There has been a question of pragmatism.

1. The State has a Monopoly on Violence.

2. We are the “Bad Guys” in Public Perception/Long-Defeated in the Culture War.

3. We are legally allowed to be discriminated against.

4. We don’t have an effective means to filter out Scumbags.

5. We have no positive ideological unity.

The Implications are as follows:

1. Street Activism always ends in our defeat.

2. We have no grassroots support.

3. Doxxing results in severe personal difficulty, keeping many (including ourselves) relatively closeted.

4. ‘Birds of a Feather Fly Together’, pushing away the best of us for fear of being associated with the worst.

5. There is massive infighting on even the most basic of things.

What do we have going for us?

1. We’re right.

2. Cosmic Law demands that the Cycle will end (given that we Men Against Time do their Duty).

That’s it.

1. If a good argument was enough, we’d have won long ago.

2. If we can’t get our s##t together collectively, we Men Against Time will be ineffective individual Martyrs.


1. Cease Public Activism: Appealing to the Masses is boarder line criminally a total waste of time , and Charlottesville style stuff is used to frame us as evil; which only goes to shoot ourselves in the foot. Its been this way since the beginning but the draw of a fun day out at the riot always seems to appeal above all else above the well being of the movement itself which begs the question are those attending actually a negative force altogether.

2. Dig in and keep up with the Red Pilling targeted especially at the Youth. ORDER15 has previously stated that no age is a barrier the younger the better in fact but 12 being a important stage in a childs mental development.  Pepe the Frog has done more for our youth movement than the Swastika had in decades. Why? Because Red Pilling is initiatic, don’t try to jump someone straight to a Masters level; but don’t let them stagnate at the bottom of the ladder either.

a. Anti-Democracy/Liberalism

b. Race Realism

c. European Culture/Virtue Decline

d. WW2 Revisionism

e. National Socialism

f. Radical Traditionalism

g. Ethno state

h Agrarian society

i Fraternity

Notice how this doesn’t mean “Heh, Alt-Lite then Alt-Right, then etc”…it means, you correctly Red-Pill someone, at a rate and in a way personally tailored to that individual. It’s a lengthy process.

The most important thing in this process is community; this leads to the 3rd point of the Solution.

3. Community is the most important thing. You need to have private groups on social media, you need to have private groups in real life. You need WhatsApp groups. You need Discord Servers. Do what you have to do to create a network, so you can learn from them as they learn from you.

4. This network will be vital for laying the groundwork for a future project we need to have in our sights; the construction of “Nests” for purpose of realising ORDER15 goals or for none members Nationalist goals in general.

5. You need to be open and honest about your views, but tactful. Don’t hide or be ashamed, and people won’t be shocked or smell blood in the water if you are doxxed by an enemy. Be of model character and take care of your image, and you’ll draw people to you and your ideas.

6. Don’t associate or apologize for degenerate. Be their fiercest vocal opposition; but try to push them to improve themselves, don’t just shout them down.

7. Don’t hold Sacred Cows. When someone to the Right of you tells you that you need to consider a different position then you need to consider it; because they probably are seeing something you aren’t.

8. Dedicate your personal life to Riding the Tiger, while keeping in mind the purpose of Riding the Tiger is ultimately to slit it’s throat. Let your every breath and thought be a Revolt Against Modernity.

9. Hold any and all meetings or events on Private Property.

10. Never Apologize/Virtue Signal

The Result?

A networked and educated fraternity of Men trained and prepared to act as Agents of Cosmic Law on the battlefield of our choosing.

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