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We know what that word means now. Yesterday it became a byword for death.  It does not mean clean white sheets from the Manchester cotton mills. Because no one remembers the industry that flourished there.

Already the depressingly predictable platitudes are flowing from the accomplices of the horror. Sadiq Khan said, “Manchester and the rest of Britain will never be cowed by terrorism. Those who want to destroy our way of life and divide us will never succeed”  Laurie Penny sais “Don’t let your horror be co-opted by racists. Don’t exploit the death of children to justify neo-fascism. Be better, be kinder than that ”. Or The Independent, “There’s only one way Britain should respond to attacks such as Manchester. That is by carrying on exactly as before”.

And this is how it will proceed. We are following the only script our political paralysis will allow us to follow.  Institutionalised hand-wringing followed by capitulation and an exhortation to do nothing, and then in a fit of mental contortion, we tell ourselves that we have won if we only carry on as before. We have won if we do nothing, the corollary of which is that, to take any measures against such attacks is to hoist the white flag of surrender and defeat…

There is insanity here.  I have heard that the profession of psychology has the highest rates of suicides.  That is not surprising, constantly itemising and analysing the deeds and utterances of the mind of the insane does not itself produce sanity.  The sane mind embraces truth and endeavours to see the world as it is. Understanding reality and your place in it is the key to sanity and happiness.

So what are we to make of the regular slaughter of Westerners all across France, Germany, Stockholm, London and now Manchester? Who is being attacked? On what basis are they identifying their victims, racial, ideological, political? What is the purpose of the attacks? Who are the perpetrators of the attacks? Are the attacks random or are they part of a deliberate overall plan? Is it a national attack or an ideological attack, i.e. state sponsored or terrorist group? Is it a religious or civilizational attack?

As the questions go on it becomes clear that the answers to many of them are already well known.

To a certain extent, I have a decent respect for our Islamic extremist enemies. He is an honest enemy in that figuratively he has stood up in front of the western white Christian world and told us exactly what his intentions are. He is here to establish the caliphate by the sword. (That, of course, being always the only way such an anti-social and barbaric “religion” can spread.) He says to us quite clearly, we are going to breed you out of existence, your women will wear the hijab, and you will worship Ala and his prophet Mohamed. If you resist you will be killed.

Once we have been informed of the intentions of such an enemy, we no longer have the luxury of excuses for inaction. We know exactly what our fate will be, and still our people will not stir from their slumber. You know i hear time and time again that you can only push the British and indeed white people the world over before they will snap.

Well with 20 years of political experience behind me and i can tell you there will never be a breaking point. The people will not rise up I know this because you can basically do anything to the western man and he will not rise up. you can rape his women and even kill his children and he will not lift a finger. Ask yourself this of the countless times you have read about a murder or a rape in the paper of someone from our communities when did you ever hear later on of a a victim or a member of the victims family joining a nationalist demo rally or party. NEVER  or perhaps somewhere there must be one example but i have not heard of it myself and neither has anyone i have spoken with. You do have the deputy leader of the Britain first party in UK clamming she was raped by muslims however there is no criminal record to prove one way or the other if it happened. which is not to belittle it if it did. But save for that 1 possible example all the victims and the victims families remain silent or at least they wont channel their despair into anything politically meaningful.
Not convinced .. back in 2001 i think it was i helped organise a demonstration in Oldham not far from Manchester in the North of England this Demonstration led to weekend after weekend of demonstrations and the was the largest civil unrest the uk had seen since the war. Much of local Islamic youth  where so upset by our presence that day that they took to the streets as one united force and burnt a fair sized chunk of the city down torching pubs and cars as they went along their merry way. It was such a huge break out of violence it became global news. They even made a movie out of it.
Walter ChamberlainAnyway the reason myself and 12 other members of the National Front organised the demonstration was because a local war veteran Walter Chamberlain, 76 was racial attacked by a gang of Asians for no reason other than being white.  As you can see even the BBC was calling it a racist attack
After our involvement however and the resulting riots and mass civil unrest coming from the Asian communities. the family of Walter Chamberlain gave a press conference where they asked for calm and said they didnt want people to demonstrate on his behalf and that it was not a racist attack and that the National Front where unwelcome.  This despite the polices own report saying it was indeed a racist attack.
This is just one well documented account of how you can do anything you can push the western man to the brink and over the brink and still some more and he will not resist or snap or basically do anything of note other than perhaps to defend the good name of his attackers perhaps.
And this i can say will be the same for all the families of the 22 poor souls that have lost there lives Those dear children who will not grow up to love and laugh and have families of their own. None of the survivors or the families of the survivors or the dead will rise up and make a public stand against these continuing attacks and the politicians that enable them.  I base this belief on the unbroken track record of utter apathy from previous victims and their families.
So only to reinforce order15s opinion that we must stop trying to wake the masses because they simply are not worth the effort nor will they ever wake. We must only focus on existing nationalists the red pilled if you will Let them have their utopia and we will break away. Break away or surely perish along with rest of whats left of society.
There isnt the time left to pander and beg the wider public to except our view point they will only drag us under. Join ORDER15 NOW help us chart a different course one of success and survival this doesnt have to be the end.
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