Finnish police aim to ban nationalist group

Hot on the heals of the National Action Ban, and the imprisonment of Britain first leader Paul golding  Law enforcement officials in Finland are moving to ban nationalist group  Nordic Resistance.

ROBIN HOOD 25-12-16

Poliisiylijohtaja Seppo Kolehmainen.
Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen described the Finnish Resistance Movement as “violent and openly racist”. 

The announcement came a day after one of the organisation’s leaders went on trial for manslaughter. The National Police Board in Finland will seek a court order to outlaw a nationalist group called the Finnish Resistance Movement. a part of the Nordic wide ”Nordic Resistance” This comes only  a week after ORDER15 reported on the collapse and Ban of UK based National action.

The organisation, which describes itself as ‘national socialist’, has been under close scrutiny since last September, when a man died after being assaulted during one of its demonstrations in Helsinki.One of the  group’s founders, 28-year-old Jesse Torniainen, went on trial on Wednesday over that incident.

On Thursday National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen said that early next year authorities will ask a court to ban the group, which he described as “violent and openly racist”.

He says that while the group – now billed as part of the Nordic Resistance Movement – is not officially registered, it is still operates as an ideological association.

Therefore it can be shut down under the Associations Act, which forbids groups from engaging in criminal or improper behaviour, the commissioner argues.

“We see the activities of the Nordic Resistance Movement as fundamentally violating the law and proper behaviour, so it is justified to file a lawsuit and bring the matter before a court,” said Kolehmainen.

“The activities of a violent and openly racist organisation should not be given a place in Finnish society,” he added.

Esa Henrik Holappa, who co-founded the group but has since renounced it – argue that outlawing the organisation would be counterproductive, simply pushing it underground and making it harder to monitor.

Members of the group have been blamed by the establishment media for a number of violent incidents over the years. They included a pepper-spray attack on a Helsinki Pride March in 2010, a stabbing at a discussion event at Jyväskylä’s main library in 2013 and a riot in the same city in the summer of 2015.

That same summer, members of the Finnish Resistance Movement posed for a photograph with civic nationalist MP Olli Immonen and other members of Foreign Minister Timo Soini’s populist Finns Party.

This latest step by a European Government to ban a legitimate Nationalist organisation has set off alarm bells not just with Nationalists across Europe but also with freedom of rights watch groups, who say that this is a dangerous step towards removing civil liberties  and reeking of  dictatorship.

As ORDER15  evaluates these latest dubious events we can’t help but feel our policy of non engagement, in house established nationalist only recruitment will gain more traction. As we tread a path almost no other political movement has trod, that of not engaging with the general public, or taking on the state.

As more and more Nationalist organisations find themselves shut down by the various corrupt governments of the west. We feel our message will become not just a realistic  alternative but the only worthwhile option for our folk.

Only time will tell.



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