Why You Should Avoid Skull Mask Sporting Types

Roy Batty March 3, 2018

Look man, skull masks are pretty kewl and edgy. They scream “operator” and “tacticool” guy. I get the appeal, I really do.

But the people behind the masks tend to be the kind of people you wouldn’t to leave your kid unattended with for more than an hour. That’s the litmus test you should always use because it means they will never have mass appeal with normal people.
And that’s a huge problem going forward because the number one thing that our movement stands for now is normalcy. That’s what people crave now. They want a return to the way things were – to a healthy nation and a healthy culture – and they want someone to come and make everything normal again for them.

Skull masks aren’t normal. No, people won’t see Antifa and BLM and the feminists ruining society, and decide to put on skull masks en masse in a sort of reverse V for Vendetta scenario.
Wake up. It’s not going to happen. Think like a grown-ass thirty-year-old man trying to start a family and not as an edgy COD-playing teenager for a second.
Here, let me tell you a quick story.
I was in Poland for the nationalist march. And after my experience there, I realized that there are two kinds of far-right nationalists out there and most of you reading this now would be better off avoiding the second, skull mask sporting kind.
I was in a Polish restaurant with the Identitarians and the Swedish Nordic Youth movement guys.
They do very good work – flash demos against gay rights parades and protesting refugee resettlement among other things. They face off the police, get arrested sometimes and make headlines with their clever, well-planned demos. Good guys.
All is well and we’re enjoying some actual cultural enrichment from the hearty Polish dishes that the waitresses in traditional garb have brought out.

But then another nationalist group from Sweden decides to troop in. They’re pimp-rolling and acting like hot shit. They’re dressed all in black and making the other patrons at the restaurant a bit uneasy.
Some of the people in our group greet them, others feel tense.
They’ve come by to say that they’re heading off to get shit-faced and cause trouble around town. There are going to be rolling fights with police and Antifa in Warsaw all-night long.

Probably something like this but at night

There’s also a paramilitary right-wing group throwing a party at their HQ – but the Germans, Russians, Ukrainians and perhaps some other neighbor of Poland that they hate are not allowed in. So that rules out many guests who have come for the march.
We thank them for the invitation and they leave.
After they’re gone, the Swedes tell me that these guys never show up to any demonstrations in Sweden. They sit at home and act tough on the internet. Only when they’re in Poland do they go hard. At home, they’re as meek as lambs and call other nationalist groups cucks for not being as skull mask hardcore as them.
In America, you have the Siege-guys who seem to be the direct equivalent.
But I want you to take a good hard look at yourself. Chances are, you joined all this because of good intentions. You took a long hard look at what happened in Weimar Germany and then around you and perhaps and realized that maybe Hitler wasn’t wrong about a lot of things. Hell, maybe you took a look at the direction our society was going and started wondering about whether liberalism and freedom above all else is healthy for a society. Maybe you saw what non-Whites do to good neighborhoods. Maybe you saw a friend get slapped with a false rape allegation by a crazy feminist.
Who knows.

But all this is to say that chances are you came to ORDER15 / Nationalism in general because you believed that we’re fighting for good and fighting against evil.
I hate to break it to you, but there are people who come to our side who believe the complete opposite.

You might think Uncle Adolf was misunderstood and have reams of data memorized about racial IQ differences and know that the Jews are bad news – which leads you to conclude that Nationalism is, in fact, the path of good not evil as you have been led to believe.
But others internalize the whole nationalism = bad narrative and yet they still join our side.
In other words, they’re in this thing to be edgy and dark and sinister and scare normal people. They legit believe that nationalism is a dark and evil ideology and that’s why they join up.
You might think you’re on the same page – but really, these people came at it from a completely different perspective, and that’s why they’re so fucked up for the most part.
While you’re trying to be constructive and ultimately take steps to ensure the prosperity of your people and your nation, these fuckers are there to make things worse because they get a kick out of it the same way an emo kid used to get a kick out of cutting his wrists.
So be careful about what nationalists you choose to involve yourself with.
If you want to be edgy and get some of your angst out, go with the skull kids.
On the other hand, if you actually give a shit about this movement and saving the White race, you should avoid these people like the plague.
When the hard work is done by the real dedicated activists, these people will come out of the woodwork anyway like termites and start claiming credit for what serious people did.

Just some food for thought, lads.



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