Undemonizing our history


By Stephen craft, ORDER15 activist and family man 


Dennis Wise’s TGSNT is probably one of the greatest contributions made to undemonizing the Fuhrer and Reich in recent years. As important as it is to gather our folk in seeking the preservation of our cultural heritage and traditions, it too is critical that we have campaigns that work to counter the damage that is being done to the history of our people and our race. The media publications that are geared toward the continual demonization of our folk are not only powered and fed by Jewish elitists but even by our own people who fail to see the truth and are simply looking for a good story to run. Many of our own folk are ignorant to reality and are simply playing out their roles as citizens in a society that is powered by money and materialism.

Simply focusing on the preservation of our folk will never be enough in a world that is openly propagating our destruction. This is a war. And as with many wars, there is no one-day event or shot fired or explosion that begins it. It begins with the collaboration of ideas that are focused on a gathering of our folk. It begins with counter propaganda geared toward the undemonization of our history.

The process of undemonizing our history is and has been underway but we must be more focused on running more campaigns of propaganda to support this. We must not only use our tools of propaganda to awaken more of our folk but they must also be geared toward the neo-Nazis within our ranks that to date have only fueled the misguided perception of hate that surrounds the history of our people. These such individuals must be educated to the counterproductive effect they are having on the future existence of our people. It will also flush out a great deal of our enemy that are working within the ranks of neo-Nazis groups.



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