Swedish government suggests banning ‘racist and Nazi’ groups

Swedish government suggests banning 'racist and Nazi' groups
The militant Nordic Resistance Movement, and -far left hate mob at Almedalen
The Swedish government is considering legislating against the existence of patriotic organizations.

Far left violence at this  year’s Almedalen political festival in Sweden sparked criticism from the far left themselves  against among others police for not doing enough to crack down on the peaceful nationalist groups. Police in turn said that the right to freedom of speech enshrined in Swedish law prevented them from doing much more.

In light of this, Sweden’s Communist/Social Democrat-Green coalition government is now mulling boosting legislation to ban what Justice Minister Morgan Johansson described as “racist and Nazi” groups in an interview with Swedish radio on Friday.

“These organizations restrict people’s opportunities to participate in our democracy – such as young LGBTQ activists who were unable to go to Almedalen and talk about their reality, and they break down local democracy and scare people from getting involved in a couple of Swedish municipalities where they have established themselves. We then have to see if we can do what they did in Finland and limit these organizations,” Gustav Fridolin of the Green Party told news agency TT.

Such a ban would apply to organizations that persecute people based on things like ethnicity.

“It’s not about manifestos in general, but about organizations that are actively involved in persecuting people and exploit their rights to limit the rights of others, as the Nordic Resistance Movement very deliberately does when it seeks to organize meetings right next to RFSL (Sweden’s biggest organization for gay rights) and a synagogue,” said Fridolin.

The idea is still at an early stage and is expected to be subject to a cross-party inquiry before going before parliament. Several other parties in Sweden, including the extreme nationalist Sweden Democrats whose leader has spoken in favour of a ban, have previously suggested tighter legislation targeted at hate groups.

“We have not had this type of legislation before in Sweden. Other countries have, but not Sweden. We think enough is enough when it comes to this kind of activities. They now, I think, constitute a serious threat to individuals, so we need stronger measures to stop it,” Johansson told Swedish radio.

The reader cant fail to notice the comment coming from  jimmie åkesson of the famed SD the supposed saviour of Sweden. While in New York and London the Swedish Democrats leader is viewed as a far right Nationalist akin to the BNP pre collapse what SD really is, is a weak civic Nationalist party A liberal version of UKIP for example. Just because the media calls them “NAZIS” doesn’t make it so. Anything right of Karl marx is considered far right in Sweden where decades of Communism has warped the very fabric of society. The Nordic resistance movement runs  a real risk of being banned here like they where in Finland.

Time and time and time again large parts of our movement insists on direct confrontation with the state and it always results with total failure and a reset.

Only ORDER15 offers a different approach. Granted its difficult to grasp the concept for many but no one has gone this route before so as in any case it will throw up automatic distrust and skepticism. What we have laid out and what we have already started to flirt with is a movement that not only avoids conflict altogether Governmental or otherwise but also removes the need to pander to the electorate and general public at large.

If you have past political experience and think you have what it takes to help us advance our ideas and goals then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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