UK Government resettled thousands of Germans & Waffen SS soldiers In UK during 1933 to 1944

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Newly released documents from the Home office reveal that during the 1930’s and  1940’s the British government was actively encouraging Germans and especially members of the NSDAP to come and live in UK. There was even a special program set up by the ruling conservative party at the time to encourage Germans living in Germany to come and resettle in the UK Despite being at war with Britain many Germans where willing to make the dangerous trip with the promises of a new life, new paid for  house and generous financial assistance often of which was far greater than that of the average cash strapped war beaten British family.

1941 Soon to be “British subjects” fleeing war in Germany, waiting evacuation on specially chartered ships headed to Dover England. 

The files that where declassified last week detail M15’s concern that the sheer numbers arriving would cause friction with the native population and pose a serious security risk, however it seems these concerns where dismissed. As WW2 came to a close and it was clear that Germany was going to lose, a steady trickle of Waffen SS men and their families that had been coming  to Britain for years turned into a flood. Many of this soldiers had even being living in UK prior to the war having started. Alarmingly instead of being arrested and charged with treason the records show that they where in fact rehoused by the tax payer and given a undisclosed sum to re integrate into British Society. One letter written to Churchill by a local MP for Manchester  expressed concern that a  man had been arrested and charged with threats to kill and disorderly conduct in regards to a fight that broke out with him and his German neighbor, The MP detailed that Hans westerberg had been attempting to fly a swastika flag outside his house while playing the German national anthem loud enough to be heard in the street outside.. It was then that he got into a dispute with his neighbor a disabled British war veteran Sam smith.  There was no independent eye witness accounts of incident but the police reports state that Sam and his 17 year old daughter both suffered cuts to their face and arms and some bruising to their backs. There is no mention of injuries suffered by Hans or his wife, who where not arrested or detained.


Yeah your first instinct was correct this would never have happened of course i mean it would have been so criminally insane on so many levels that even the British establishment wouldn’t have gotten away with it.

Meanwhile in 2017……………………………..


Jihadis Returning From Syria Set To Be Given British Council Houses

Jihadis returning from Syria are set to be given council houses in a bid to stop them attacking Britain. They could leap to the top of the housing waiting list under the secret government plans. And the fighters will also be offered other sweeteners such as job hunting help and counselling.  Operation Constrain is set to be rolled out next year but has been blasted by critics.

Security expert Professor Anthony Glees, of Buckingham University, said: “You can’t bribe people not to be terrorists.” And Tory MP Andrew Bridgen added: “This sounds like a reward for being on a list of potential terrorists.”  Official documents reveal that up to 20,000 extremists investigated by MI5 will be given “bribes” to stop them attacking the UK.

But Foreign Office Minister Rory Stewart said most of Islamic State’s “hateful doctrine” posed a serious danger to the UK and they should be killed. Operation Constrain will see police and social workers contact people already on MI5’s databases. Extremists without suitable homes will be offered social housing help and given the opportunity of support if they are poor.

The sheer level of criminality and treason detailed here is quite revealing and more so of the British electorate and population at large.  Unbeknown to most Nationalist or anyone interested in world affairs in general, there is a clear signal here that there is no limit at all to the humiliation and ruin the British people will take. Simpy put there is no breaking point. The British establishment can not go to far in any sense that would trigger a revolt or total change in political allegiance  by the masses.

Its time Nationalist all over the west faced up to that fact. Its time for a new direction join today 

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