While you were sleeping police quietly roll out on-the-spot fingerprint scanning

The Home Office has announced that West Yorkshire Police will roll out an expanded scheme of on-the-spot fingerprint scanning  without any public or parliamentary debate. 

Police corruption and political correctness  have made it  a very difficult job. Protecting the public, fighting crime. It’s a job that hasn’t got any easier in recent years.

Police stop people

So you can understand why there is always a keen interest in how new technologies can be developed and enhanced to support and promote the police’s ability to do their so called work.

But very bad things  happen when the police are given undue powers – which is why vital rights have been enshrined in law to ensure a certain minimum level of protection for suspects.

Over the years, a number of important protections that have been set in place to protect suspects have been eroded.

Stop and scan

Today, shortly after midnight and with little fanfare, the Home Office announcedthat West Yorkshire Police will roll out a scheme letting officers armed with portable scanners check – on the street – anyone’s fingerprints against both criminal and immigration databases.

There’s no recognition of how breathtakingly invasive this proposal is. There is no discussion of consent. Or of the importance of legal advice before people should be asked to hand over this kind of information about themselves. Or what may happen if someone declines a request.

Or of what will be done with it – including the fact that it will be shared with the Home Office to target undocumented migrants.

What about vulnerable people? What about children and young people? What about people being targeted for illegitimate reasons, political opinions ? This Government’s policy of creating a “hostile environment” for nationalists and general patriots at large suggests that this is very likely to happen.

Cutting out Parliament and the people

This scheme is part of a pattern of the police using radical privacy-invading technology without proper public consultation or meaningful parliamentary oversight.

Much like the facial recognition technology that is increasingly being deployed by police forces, it is being presented to us after the event and with little fanfare and is being made available to more and more officers across the country.

In this case, we learned about it via a sneaky gov.uk post early on a Saturday morning. The response from the general public will be a mixture of

“i don’t care if you don’t have anything to hide you have nothing to worry about”

” Good what’s the problem? The mass migration of economic migrants & bogus asylum seekers needs to be dealt with”

For the rest of us right minded nationalists  the term “Problem reaction solution” booms loudly all across the west. for those that don’t know it and are to lazy to google it.

The state is not  taking decades and spending billions to ship in as many immigrants as logistically possible then encouraging them to start a never ending crime wave, all the while hounding and arresting anyone that objects, to then spend even more money and resources to develop and implement this technology to round them up and send them back.

This technology is for you and your children period. You have been warned.


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