The ORDER15 team picks up  the story that Concern is growing in Bulgaria about the prospect of a “second Kosovo” emerging, as an Islamist secessionist movement prepares to make its move in the county’ south east. The threat is being completely ignored by Western politicians and the liberal mass media, but the Knights Templar International learned all about it during our recent mission to Bulgaria, and we are making it our business to sound the alarm 

The area under threat has for years contained a significant number of Muslims, ethnic Bulgarians whose ancestors converted at sword point during previous Ottoman imperial outbursts,  but whose communities later continued to be Muslim out of tradition.

Many of these people are very much assimilated and secular, but recent Saudi-financed Wahhabi missionary work and Turkish ‘cultural support’ have led to increasing radicalisation.

Added to this is significant recent immigration from Turkey, plus a growing ‘minorities alliance’ between the country’s pro-Turkish party and some members of the gypsy community. These increasingly confident forces favour the idea of a break away Muslim statelet on Bulgaria’s south eastern border with Turkey. If they get their way, the area’s Christians can expect to be subjected to ethnic cleansing attacks on families, farms and churches as has happened all across Kosovo (see picture above).

Although ordinary Bulgarians are appalled at the thought of a large chunk of their historic homeland being snatched away in such a fashion, the run-down Bulgarian army (much of whose former armoury has been bought by Qatar and Saudi Arabia to arm their pet rebels in Syria) is in no condition to fight a determined secessionist rebellion, let alone the tens of thousands of Jihadis who would welcome the chance to fight for a new Islamist state well away from Russian bombs and the Syrian Army.

And those plotting this attack on an EU member state are confident that, if it comes to it, the USA would enforce the same anti-Christian solution in Bulgaria as Nato war planes did in ripping out the heart of Serbia and handing it over to the Islamist gangsters of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The only difference this time is that Russia may be less inclined to sit back and let it happen, in which case Washington’s habit of using Islamists as geo-political pawns would open up yet another conflict and potential World War Three flashpoint between Christian Russia and its multi-polar world allies on the one hand, and the liberal globalists on the other.

If the growing warnings about this from Bulgaria are correct, Europeans are about to receive another bitter lesson in the criminal folly of their political class of encouraging Islamist rebellions in the Middle East while smugly believing that they won’t face painful consequences.

Because, just as in Kosovo, the establishment of another armed Jihadi camp in the soft underbelly of the flabby European Union wouldn’t be the end of the historic tragedy, but just the bloody continuation of a campaign of Wahhabi terror that began in Syria with the help of Washington and Brussels. The time to gather and organise is now. Your children will thank you for it.  ORDER15


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