Albert Park Address

What follows is the text that served as the basis for an address given at “speakers corner” in Albert Park, Auckland on the 6th December 2016.
People of Auckland, we need to talk!

There is a crime being committed here in this city and across the nation.  It is a crime that occurs daily and weekly, and by the month. It is a slow creeping crime that stares us in the face every day and rots the soul of our country, leaving us with something that we never expected or asked for, and certainly never voted for.

The United Nations definition of genocide includes the act of deliberately inflicting on a group, conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

Remember that legal definition when you travel around this city and the towns and cities of our country. And remember it when you are being crowded out of your own cities and towns by an avalanche of foreigners and when our children have to compete for a place in school with the children of thousands of immigrants brought into our country in only the last 3 years.

These are precisely the conditions of life that qualify as a deliberate act of ethnic genocide under the 1948 genocide convention resolution 260.

Now, before I am shouted down with the usual tirade of racist abuse let me say I have nothing against the people who come here. They are for the most part only doing the best they can for themselves and their families. And if the situation were reversed I’m sure I would do all I could, to get myself and the rest of my family into India for example, so that I could take advantage of the wonderful society that the Indian people had created for themselves. So that I might be able to take advantage of all kinds of benefits the Indian people receive,  like for example, free education, or free health care, or unemployment benefits, or a sickness benefit, or if I have an accident, compensation for injury. Or cheap government funded housing. Obviously, I would have to be a complete idiot to not try and get into India in any way I could, if the situation was reversed.

However the situation is not reversed, and it is our small nation of new Zealand that only recently past the four million mark that is being forced Fed an indigestible diet of people from parts of the world that have absolutely nothing in common with the European cultural heritage of new Zealand.

Rather, by beef is with our own government.  The Key government has, without consultation or consideration of the will of the people, taken it upon itself, to act upon the same left wing liberal ideology that is currently laying waste to so much of Europe.

The usual thin threadbare and inadequate excuses will no longer pacify a New Zealand public that is sick to death of being ignored.  We are told that we “need” immigration to provide all the skills required for our growing economy. Or simply that we need more “people” for the economy to grow. And of course, we must never question the Keynesian economic dogma of growth.

Even though now we have the immigrants, but where is the growth?
Even though now we have the immigrants, but where are the skills that justified their arrival?

Wake up People! We’ve been sold a pack of lies for a political agenda.

No government has ever been elected with a mandate to engage in social engineering on such a massive and far-reaching scale,  based as it is, on a foreign and suicidal ideology.

There has never been a society or culture that has been able to withstand such massive racial mixing and yet still retain its cultural identity.

The problem here is that the ideological idiots in charge of New Zealand are so culturally bankrupt that they do not even consider that we even have a cultural identity in the first place.
And what I am here today to say is that we do!
The government does not even know what a country is, but we do.

And what I want to do today is send the government a message that the people are prepared to fight to preserve our culture and our country. The first action in this fight is the petition to reduce immigration numbers to 20000 per year with preference given to culturally compatible applicants. This is a common sense approach that would be considered completely normal in any non-white country.

So when the usual hysterical accusations come from the liberal left. We say clearly that we are a people and a country, and we will not be ignored.

Thank you for listening.

 is member of Order15 In new Zealand if your interested to read more of Macatak thoughts you can check out his blog here  hes  actively looking for fellow members and supporters to build a reliable  O15 network if your from NZ and interested do get in touch with him. 

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