“What happens when men no longer die in war? When women no longer perish in child birth? When children and the elderly no longer succumb to disease? To famine?

This is something I’ve ruminated on for a while now. The results of the “Mouse Utopia” experiment were both fascinating, and troubling.

It’s evident that at a certain point of population density it becomes of a benefit to the majority for a reduction in the number of inhabitants to occur. It’s the proverbial “Hunting Trip” old men would undertake during times of extreme scarcity.

So what does that leave us with in the modern age? It leaves us with what has become known as the “Mind Virus.” A disease of the mind, and perhaps even the soul. Which ravages those lacking in mental fortitude and spiritual integrity.

The engagement in completely irrational behaviour in regards to ones own survival is the most outward example of a symptom of this disease.

It doesn’t take any great leap of abstract thinking to notice the commonality that the “Big Three” movements of our age have amongst themselves. What do the Third Wave Feminists; Men Going Their Own Way, and LGBT have in common? They don’t reproduce.

Wrapped up in their own hedonism, their selfishness; what amounts to nothing more than a hedonistic death culture among the three of them. Whether it’s hoarding cats whilst living garbage; living in your mothers basement indulging video games; pornography, or engaging in sodomy coupled with abuse of recreational drugs which culminates in an average life expectancy of no more than 60.

These are the dead rotting among us, spreading the Mind Virus to the young as misery loves company. We all remember what they said when the church allowed the homosexuals to marry: they wouldn’t promote it to the children, and they would keep to themselves.

However it was never a matter of well wishing and good intentions. What was unleashed; what was enabled; what was propagated. . . something beyond the laymen which have come to occupy the positions of power; influence.

It was Mother Nature behind the movement from the beginning. A force which cannot be overcome, as it’s truly existence itself. No. . . we can only observe; acknowledge and learn, so that we ourselves can in time command this power.

Now, we must bear witness to this terrible might. Watch as it consumes the vulnerable; the young; our loved ones.

When our young boys trade in their toy swords and rifles for eyeliner and lipstick; we are seeing the end. Those boys will never grow to be men, as the neural pathways developed through fighting will never come to be, nor the physical realization incurred through the dramatic increase in testosterone that’s released when engaging in combat. They will never experience that; they will never be Steve Reeves or Reg Park.

The development stage has passed, and they are dead.

I’m reminded of Elric of Melnibone. Forced to watch his civilization crumble; his people be destroyed, his most beloved die in his arms by his own hand.

He was a hero. . . a hero that was never deserved, and a villain that was.

The One, The First and The Last. The burdens of the Aryan Man. . . forged in the image of the Creator himself.

My own is marked for death, and I too will watch her die; that is my fate.

Now more than ever have I come to know the testament that we truly find ourselves when we have lost everything. At which point the only path left to us is the one that climbs upwards.

When the last ember of your spirit flickers in the darkness; when the black morass of nihilism encroaches from all sides. . . in that moment what do we do?

What do we say?!


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