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Just like everybody else in the political world ORDER15 has heard the Las Vegas massacre eye witness accounts, that conflict with the official narrative. Which is often the case with such large scale atrocities. We have however chosen to stay out of it for the most part, But with the now death of one of its most vocal  survivors we figured it was perhaps worth delving in.

Just over a week after living through the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history in Las Vegas on October 1, shooting survivor and witness Kymberley Suchomel passed away at the age of 28. Suchomel was uninjured in the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, and after the terrifying event she used her Facebook presence to contradict the official story of a lone gunman. According to Kymberley Suchomel’s posts, there were multiple shooters involved in the horrific mass shooting that left 58 people dead and 546 injured. In fact, Suchomel, who was the co-founder of the High Desert Phoenix Foundation (a charity that financially assists victims of tragedies), claimed that she and those in her party were “chased” by more than one active shooter.

“Bullets were coming from every direction. Behind us, in front of us, to the side of us. But I know, I just know, that there was someone chasing us. The entire time I felt this way. The farther we got from the venue, the closer the gunfire got. I kept looking back expecting to see the gunmen- and I say MEN because there was more than one person. There was more than one gun firing. 100% more than one.
As we were running, we kept changing direction, because it felt like no matter what direction we took, we were being followed.”

As Seacoast Online reports, Las Vegas shooting survivor Kymberley Suchomel was found dead early Monday in her home by her grandmother and High Desert Phoenix Foundation co-founder, Julie Norton. According to Norton, she found her granddaughter deceased in her bed at around 8:30 a.m. on October 9. Norton had reportedly come to the home to babysit Suchomel’s 3-year-old daughter.

(Since the original publication of this article, Kymberley Suchomel’s Facebook has been made private. The post including her lengthy account of what she says happened in the Las Vegas shooting has been archived, however, and is available here.)

According to Norton, she believes that her granddaughter must have died in her sleep sometime between when her husband left for work at 4:30 a.m. and when she arrived to tend to her granddaughter. Julie Norton added that Kymberley Suchomel was epileptic, and that she believes the stress of the Las Vegas shooting may have directly contributed to the 28-year-old’s death.

“Kymberley had epilepsy and she’s always been prone to seizures — she told her friend that she recently had three focal seizures. I believe the stress from the shooting took her life.”

Suchomel was also reportedly taking medication to treat a pituitary tumor at the time of her death.

Since the Las Vegas shooting, Kymberley Suchomel has spoken out publicly on social media about the horror of witnessing the the attack that targeted more than 20,000 concert attendees on October 1. In her own words, she found herself in a “state of shock” following the attack. In an interview with the VV Daily Press, Suchomel cited lingering insomnia and memories of the sound of gunfire.

“I’m most definitely in a state of shock and it will take some time for me to get over this. I haven’t been able to sleep and I still keep hearing the sound of loud pops in my head.”

Suchomel also publicly recalled her frantic escape from the concert area, claiming that terrified attendees were forced to tear down a fence at the venue when they couldn’t find another means of escape. Kymberley said that she and her group were “literally inches” away from people being shot as they fled, and that she called both her husband and grandmother to tell them “goodbye” during the traumatic ordeal.

Some of the victims 

Roughly 72 hours after the Las Vegas shooting, Kymberley Suchomel recounted her recollection of the events of October 1 in a public Facebook post. Near the end of the lengthy description of how she and her group of friends escaped the barrage of bullets, Suchomel claimed that media and official accounts of the Las Vegas shooting didn’t match what she and other eyewitnesses saw. She even wrote that some of the evidence touted by authorities “seems fake.”

What’s more, Suchomel claimed that “every single other survivor” of the Vegas shooting that she’d spoken to believed that there was more than one shooter that night, and that at least one of the shooters involved was on the ground.

“I have bene watching the news non-stop since I arrived back home to my family. And it just doesn’t make sense. The story that are feeding everyone doesn’t add up to our eyewitness accounts. There is something wrong with what they are saying & the evidence seems fake if you ask me. There are multiple people stating that there was a lady towards the beginning of the evening who had made her way up to the stage warning people that we were all gunna die- her and her boyfriend were escorted off the premises. Why has she not been mentioned by authorities? Every single survivor I have talked to also remembers multiple shooters, and at least one from the ground- why aren’t we being taken more seriously? Tons of things don’t add up. [sic]”

Since news of her death broke earlier this week, many have taken to social media O15 pages included  to express their shock and disbelief. Coincidence or not. There remain many unanswered questions and the authorities would do well to be more transparent.

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