The purge

“So Facebook has shut down Order15’s main page due to hate speech. As an organization we have committed ourselves to enlightening others to the truth surrounding racial degradation and the destruction of the European culture by flushing it with migrants from the world over. We seek to expose those working in the shadows who’s profits hinge on creating social instability targeting any organization that seeks to reveal their hidden agenda. This is the future that awaits us. It’s a future that has total disregard toward cultural identity and cultural appreciation. As much as social platforms such Facebook claims to uphold the value of cultural diversity they fail at upholding the values and respects that truly go along with an admiration for cultural diversity. In doing so they have abandoned a respect for the preservation of the European cultural identity. We do not measure the importance of our cultural heritage and all that our ancestors worked to establish on the narrow output that comes from the media. We are a National Socialist fraternity and will continue to be so long into the future. We hope that you will all continue to be with us as we maneuver our way to a brighter future for our folk and the preservation of all peoples.”


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