Could Germany become majority migrant in just one generation?

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Professor Adorján F. Kovács from the Goethe-Universität at Frankfurt am Main seems to think so in his recent publication analyzing the figures and trends of Germany’s migration and refugee situation.

Here he argues that the claim of proponents of mass migration (”X amount of people per year is small compared to Germany’s 80 million citizens.”) is flawed because it doesn’t take into account the affected age group.

By the UNHRC figures we know that most refugees are young males in the age group of 20-35. Germany’s population in that age group is roughly 14,5 million, which already includes around 3,8 million non-Germans.

Taking into account around 2 million new migrant by 2020, of whom most will be young men legible for family reunificationthe number of migrants in that age group could equal or outnumber the 10,7 million native Germans in the next several years.

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The next things to take into account are the ageing native population versus the age decrease in the migrant population, and the fact that a large part of Germany’s elderly population is native, a figure that will die off, combined with higher birthrates among an already increasing migrant population.

He concludes that these factors will lead to a non-German majority in one single generation.

This does depend on an assumption that migration will stay the way it is now, which it is likely to be, or even increase. Even if it doesn’t, it will only take two generations.

How anyone at this late stage still thinks its a worthwhile cause to pursue the electorate in the hope of changing their minds from their own ethnic suicidal fetish is a mystery. The common misguided frankly retarded way of thinking is that the majority of the western electorate will vote for nationalist parties when they have been woken either by stumbling across convincing propaganda or by becoming personally overwhelmed with the changes / displacement. However there is no evidence to suggest what so ever this will happen. in fact all the evidence actually points to the contrary. The hard fact of the matter is if one chooses to look, Is the vast majority of the western electorate actually like the direction the west itself is going in. Nationalist organisations that choose to deny this are in turn denying their folk a future, by offering false salvation and certain failure.

As the reader of this do you not grasp the true extent of how far the west has fallen, just look at the data concerning current immigration and non indigenous births within western nations and compare that with the current indigenous population and their birth rates. You don’t need any other information from the left or the right only the math can show you  irrefutable truth and near future that awaits.

The time for electoral politics is over. We must organise now outside of the electoral sphere to insure not just our survival but our recovery growth and destiny as a people.

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