Voting Will Never Reverse Civilisation Decline,

Voting Will Never Reverse Civilisation Decline, Resolve Resource Issues, Preserve Nature or Reverse Global Warming

untitledWhen your civilisation hits democracy, it is doomed. Democracy itself sounds like a good idea at first, but abruptly generates a positive feedback loop of stupid reinforcing more stupid.

You can’t put any question to the public without it being ignored or misunderstood by the vast majority of people who only care about what is convenient for them as individuals and not what is good for the biosphere, the nation, or long-term goals which may inconvenience people in the short-term but lead to a more sustainable and sane future. Therefore, once the unskilled and unobservant majority get the vote, once emotional ‘nest-instinct’ conflict averse women get the vote (big decisions – like enforcing cultural norms, executing real criminals, inconveniencing anyone which might result in violence – is scary!), once antagonistic racial and cultural aliens get the vote (enjoying the wealth that their ancestors did not create, resulting in unmerited evolutionary success and of course, more votes against what is in the host civilisation’s best interest) … then your civilisation is doomed. The wise and intelligent slice of the population is marginalised and forced to obey the tyranny of what is popular, irrational, short-term until they no longer exist.

All repressive social bonds which form an ordered and sane community are broken to release the pent-up primitive emotions and desires, resulting in exponential decay. Any rare exception to this cultural self-immolation is wandering against the grain of entropy, going against the breaking of bonds. It’s a bit like wood, it takes many years to generate the wood from its roots, and only a day to chop it and burn it up.

Like the burning of wood into ash, transforming it back is impossible – because the bonds within the wood are released, generating great heat and releasing the pent-up energy. There are no negative feedbacks, i.e. to hypothetically stop the burning wood, to unburn it and attempt to let it grow again – it is dead. Likewise to return a pre-existing civilisation to a higher more youthful form with self-control, order, selflessness, discipline, obedience to a higher purpose is also impossible – again, it is dead; only exponential decay, entropy and total dissolution of all power until civilisation (and its rootstock ethnicity) is so feeble that any slight breeze of displacement, conquest, energy or resource collapse/natural disaster will finish it off.

So, voting is totally stupid and is a symptom of a larger decline. Much like kindling a fire, once the burn starts, there’s little to nothing to stop a wildfire from burning your cultural bonds and releasing all bonds between individuals that grew between them to create a strong, living communal whole. Such a vision is not something that can be reduced to a ballot, the typical idiot can only care about him/herself and an immediate bubble of 200 or so individuals, a limit programmed by natural selection in a primitive band society, but not for a complex society of millions and complex resource use and is therefore susceptible to psychological blind-spots like the so-called creeping normalcy, where there is no defense because most humans have not evolved to understand it. Only eugenics is capable of resolving that, and that is unpopular. But something ORDER15 advocates regardless.


Before you know it, the good-intentioned idiots have collectively swamped their country with cultures and races to compete with their own, has combusted so many fossil fuels that the climate swings irreversibly toward a new hothouse era, has released all reproduction from any standards allowing the worst and most incompetent of people to have the most children – polluting the genepool with people who lack the wisdom and strength to survive, and totally obliterated family values necessary for shaping future citizens into selfless and disciplined individuals capable of great endeavours – such as colonising space, or perhaps pioneering ways to survive inevitable mass extinctions.

In conclusion, if any change for the better is desired; it can only come through  taking power forcefully or pioneers can attempt to escape to new territories with little to no overarching authority stemming from the corruption of the old civilisation – perhaps an extreme or inhospitable environment out of sight-out of mind. biding their time until there is a power vacuum to rise to dominance; or finally waiting for a natural disaster or net-energy collapse to result in a global population die-off from which the now enfeebled survivors of civilisation are easy prey for new conqueror cultures to mop-up the remnants and enforce a strict order onto them which results in collective empowerment, i.e. birth of a new civilisation. but attempting to vote into power from a population that is rotten to the individualistic core is doomed to fail. All previous so-called reversals of democracy have only occurred when the population has not been burnt out to individualistic cinders, as has been with modern culture. After which, the only possible way is to bind them artificially via the use of force until a tradition is established and indefinitely glues them together selflessly, which will simply not work because no power exists able and strong enough to do so — only when civilisation has collapsed can a new one be born, and even then voting plays no part of it.

This is what I have understood from both and, two very key resources in understanding the dark side of human nature and what it means for those trying to understand the world.

Any european with ethnic self-awareness who is still alert is compromising themselves by voting, all experience and observation is belittled to a meaningless and ‘equal’ vote, even though a vote from a genius is worth more than a hundred thousand from the general population which lacks the observational skill to make a wise decision for collective betterment.

Instead, they can prepare the seed of new culture with no superfluous and unnecessary nonsense other than what is necessary for ultimate survival; meaning that it will condition individuals to toughness and create what tools are necessary to survive not in conditions-as-usual but in a terribly uncertain and frightening world of rapidly changing climate, a post-peak oil world, a world with a hostile majority population (predominantly islamic), a world where superstition once again reigns supreme in a new darkest of dark ages. They can try to continue where doomed people turn in frustration against the technological means to survive in an ecologically destroyed world, to preserve knowledge and the aspirations of those who wish to explore and settle beyond the earth and return the biosphere to former health or use the opportunity for new life to emerge.


One thought on “Voting Will Never Reverse Civilisation Decline,

  1. I agree on the basic premises: no point in trying to regain power over the dying mongrel matrix. But I’m lots more upbeat about the alternatives. Civilization is greatly overrated, at least the hi-tech version that began in modern times. “Dark Ages” is a negative PR term used by the perps of modern civ to denigrate its predecessor. In fact the Middle Ages were filled with the light of Spirit.

    I also think your view of a post-collapse situation is way too pessimistic. The American whiteside overlaps heavily with the survivalist movement, where the attitude is more like “Wow, bring it on, we’re ready for those savage hordes!” Of course you really have to be ready, with a tightknit population in a relatively small geographic area with plenty of guns & butter stocked away. Lots of people are going in that direction, and don’t feel gloomy about it at all.

    It also may be possible to short-circuit the waiting game and conspire to trigger the collapse sooner rather than later.

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