The Task of the Nationalist Woman in the Modern World

79“THE important thing for a healthy country is that the men should be manly, the women womanly.” This comment of Chesterton’s embodies a fundamental principle of social order. In society, as in any organism, unity and order are achieved through the cooperation of very different members, each fulfilling his own functions and contributing his special qualities to the common Nationalist  good.

The deepest difference among human beings–far more fundamental than any difference of intelligence or ability,  is the difference of sex. “And God created man to His own image: to the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

This basic difference is not merely physical but also psychological, coloring the total personality. In the whole range of her being–her mind, her senses, her emotions, her will, her interests and reactions–woman differs profoundly from man.

It is obviously of the greatest importance that this difference find its proper expression in the social functions of the two sexes. Each has unique qualities to contribute to the enrichment of human life. It is essential for the full and harmonious development of society, and especially for a Nationalist society, that “the men should be manly, the women womanly.”

Man and woman are made to complement each other at every point. Man’s capacity for theory, for forming an abstract and comprehensive view, is matched by woman’s practical sense and her gift for detail.

Man’s ambition and self-assertion which spur him on to great achievement must be balanced by the creative power of woman’s spirit of sacrifice and self-surrender. Man’s ability for leadership and desire for power must be tempered by woman’s spirit of love and selfless devotion.

The undue predominance of either masculine or feminine qualities creates profound disturbances which reverberate throughout the entire social structure, as we can see in our own culture.

In our time we need women with a vision of their great task as women who will help to restore the social equilibrium in Western society  by creating a vital current of the great womanly virtues: the spirit of love, compassion for the suffering, generous self-sacrifice.

As Nationalist women our fundamental contribution to ORDER15 lies in finding our proper role in Nationalism. Our most urgent task in the work of reconstruction is to face this problem: What is the function of woman in Nationalism today?

The Mission of Woman

The nationalist Woman’s essential mission in the world is to be for mankind a living example of the spirit of total dedication to God, Race & Nation. To love God, Race & Nation  with her whole heart, her whole mind, her whole strength, and to radiate that love to her folk this is the task of woman.


Pippa Blanch




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