Shock & Awe

Up to nine members of a far-right  group mounted on top of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Saturday to hold protest against influx of migrants to the country, Der Tagesspiegel newspaper reported, citing police.



The activists unrolled a banner of the group and distributed leaflets calling to stop Islamization of Germany. Participants of the protest action were identified by police and face charges of inciting ethnic hatred and violating the German constitution, the media outlet added. Over 1.1 million migrants and refugees entered Germany in 2015 after Europe was hit by a flow of mostly Middle Eastern and North African refugees fleeing war and poverty in their home countries. A wave of anti-migration sentiments surged in Germany after hundreds of women in Cologne and other cities across the country were robbed and sexually assaulted by groups of aggressive men, believed to be mostly of Arab and North African origin, on New Year’s Eve in 2015.

11220060_202163726784470_1351690398892494952_nWhile ORDER15 dissuades activists from doing anything illegal, one must appreciate the genius of such a action. Where by 9 Activists are able to stage a non violent action and grab global headlines. Had there been 109 of them demonstrating on a street corner holding the usual flags and placards no doubt the only people hearing about it would have been down their local pub. Thinking outside of the box these individuals have well and truly caught the worlds attention.

Although ORDER15 would never dream of sanctioning any illegal activity we must admire not only the Action itself but the bravado and the will to self sacrifice of the members involved, who would have surely understood the risks in the penalties they will now face from the full force of the corrupt state.

Such a thing does not go unnoticed and all those involved will not be forgotten.


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