My Journey

By Macatak
Below is a short piece written in early 2015 describing how I became interested in political affairs.

In 2000 I was not a political animal at all. I was concerned in my life only with my own small circle of influence, my job, my life and my problems. I barely noticed the political world around me. To my way of thinking at the time, it was not something that affected me personally so why should I be interested, or more specifically; invest my valuable time and energy into something I could have no appreciable impact on in any case.

Then in November 2000 George W Bush was apparently ‘elected’, to the presidency of the United States. Elected of course was a misnomer that would become obvious in due course. This event was a kind of epiphany for me. Like out of the corner of my eye, I happened to notice that those weird Americans had decided to elect an orang-utan to the white house!

Remember this was pre 9-11, so the significance was not yet apparent, I merely noticed this strange event and assumed that in four years’ time they would recognise the error of their ways and correct their mistake,- and throw Bush out in the process.

Next stop; September 11, 2001, and all hell broke loose. Now we have an idiot in the white house, America under attack and a dangerous Neocon clique pulling all the strings.
Personally, if the election of Bush was the cause of a mild epiphany, then 9-11 was definitely the crossing of the Rubicon. For me, there was no turning back. The shock and horror at the events of 9-11 turned into a kind of morbid fascination with the ‘Bisaro’ world of US politics.
For those of us outside the cocoon of corporate America, the wall of lies and deceit was clear and obvious to those who would see. Yet in America, while there were many good people who stood up for truth, there were many more who shouted them down and accused them of “aiding the terrorists”.
For me, looking on from our island in the pacific it all looked just too much. Sad, insane, corrupt to the core. Above all it was clear, and ever more so as time went by, that those who were elected to represent and to lead, had been bought off and were neither representing or leading the people who elected them.

At the time, I did not know who they were serving. Perhaps their own narrow personal self-interest, or perhaps there was a wider dynamic at play motivating them to serve corporate power structures.
The well-known connection between Dick Cheney and Halliburton could also posit a profit motive for the invasion of Iraq. The wider military industrial complex stood to benefit from a massive profit bonanza, occasioned by on-going major military operations in the Middle East.
For the people involved, these reasons represented a powerful motive for war. Looking back now from our standpoint fourteen years later, it is obvious that the US government was taken over by a small group of Neocon elite.

What was not clear early on was the web of motivations behind the neocon ideology. One can look at the “Project for the New American Century – Rebuilding Americas Defences”, and come to the conclusion that their ideology may be flawed and full of bellicose hubris, but may still have had the best interests of America at heart.
But lets cut to the chase. The Zionist connection.

We can make excuses for these people all day long and look for good intentions and motives in their actions until the cows come home. But we delude ourselves, it’s simple. Their actions were illegal. I only became fully aware of the full depth of the Zionist connection between the Neocons in the Bush administration years later.

Ask who benefits. Israel is the answer. Perhaps one might suggest that there is merely a confluence of interests here. A product of coincidence, that what these neocons thought was good for America also just happened to be very good for Israel as well. A happy coincidence; what a pleasant surprise..!
Even this bankrupt ideology is a naïve self-delusion. The truth is worse than that.
The Americans seemed to be putting up with an awful lot. Denying what seemed to foreign observers to be a clear cut inside job.

But, to see things from their point of view; to put oneself in their shoes so to speak. What does one do when confronted by a reality, the implications of which are simply too horrible to contemplate.
It’s a self-defense mechanism; when confronted with facts that indicate that agents of a foreign power, have infiltrated your government, and subjugated your domestic and foreign policy to the service of that foreign power. And when doing that, thousands of your own citizens and thousands of your own armed forces personnel and incomprehensibly huge sums of money have been spent, wasted, squandered and murdered, then we do the only thing a sane mind can do,… we don’t believe it!

So this is about my philosophical and intellectual journey. It has become pretty clear to me that the future prosperity of all nations has become intimately linked to this small basket of issues that affect us all. The task for those who have woken up to the danger already is to wake up the rest, one man at a time. And if we each do our job, the spread of awareness will grow exponentially. Call it what you will, zionist, communists or just left wing liberals, or perhaps some dark and shadowy figures planning a New World Order. The future is not carved in stone. We can fail and allow a new dark age of slavery and servitude to cover the globe or we can succeed and herald in an age of prosperity that our ancestors could only dream of.


Macatak is member of Order15 In new Zealand if your interested to read more of Macatak thoughts you can check out his blog here hes actively looking for fellow members and supporters to build a reliable O15 network if your from NZ and interested do get in touch with him.


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