Leaked ANTIFA Membership list! Lots of School Teachers! and assorted degenerates.

ORDER15 happily reports Anonymous has posted a listing on 8chan claiming it is an extensive list of nationwide members of the anti-free speech group ANTIFA and it includes many teachers!

The list is very long and includes Facebook links as well. There are many professors, school teachers, and other education staff. Many writers, political activists and programmers as well.

We did some research and cannot seem to find anywhere that states this list is not accurate.

Proceed with caution.

Here is the list: https://8ch.net/pol/res/10404804.html#10405484

Many are connected to radical Communist groups, like the National Bolshevik Party (NBP)

Anonymous Posts LONG Listing of ANTIFA Members! Lots of School Teachers!

Antifa and BLM are hate groups, with Antifa being a hate group that wears hoods. There is plenty of factual evidence of this, from their words to their actions.

Antifa and BLM showed up at that counter-protest with absolutely no intention of anything peaceful. They came armed with balloons full of chemicals, urine  and items to throw. They came to instigate fights.

Many left wing organisations have horrific ideology. But Antifa and BLM are the ones who have a record of riots and violence. Pointing that out is stating the obvious to all but the mindless haters. But the difference, and what makes BLM and Antifa worse, is that their history this last few years includes a LOT of violence.

Nationalists are constantly attacked for their ideology and actions, but they have not been burning things down and causing riots, They apply for permits  to legally demonstrate or march as is their democratic right to do so. What happened in Charlottesville is what happens the world over every time legitimate Nationalist groups assemble, be it for a march, a protest, or a educational seminar, the left often tipped off by the state arrive on location and through violence do everything they can to prevent nationalists from carrying out there lawful activities and insuring that the media are able to report the following day with pictures the total chaos and destruction the left are solely responsible for. with headlines that insure the general public understand it was a right wing demo gone wild .

Over the years Nationalist from countless organisations have been hacked and or had their membership lists stolen, causing great damage to the members an their families, many losing their jobs and homes and  in some desperate cases even driving victims to suicide.

With these facts we have presented ORDER15 hopes you will act responsibly with the Rotten hate filled anti white  antifas membership list 



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