Paganism and Christianity. Working together.

I apologise for the poor spelling and lack of grammar in a ideal world id been in a concentration camp with the rest of you but in the 2018 we have to make do with what we have right.

Below is my incoherent ramble in response to a earlier post on religion that got people all excited. Hopefully you the reader will find 1 or 2 paragraphs that make up for the rest of it.

It frustrates me I’m not religious much to my personal shame i have not yet found a spiritual home, but i see the importance in faith without it i don’t think we will make it. But at the same time its a major hurdle because for some bizarre reason nationalists of either faith thinks its relevant to attack one and other. its been said and its true that’s why its been said over and over by world leaders and great men of learning that in the darkest hour Humans will come together and set aside our differences to fight a common enemy. The problem with Nationalism is the majority of the people that self identify as being nationalist have no idea how serious the situation is, There most likely wont be a race war, They know collapses are the only thing that brings about real political interest & change so their not going to allow it to happen. Do you understand the second to last white country that has a stable indigenous birthrate Just voted to make abortion legal like all the other western countries in a past the tipping point death spiral..

We are not going to make it as a dominant people on earth, by centuries end we will be sidelined and discriminated against till we vanish from history take a look at south Africa and the plight of the whites there and that’s your future. But you c~~ts are waddling around like any day now its going to be civil war and we will win and re set the clock to the 1950s You got no proof of this. All statistics show we are on course to racial oblivion. People post that the white man is waking up, that the west is waking up. Outside of Eastern Europe this is total and utter nonsense. The media told you a far left party posing as a civic nationalist party almost got elected in Austria or Italy or Belgium or something and suddenly the guy in New York thinks its game on. The same people that championed TRUMP The same people that thought BREXIT was a turning point.

I use to March and demonstrate with the National front in the UK ( Thats me in the green jacket with no hair before i really had no hair if you know what i mean.) we would do it on Saturdays which happened to be Football match day, We would have about 50 people on our march. it would be policed by about 200 cops. helicopter included and so on. ANTIFA always outnumbered us 3 to 1 We would have to duck bricks, bottles, bags of piss and so on. After these demos ended we would go to the pub celebrate a job well done happy that we made it through and got out alive and hopefully unharmed. About 30 minutes after we got there all the football boys would turn up after their match had ended and suddenly pretend they where with us that they where NF and would do all the saluting and singing and so on fitting right in. talking politics and telling tales of fighting the other team of supporters before arriving at the pub promising to attend the following weeks march which they never did these misfits only ever attended the celebrations afterwards.This religious conflict within Nationalism reminds me of those days and those so called men far to busy enjoying bashing each other than doing anything that really mattered being there where it counts.

Christians / Odinists You meet people of the so called opposing faith all the time, Your own friends and family for example, You do business with them, your kids are friends with kids who parents are from that opposing faith. You work with them. Its only on nationalist social media threads you want to mock them and threaten them. Your verbal attacks do more damage than you think, not only are you making a enemy of your fellow ethno European but your bolstering this negative cycle effecting everyone else that reads it and ever so slightly insuring that its repeated.

No one can prove Christ or Odin existed You trying to argue with one and other using chapters and versus makes no strategic sense. Your 99.9% going to fail in convincing anyone that doesn’t already agree with you all your doing is creating negative energy and the most important fact is You don’t have to. There is no need to convince We don’t need to all follow the same faith, Yeah it would be better if we did it would make us stronger but so would billions of dollars and robotic military prosthetics.
Paganism will never make a come back to its former dominance that’s just not going to happen, we are moving into a space age, an age of robots and tech we cant even imagine. how does this fit in with a nature based faith ? I’m not saying its going to be irrelevant. Paganism / Odinism is important spiritually and culturally to our people but its not going to come back on mass That’s just reality, some have even argued that its only at its current state because the people that wish to destroy Christianity are giving it free reign.

Christians Your faith all though the largest in the world is dying. Its the weakest its been in a 1000 years perhaps. While it grows in Africa and so on it does so with A European foundation, that foundation is crumbling The age of Christ is ending perhaps he will come back as foretold or not either way it as a religion will not survive centuries end as a relevant institution .

Neither faith is going to recover former ground. Either Christ comes back or Ragnarök arrives. or not. So you see the 2 faiths don’t conflict your not jocking for which faith can rule because neither will. Its about personal discovery and personal well being. Not waging war against a opposing nationalist camp.

People today cant understand why men went over the top in the trenches of WW1. They did it because they believed in their king and their God.  What both faiths are good for is personal well being There good for making us better political soldiers, they give us a moral code and strength to fight where otherwise we might not have.They give us strength to fight on to believe in something bigger and better than ourselves.

When i first got into PROFESSIONAL political Nationalism in the UK about 22 years ago there was infighting between the Scots the Welsh and the English, there isn’t any more.We used to campaign against gays, we don’t anymore. The reason for this is because PROFESSIONAL political nationalists understand how far down the toilet we are.

In my time in the BNP UKs most successful nationalist party ever, (we got 2 million votes in 2009) we used to have summer weekend festivals attended by up to 3500 people. At these festivals we had a Church marquee that sold books and offered pamphlets, on Sundays it was used for service by a ordained reverend.
Saturday nights just 40 or so meters away Odinic rite leaders would hold open air blots for Odinist BNP members. Both faiths would welcome and advertise for all party members to attend. it was friendly and professional, I never heard anyone anywhere in those camps speak ill of either faith or group, Curiosity, and learning, mutual respect. those are words i would use to describe the feelings within the BNP membership towards these sub groups. So i know it can work because it has and does.

This is the final hour you have been waiting for this is what all those tins of tuna and bags of rice you have been stock piling are for. The end game is here please fucking act like it.
If you meet a Odinist or a Christian you doff your cap and go about your day because that’s what real Nationalist MEN do.


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