Sweden likely to be split in two – one part Islamic

img584549f24c8eeSince the 1980s, 2 million people have moved to Sweden. Today, every fifth inhabitant of the country is either born abroad or of two foreign parents. We are many and we will change Sweden forever, but how? writes Soheila Fors in the Swedish newspaper Nyheter24.

She was born in Gilan-e Gharb in Iranian Kurdistan, and after having joined the resistance against Ayatollah Khomeini following the regime’s persecution of her family, she moved to Sweden in 1993 with her husband and two children. Due to her activism, she has received death threats from people claiming to represent the Islamic State.

Will Sweden become more closed and controlling, or more open and free? Will the country become more democratic or more authoritarian? Will women live in freedom or will their lives will be restricted? The future is not an inexorable destiny, but a reality that we create today and build on.

There are many signs that are alarming. One of the most frightening is the division of our society into at least two completely incompatible parts. I envision an Yugoslavian situation created by the division of the country into isolated enclaves.

Driving the trend are two opposing forces. First secularization in perspective of the values of the old Sweden. Then there is a Wahhabi revival that run across the Sunni Muslim world, even over our suburbs.

What worries me is the Muslim fundamentalist revival that steals the future, hope and freedom of the newly arrived. After having devastated its own homeland and made it poor, oppressive and uninhabitable, religious fanaticism now persecute its victims in the new country. Like a pack of wolves let in to sheep, cannibalizing on people’s freedom and security.

It robs children and young people from their family and fill their minds with destruction and alienation. Women are forced into oppression not to be considered available for an ideology that calls for assaults of infidels and apostates in the name of God (Allah). The wolves did not come bringing security and piety as they claim. They came bringing control and fear.

If you as a Swede reacts when you see men in traditional Muslim robe on their way to the mosque on Friday, it’s nothing compared to the emotions it arouses in mainly immigrant women. How do I know? I was born in that environment. I was there when fundamentalism took over a country. We, who come from the Middle East, know what they want. We know their agenda and absolutely nothing has changed.

The same black revolution that devastated everything when Islam’s golden age was in Baghdad in the 700 century, devastated Iran in the 1970s and took over the Aceh province in Indonesia and in Syria in the 2000s.

And although they should be each other’s enemies, they are so far joined in a common hatred of the white man. It is similar to the alliance of communists, democrats and Islamists against the Shah of Iran. They were allies as long as Islam needed them, but when when the battle was won, the knives were turned against the communists and democrats.

If we do not manage to bridge the gap, the creation of ghettos, separate from the Swedish society, is the only possibility. If not, it would reap so many victims among women and girls that we would just let things take their course. If they want the exclusion of Seved, let them have it!

Build walls around their world and let them take care of themselves. Just let them come out by showing a passport or identity card. But is this a Sweden we really want? Do we not want to have an open society where there is room for everyone?

– Democracy, human rights and freedom are not an eternal state but something that each generation must fight for.


These words are optimistic, fanciful even. The reality the dire straits all Europe finds itself in is the realisation that most European countries save but a few in the East will have to concede some and in many cases a lot of its current territory. ORDER15 since it’s conception has been trying to bring awareness to the fact that large areas of Western Europe are No longer European, having been freely given away.

The current idea is as nationalist we must wake the indigenous masses to this otherwise obvious development and with their permission via the ballot box and send the new comers packing and re take these areas long lost.. ORDER15 does not believe this will be ever a desirable solution for the masses nor would it be logistically possible to move upwards of 100 million non Europeans from Europes Boarders.

First of all where will they go anything up to 25% where born in Europe so they have no country to go back to. further still millions destroyed their travel documents on arrival making it impossible to establish where it is they came from. And even when their country of origin can be established many of their home countries have gone on record and refused to take them back. So legally it can’t be done. Which leaves the only other option removal by force and there by breaking international law this would result in a continent wide civil war. Who’s going to be prepared to fight that ?

When you consider currently ”civic” nationalist parties on average poll just 10% of the overall vote So the indigenous European won’t even vote to remove or stop more of these people what makes anyone think they will risk their lives to do it is anyone’s guess.

We simply can not afford to wait for some political solution to save us. We must act now. We must plan for the almost inevitable fact we will become minorities in a  Balkanized continent wide Europe, where countries such and England Sweden and France will be split into 2 and in some cases even 3 totally separate countries these splits will be made along demographic lines so its not hard to predict where these lines might be drawn.

It’s with this foresight ORDER15 must and is planning our semi self-sufficient ethno  communities.  if you would like to join our efforts. If you think you can contribute to this action for the benefit of all our folk then don’t hesitate to contact us.




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