You can only push the British so far before they will snap.

One victims, 16-year-old Lucy Lowe, was killed by her abuser in a house fire. She gave birth to his child when she was just 14 

16-year-old Lucy Lowe, was killed by her abuser in a house fire. She gave birth to his child when she was just 14

We have all heard it or said it ourselves The sentence “You can only push the British so far before they will snap” or “You can only push the British so far before they will fight back” this is normally uttered by someone who claims to be patriotic but otherwise unwillingly to do anything political based on the so called  “fact” that they don’t need to because its just not the right time, but at some point in the near future the masses will rise up and overturn all the damage done by the British state. This of course extends to all western nations who undoubtedly have similar phrases in their own languages, but essentially the idea is there is no need to worry the collapsing west will somehow fix itself. Once the people have become angry enough to turn off the TV and go out into the street.

The question is just how far do you have to push the British/westerner into action. Who hasn’t heard a friend or family member say that. “If it was my wife or child id have smashed his face in with a baseball bat” or “got my gun” or some such threat in response to a online video of abuse or article detailing the depraved actions of an offender. We have all heard it countless times so many times that its pretty reasonable to assume at face value that if their daughter or any other family member for that matter was to be attacked by a asylum seeker, child rapist or any other criminal for that matter then the response would be a deadly one.

Now lets take a look at the just days old news story in relation to the mass gang rape of more than a 1000 British children by men of mostly Asian origin. Yeah i know that’s a old story right ? boring even… its been covered so many times …. But actually this is a whole new breaking story a different town in a different part of UK and the 1000 and more children are totally different victims.

‘Girls must be saved from going through this hell’: Call for public inquiry into Telford sex scandal as it emerges up to 1,000 children as young as 11 were drugged, beaten and raped over 40 years

Rape gangs of Men Mostly from Asian backgrounds in Telford, Shropshire, has been sexually abusing teen girls since the 1980s
Allegations ‘have been mishandled by authorities’ with attackers left unpunished
Telford’s Tory MP, Lucy Allan, has called for an urgent Rotherham-style inquiry
Lucy Lowe, 16, was murdered alongside her mother and sister after her abuser set fire to their house. She had given birth to his child at just 14

This as every one of our readers by now knows isn’t a isolated case indeed this isn’t even the second high profile case covered by the media, It is in fact one of literally hundreds of such incidents that have blighted just about every city town and village in the UK we know this because even the state sponsored paedophile ring aka the BBC is being forced into reporting it.

“I would say that without doubt there are thousands of families being affected today. This type of child abuse is in every town.” says UK children’s charity

So again i ask the question what does it take in your opinion for the masses to revolt. Because clearly the gang rape of a neighbours child or indeed their own child inst enough. I ask you what could be the worst crime committed do you think How about the gang rape and murder of your child ? what about then would that spur you into action or your friends ? I’m not suggesting these victims and victims families are cowards for not seeking violent revenge. Most of us think we would and clearly many of us say we would carry out a violent reprisal but you never really know how far you will go until your actually in that unimaginable situation. But just about non of these victims where ever avenged by their families with political activism. during the the period of 1999 to 2006 i was very well placed with in UK nationalism to know just about everyone worth knowing, and in all those years i never met anyone that revealed to having been either a victim of gang rape or a friend or relative of a victim of gang rape. Victims being anything up to the 100 000 mark by some estimates.

Ill be fair I did read about 1 incident where the fathers of 2 girls being gang raped and tortured did in fact track down the location of where the rape was going on and they did bravely try to rescue their daughters only to be arrested themselves for intervening in a child rape by the local “gone rouge” police authority.

So out of the literally hundreds of thousands of immediate relatives and close friends to the victims and indeed the victims themselves we have just 2 recorded incidents where there was any kinda of reaction, this wasn’t a political one or a violent one it was a defencive action, which is not to belittle it. What they did is what every man should do and it was brave considering they likely knew the police where colluding with the Child rape gangs.

Image result for spineless personBut anyway the point here is How far do you think things need to go before the British people will say enough i enough. We now have proof the mass gang raping of peoples daughters wont be enough to motivate them to the streets and most likely neither will the rape and then murder of their child because this of course has happened in some cases as well. So what could possibly be worst ? The truth of it is and this is actually quite well documented and understood, that the only incident where you will see mass uprisings in the west is during a total economic collapse.

A total economic collapse means when the paper money is basically worthless because inflation causes the price of goods to rise daily and people are starving in the streets. The thing of it is that the majority of even politically engaged people will scoff at the prospect of it happening in their life time in their country. So where does that leave us ?

Nationalism has boxed itself into a unwinnable formula. The outdated mindset has been out manoeuvred over and over and over since the end of WW2 and all future hopes are pinned on ridiculous flawed theory of appealing to the mindless masses either via the ballot box or street protest. Fine there may well be a total economic collapse it is possible but are we going to hedge all our bets on winning that outcome when almost no one believes it will  happen and the IMF and other such criminal organisations have shown they are quite capable of preventing it, for example in Greece.

The whole point of this article is to reason with the reader that we can not continue with the same mindset and unwinnable strategy that has failed us for so many decades. There is a alternative and i believe that alternative to be set out in the pages of this website. It maybe some what contradictory at times and filled with grammatical errors but its the best we have its the only organisation that’s even attempting to present a alternative and one we can succeed in without the help of the mindless spineless electorate. That organisation is ORDER15

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