may have been inspired by Fredrik Plahn, former headmaster at preschools and schools in Tyresö.

Plahn was praised in the far left state run media when he, in 2014, announced on Facebook that he wore nail varnish in “all colours of the rainbow” at work. The purpose was, according to Plahn, to “challenge the heteronorm”.

Today, Fredrik Plahn is working as a headmaster in multicultural Botkyrka, and it is unclear whether he has brought the nail varnish to the new workplace.

For decades now the international community has watched with morbid curiosity at Sweden’s break with all things normal often sighted as a warning of things to come by other world leaders and Conservative organisations. Traditional Churches here often persecuted for their faith have warned for years that Sweden was being used in some sort of massive social experiment.  That outside organisations where engineering social experiments here first then depending on their results rolling them out globally.

What ever the truth Sweden is on track to become the first failed state in the west, and a wake up call for mainstream Nationalists who still cling to the belief that its just a matter of time till the majority wake up and resist. The hard fact of the matter is the majority here in Sweden are awake and they either fully support the transition or don’t care enough to do anything about it.

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