Waffen SS veterans parade, Riga 2017

I first learned about the Waffen SS veteran’s parade in Riga, Latvia about two years ago while researching for another trip to Germany. I had never heard of the celebration before, which came as a surprise  considering I’ve been heavily involved in Nationalism since 1999.

After some planning and pleas throughout social media for  Waffen SS Veterans contacts in Latvia, we came up empty.  Despite the setbacks, however, we booked our trip and set off for the Baltic Nation.  I travelled to Riga, back in 2006 and from what I recall, I wasn’t impressed. with Riga’s old town; not nearly as impressive as the city of Tallinn, in neighboring Estonia. The only outstanding memories were when the bar staff ripped us off and the sight of elderly pensioners everywhere begging on their knees in the middle of streets.  

I arrived on the evening of the March 14th; two days before the parade. It was starting to get dark, so I took a quick walk outside to look around and find some food. It only took a few moments to realize that I had never seen this part of the old town before.  I was surprised to find a Stockmann department store, which is similar to Harrod’s of Nordic Europe; these stores are excellent, and their food halls are world class. I was pleased to find a variety of quality items for purchase. As I walked throughout the city, I couldn’t help but notice how attractive and well-dressed the people were. With a new perspective, I came to appreciate the city in a way I hadn’t before.

The following day our small party banded together early in the morning for some general sightseeing, as well as to gather our thoughts in preparation for the parade. For a country as small as Latvia, there is an impressive amount of things to see and do.  I didn’t notice the first time I was there, but I the area was in good shape; on par with any of the Nordic countries in regards to cleanliness and architecture.

also noticeably free of non-whites; perhaps we saw as few as six throughout our three-day visit. Refreshingly, the Latvian women were attractive, pleasant, and feminine.

When we stopped for directions or recommendation, it would always turn into laughter, friendly banter, and enjoyable chit chat.

Every Latvian we spoke with understood and spoke English and the Latvian girls, without exception, radiated happiness; they were confident and content as they went about their day – the polar opposite of the majority of women in the western nations.

The morning of the parade, we agreed to meet at 9 am; coincidentally the march started outside our hotel after a short church service in the adjoining building. As soon as we stepped out of the hotel, we were not greeted by fellow Nationalists, but rather hundreds, if not thousands of riot police standing in groups on the street corners. Adding to the intimidation, they brought their mobile street cameras.  We couldn’t see anyone that might fit the description of either a Waffen SS veteran or a Nationalist, so we decided to circle the old town; becoming unnerved by the heavy police presence. we decided to abandon our plans to distribute ORDER15 stickers, and flyers.

An hour passed before a steady stream of Veterans and Nationalists, each carrying flowers and National flags of their respective countries, began to appear. Around 10:30, the press appeared pointing their cameras at us and just about anything else that moved in the area.  It was at this moment a few degenerate far left extremists turned up attempting to create trouble, but much to our surprise and approval, the riot police were quick to removed them. We then realized that the Latvian police are there to protect their citizens and allow peaceful events, as opposed to the police in our respective western European Nations, which actually  protect and aids the violent demonstrators. 


                                     You can find us in at about 2 minutes 90 seconds

Around 11 am organizers and members of Latvia’s leading ethno-Nationalist political party, National Alliance, invited us to attend the parade and gave us Latvian Ribbons for display our jackets. As we set off, it was remarkably peaceful and very well attended. There were what looked like to us 300 people, but it was difficult to determine later we found out from RT the march was attended by over 1500 people. With a family-orientated feel to the March, it was nice to witness various spontaneous outbreaks of patriotic singing, people straining to take pictures, and the abundance of smiling, waving, happy people. It was something I’ve never witnessed before of any Nationalist activity; in all honesty, it was quite a surreal feeling.

After walking maybe one and a half km, we approached the Freedom Monument in the center of Riga, on the edges of the old town. We found ourselves flanked on both sides by a thick wall of riot police who notably had their backs to us watching for trouble. In the UK, Sweden, and other Western Nations, the police face the Nationalists and turn their backs to the troublemakers. Also, we found an equally thick line of Latvian Nationalists holding Latvian flags; much like a guard of Honor. As we edged closer to the  National Monument, we heard singing and saw Representatives of the church overseeing the laying of flowers at which point Latvian girls came forward into the crowd and offered flowers to those who did not have them already.  Each of us, in turn, laid our flowers and paused for a moments reflection and remembrance of the great men of the Waffen SS who had so courageously and selflessly risked everything, and in many cases, the ultimate sacrificed all for the continued survival of not only their folk, but for all of Europe.


We decided we should wait around on the sidelines and try to make contact with anyone that might look like they could help us with making contact with the organizers.


First, a student newspaper approached me and I agreed to do a short interview – my first for ORDER15. After the interview, a few of us took the opportunity to approach some of the Waffen SS who were waiting to give press interviews. After some light conversation, we were able to get some photos with them; much to our delight.

Not long after, some Latvian girls approached us and asked if we would take their picture in front of the Freedom Monument. A good opportunity, we struck up a conversation, which led to us finding out they were a part of the National Alliance, the group that organized the event.  We were quickly invited back to their party headquarters with the intention of possibly getting us a ride to the Waffen SS cemetery for further ceremonies.  On arriving at the National Alliance Headquarters, we noticed the majority of people were under 35, well-dressed and organized; it felt like a department of a National Government.

Unfortunately after some waiting, we were informed that we would not be able to attend as people book months ahead for these seats and there were not enough left for all of us. We thanked them for their efforts, and as we exchanged contact information, they invited to come back next year. After returning to our hotel for a few hours, we re-grouped at a restaurant to eat, relax, and recount the day’s events.

To sum up the experience, it was very well-organized and free from all, but minor trouble; the arrests where of the left, which didn’t hinder any of the Nationalists attending. With each passing year, the numbers of Waffen SS Veterans become fewer. We must take the oportunity to attend while we still can these annual parade’s to honor the few brave Veterans we have left.

YOU have the chance to attend a world-class, legal celebration of the only true war heroes of the last century.  By attending and swelling the ranks of the people that march in this parade, you are showing the world that you care about their sacrifice; the sacrifice made for everyone of European heritage. You have an invaluable opportunity to walk side by side with the Waffen SS and ethno-Nationalists, proudly and smartly

Latvia, in our opinion, raised the bar and set the standard. If you are seriously interested to find out how to emulate their example and attend as part of ORDER15, then get in touch. 

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