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OK, so Le Pen is out! Despite upwards of 200 deaths last year in France from terrorism alone. Not to mention the thousands of cars burnt and the run of the mill rapes robberies and murders. The French still rejected her. Bear in mind she also moderated herself taking FN to the left and firmly declaring it a civic nationalist party in the hopes of appealing to the mentally weak electorate. Putting so much sincere effort into it, her own father, a true nationalist, disowned her.

So with that out of the way and trump already disappointing his alt-right base. Is it not the time to seriously concede that we can’t win electorally nor can we win by force of arms?

ORDER15 is firmly against any sort of violence towards anyone, be it immigrants, or the State itself. For those of you out there that still think a rebellion, armed take-over, might be possible because you and your friends all have two AR15s and 2,000 rounds under your beds, think about this – if it ever comes down to the state losing, they will pull out every last stop before they go down. Ask yourself this, “Do you think modern, over-the-counter weapons that are available to civilians have evolved in line with the technological leaps?” To put it bluntly, do you really think the weapons available to you will be any match for those of the Deep state?

This brings me to ask the question, “Why do we need to limit our hopes of survival on securing national government as mentioned throughout the order15 website?” There are existing examples of thriving organizations that work for the betterment of its members and are unhindered by the State. These two, albeit vastly different groups, would be the Masons and the Amish, both of which command total loyalty from its members and shape their steps; these are lifestyle organizations – just like ours (Order15).
Still can’t get your head around it? I read somewhere, which I forget where, but it pointed out the fact that modern wars are no longer fought for territory, Nationality, patriotism, and or flags, and that borders mean nothing to the men that organize these modern wars that are really fought over resources.

Multinational companies shape European and human destinies, not the ideology of a King, President, nor Prime Minster.


Still, can’t see it? Who’s seen the James Cameron movie Avatar?  In this movie, you have a mining company that is Terraforming and mining a new planet and going to war with its indigenous population as a side bonus.  This is the face of the future. The private interests of large global organizations and businesses will steer, for better or for worse, the future of all mankind. You have them taking baby steps already, i.e. Virgin Atlantic offering space flights to tourists and Mars One establishing the first Martian colony.

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While back on earth, for decades, you have had the likes of Black water, Halliburton, and BAE helping steer and profit from  America, and in turn, Western foreign policy.  The argument here isn’t that we to can profit from international conflict, it’s that we can unite and operate as a global organisation operating in the interest of our members and ideology relying on ourselves, rather than that of an ignorant suicidal electorate to reach for the stars.

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