Finland: Court Bans Nordic Resistance Movement


This article actually goes some distance to meaning something to me, as i was actually at the founding meeting  of the Finnish  resistance movement back when “super grass” Henrik Holappa  set it up around 2009  i think it was, It was a bleak year for me living in Finland at that time, it was as if the winter lasted the whole year i have so few memories of my time there that doesnt involve snow and dysfunctional civic nationalists.  Anyway …

It comes as no surprise to learn that A Finnish court banned  the Nordic Resistance Movement (PVL) on Thursday, saying there was an “urgent social need” to shut down the group which it said spread hate speech and incited violence.

Police had asked that the far-right group, which the Finnish intelligence service says aims to create a national socialist state, be closed down.

“The association offends ethnic groups and spreads hate speech,” the district court in Pirkanmaa, in the country’s southwest, said in its verdict.

”In addition to offending and hateful expressions … the association urges its supporters to use violence and harassment against alleged enemies.

So this Finnish court has banned the Nordic Resistance Movement because they say mean things. The court’s claim that they urge violence and harassment this is a worrying development for Finland. Finland was totally devoid of any Nationalist organisations from street level right up to parliament before NRM appeared on the scene in around 2009, this was in large part to the bewildering fact that most Finnish people thought that a Liberal conservative party by the name of tru finns was in fact a Nationalist party. I spent the better part of a year trying to figure out why this was and came to the conclusion that in English it sounds like the party name suggests its for true Finnish people only However this is a miss translation and it means nothing of the sort. In fact the only real issue Tru Finns have or had at that time was with the Swedish speaking minority that lives in Finland. I know this because i met and attempted to work with the leadership of Tru Finns before i understood they where Liberal conservatives all rather awkward i must say.


Anyway back on point and yes this is a worrying development for the whole Nordic region how long till Sweden follows suit i wonder. If they go we can all go,

Here’s a picture from one of the NRM’s recent events. The Finnish NRM members all seem like normal people who are concerned about the future of their country to me. 

This again goes to reaffirm ORDER15’s non confrontational position, as the dominions fall we welcome all to our circle. But this night our prayers are with NRM and Finland itself.


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One thought on “Finland: Court Bans Nordic Resistance Movement

  1. Very sad. And very stupid.
    Why is it so bad that a country has a party or organization whose sole purpose is to look our for and protect the interest of natives of that country? Why is that so “offensive?”

    It’s ridiculous, and I still support the finnish nationalists and the Nordic resistance movement. Fight and carry on, nrm!

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