O15 Member or not you might perhaps pick up on some tips here on being a more useful productive activist. Its worth mentioning from the outset to the majority of Nationalists out there without prior political experience that There is never going to be a quick rise to power there will be no instant growth for any org, Occasionally we see state backed civic nationalist orgs appear from no where grab headlines and accumulate thousands of members in a short space of time then within a few short years collapse, but for genuine racial nationalist orgs there is never going to be a speedy rise to power. Most racial nationalist orgs never achieve any of their goals and collapse before they get anywhere near them. I say this because in 2018 we have a new type of Nationalist one that becomes disillusioned that his or hers chosen nationalist org doesn’t take the white house or equivalent high office in their own country sometime between them joining and the end of that particular calendar year. if you consider yourself to be a genuine and selfless Nationalist activist you should expect to work relentlessly for “DECADES” with almost no chance of actually reaching your orgs goals. Sounds crazy perhaps in 2018 but pre smart phone this was the understood reality globally, You didn’t join a org for instant self gratification you joined it because you believed in the ideas and wanted to help realise those ideas by committing your time and money.

Despite random facebook memes suggesting the west is finally waking up the truth is Nationalism has never been so battered and disorganized outside of Eastern Europe.

Not interested in ORDER15, fine but join something become a real paying contributing active member of a nationalist organisation, and stick with it FFS

Below is some random thoughts/suggestions for new members how to be a better activist. I may add to this over time.

1* Social media
Social media is public opinion its now pretty much replaced the nightly news and daily papers and the place to go to for news and ideas even if much of that news in turn comes from the original main stream media is being received in a totally different manner. Weather one likes it or not in the English speaking world Facebook is king, it accounts for as much traffic as all the other social media platforms combined, what gets posted there and the other social media sites is what wins elections and shapes public opinion now more than ever before with no decline in sight.
As an ORDER15 activist you should use this useful tool to its full capacity. First of all to do this you need to set up an account on.
Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Tumbler, Instagram, VK.com Google plus, minds,
We advise that you set up different accounts to the ones you use for family and co workers school friends and so on.
Once you have your account set up you need to start adding as many like minded people as possible, to do this find a nationalist public figure someone of importance within nationalism weather they are the same nationality or not, then go through their friends list and start adding everyone on that list, Normally if you add 100 people around 25 of those people will in turn add you. Once they see you post nationalist themed stuff they relate to they will share your posts thus expanding your reach and getting you more followers. As you accumulate followers to your personal profile you should then add this people to ORDER15 official groups and invite them to ORDER15 official pages on whatever network you happen to be on, you should aim to increase your friends and followers on each network by roughly 100 people per week. You can pay to speed up this process but from experience we would say that the money isn’t worth the time that it would take to get the same result… Unless of course you are an extremely busy billionaire.
In the case of Facebook only a very valuable method of spreading our message is to like as many Nationalist type groups as possible then share directly from our page, either the Odin’s guard one, or Christos, or the main ORDER15 page share from these pages to groups that you belong to you should only share 3 times a day so pick 3 out of the many groups you belong to and share directly to them. If you share to more than 3 you run the risk of being flagged as spamming then you will be forced to go through security checks and so on. Its better to share to these groups from our pages rather than posting a meme or article yourself because not only do they see the post but they also have the link to the page which they can then like.
Insert the web address or one of our memes in busy comments sections when relevant, often you can plug O15 without letting on your a member, this elevates the responsibility of having to defend it and get into a never ending slanging match, you can just name drop with website link, like “found this today www.order15.com looks pretty good actually” and move on. There’s no need to even re visit the thread to see what was said after just move on.

2* Distributing propaganda in the real world.
. We don’t pretend to know the law in every member’s country so you should find out for yourself what legal and what isn’t before you do any of the suggested activity,
We have a selection of flyer’s you can download on our website in the art section, you can also buy stickers from HQ . You must under no circumstances stand in the middle of a busy street handing out our material, this dangerous and quite frankly a total waste of time. You should post flyer’s on notice boards or leave them in areas where they are likely to be seen, don’t put more than one in any one place as eventually a left leaning degenerate type will come across it and destroy all of them. Everything should be done legally of course but you might think of targeting an area that would get publicity even if it wouldn’t seem like a productive Target in itself, Schools, churches, libraries, these sort of places are highly likely to generate so called “outrage” and in turn a “outraged” headline in some dead beat local paper. you could even do a mass mail shoot and put them in as many mail boxes as possible.
Stickers pretty much the same deal here, bus stops, restrooms, street lamps, side of public bin, elevators, cash machines, parking ticket machines, train stations

At all times you should insure your own safety and not be seen doing any of the above.

3* If your house leader for your local area you should try to recruit local people for your house, having got members you should encourage them to assist you in sections 1 and 2. You should also make a point of socialising with members, unfortunately with the state of western mans mindset he will only engage if he deems it fun or interesting, As house leader you should provide a sense of protection and belonging to all of your members. That they feel that they belong to something bigger and stronger than themselves.

* 4 interviews
If you are a capable spokesman or woman you should seek out media networks to give interviews to, We advise you to approach sympathetic organisations however small online, doing pod casts and so on. If you don’t wish to speak for the group you should pass on information and contact details to HQ of news networks that will interview A order15 representative. If you are going to do the interview yourself you should always contact HQ in advance for permission and guidance in all cases with friendly media you should request the questions in advance. With main stream media consult HQ each case will be dealt with at the time.

5* attend multi org demos like Charlottesville in USA or Dover in UK the purpose should be to display the ORDER15 banner to generate interest from other nationalists attending, the main purpose however should be for the photo opportunity taking pictures of your attendance while representing us with the banner is very useful in online propaganda the ability to use the photo online is far more important than trying to reach out to anyone on the actual day. No consideration to the general public at the event should be given at all. You should speak about ORDER15 as much as possible to other nationalist activists and get your pictures taken, do not engage with the left or the police.

6* Name drop You can do this both online and in real world conversation whereby you get into a discussion and when relevant you name drop ORDER15 to do this in the most effective way you should not mention your own membership but rather that you have just heard about this group who blah blah and has anyone else heard of them.
In difficult situations You can even be slightly critical of our ideas “they will never be popular because their too extreme” for example, thus again deflecting the barge of now standard screams of “Nazi Nazi” and so on. By hiding your membership and posing as just someone that’s seen our website, you can inform the audience without the criticism.
Even within sympathetic nationalist circles its far better to hide your own membership when talking within a group because if they disagree with order15 they will not burn up all your time defending it just seed the name and ideas. Many people do like to pick apart any org almost it seems just for the sake of it, don’t get into lengthy arguments with these people. seed and leave.
Another example of where name dropping has been useful is when one of our activists distributed flyer’s in his local area causing the local paper to run a article on it an in turn a storm of public opinion in the comments section, the article itself didn’t mention us by name so no one really knew from reading that article what org was behind it, but using the comments thread we where able to name ORDER15 as having put out the flyer’s but we are selves acted as local people that had just been passed one in the street, we then went on to reply to several questions about order15 from otherwise hostile people but all the while not drawing any hostility ourselves. this article can be found in a google search using the term ORDER15 but only because we planted the name in the comments section.

7* Avoid infighting
For some weird reason nationalism finds itself akin to the criminal world where often members behave like people involved in drugs trade or sex industry where by just because its illegal somehow that means everyone should abuse each other through theft and violence. Nationalism although not illegal does suffers the same problem to a extent. If one of your house members wants to quit let them quit don’t send them threats and make up stories about why they left just move on, the focus should be to recruit a new member not to wasting time attacking a x member. If a x member starts attacking you don’t respond just dismiss them as spam remove them as much as possible from your circle and move ahead with your work.

8* Money
ORDER15 HQ can not guarantee any order of anything that’s not done through the website, if another member is offering to provide shirts or flags or other such material we can not guarantee you will get it an we advise you don’t deal with anyone you don’t really know.


  1. Thank you very much for the advice – it covers my very own experience.
    I’m one of the frustrated racial nationalists in Germany, who was lead by enthusiasm and idealism to founding various groups all over the country, just to find out that they fall apart as soon as I’m not personally driving the activities anymore. The most positive results were that some of the members remained sponsoring in small amounts for public events. Personal activities were very unpopular since they meant showing face in public. My main goal always was uniting groups of White awakening across borders in Europe because at the end of the days of slavery it will boil down to the question: Will our race prevail in Europe under the degenerating materialism?

    • We all thought the internet would be our saviour and in the start it was, but in 2018 its fair to say Racial Nationalism has never been so dis functional

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